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Amazonian lodges offer very diverse options, from the most luxurious Lodges in the Amazon to the most lost in the jungle.

Amazon Jungle accommodations in Brazil are adequate lodgings for travelers looking for independence and space. Choosing to stay in these lodges is also a significant advantage when planning excursions as it gives more flexibility.

Their architecture and location are often surprising and charming: They can be cabins built in the trees to observe the monkeys and sloths or luxury lodges. 

These lodges are spacious and so offer a good, comfortable solution for holiday makers wanting to stay in the Amazon forest in comfort.

We suggest the following 3 Lodges in the Amazon which are all very different:

The Amazon Eco Park :

Is the ideal place for those who don’t have much time as the transfer only takes an hour from Manaus.

The Anavilhanas lodge :

In the heart of the Anavilhanas archipelago is 3 hours from Manaus. This is a luxury lodge and one of the most comfortable solutions available for a stay in the Amazon jungle.

The Juma Lodge :

Is a group of simple but well equipped bungalows on the edge of a lake in the heart of the forest. It takes 3 hours to get there from Manaus so the transfer is a trip on its own.

On your Amazon tour you can select one of the Amazon Lodges. Contact us to make reservations for Amazon Jungle Accommodations in Brazil today.


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