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Carte-Brazil-sao-luis-fort 250A visit to Salvador de Bahia takes you into the very heart of Brazil… Salvador de Bahia is Brazil’s soul!
Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, which covers over 567,000km². The region boomed in the 17th century, when its sugar plantations were worked by a large number of African slaves. This episode in Bahia’s history led to its becoming the city with the largest black population in Brazil, at 70% Afro-Brazilian.

Our Bahia Vacation Packages and Holidays provide you with the opportunity to stay in Salvador de Bahia and will immerse you in quintessential Brazilian culture. You will discover the excellent Bahia cooking, with many dishes based around fish and palm oil. The local music is very much appreciated too, thanks to well-known musicians such as Caetano Veloso, Maria Betania, and Gilberto Gil, or the new generation of artists that play popular Axé music, such as Chiclete com banana and Ivete Sangalo.

Bahia is also the birthplace of the candomblé tradition, a fusion of the Christian and African religions. This tradition remains prevalent and it’s worth a visit to a terreiro where rites are held.

The carnival is obviously a major attraction. It is preceded by several religious festivals, such as processions that attract significant and surprisingly fervent crowds, creating an atmosphere that can sometimes be more intense than that of the carnival itself.

When you Travel to Salvador de Bahia you will find the Bahia region also has some excellent seaside resorts:

- The small seaside village of Praia do Forte is an hour and a half from Salvador and offers a large choice of pousadas or hotels, though only 2 have access to the beach. The Porto da Lua hotel and the Tivoli Eco Resort are ideal for a family stay, especially if you can only spend limited time away from Salvador.

- Morro de São Paulo is another seaside village on the south coast, a little more complicated to get to. It attracts a younger crowd but also enables those who like peace and quiet to find it, thanks to the resorts’ distinct beaches, each with its own crowd and style

- The magnificent resort of Txai at Itacaré (1hr by plane to Ilheus, then 30 minutes by road) is the best option for those who love luxury and tranquility.


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