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There are several choices for a cruise in Brazil but taking one of the Amazon cruises is an extremely seductive option. You will be totally immersed in this universe of forest and water where you will experience amazing and unforgettable moments especially at sunrise and sunset.

The aim of the cruise is to experience the life in and around the water.

Whether it’s an Amazon River Cruise on a traditional boat or a luxury boat, you will always be close to nature and water life. You will see the pink fresh water dolphins, a unique feature of the Amazon river, and also witness the daily life of the Amazon’s inhabitants. Most of the indigenous people live along the river banks and its tributaries or its « Igarapes » (waterways).

You will see various means of water transport from the canoes paddled by children going to school to bigger boats recognized by their upper decks with hammocks for the passengers.

Brazil Selection offers 3 Amazon River Cruise options:

The Amazon cruise :

Which can be described as a first approach.

The Rio Negro cruise :

Which goes further into the forest, as far as the archipelago of Anavilhanas.

The Amazon and Rio Negro cruise:

The most comprehensive, combining the two cruises previously mentioned.

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