Morro de São Paulo Vacation Packages

Travel to Morro de Sao Paulo can be done in different ways and getting there is half the fun :

- By sea, which takes about 4hrs by boat but if the sea is rough it can be quite an ordeal.
- Via Itaparica island, combining ferry and road, it takes most of a day but you can see some handicrafts on the way and the journey itself is varied and interesting.
- By plane, the quickest and easiest and so obviously the most expensive

The nature of your holiday in Morro de Sao Paulo depends on which beach you choose out of the many available. Depending on how close it is to the village and the port determines how quiet or lively it is day and night…The first beach is the most lively and noisy and the fourth the most quiet.

Generally speaking we can say that the visitors to Morro de São Paulo are mostly young and foreign (lots of Argentines during the January holidays).

Beaches are magnificent and you can go on some beautiful boat trips (private or otherwise) in the area.

Morro de São Paulo - BahiaMorro de São Paulo - BahiaMorro de São Paulo - BahiaMorro de São Paulo - Bahia

Morro de São Paulo Vacation Packages - 3 nights

Price per person based on 2 pers  :  from $ 443.00
Price per person based on 4 pers  :  from $ 395.00
(Prices 2017 subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - please go to BUDGET page for current dollar price up date)

Package includes :

  • Transfers between Salvador and Morro de São Paulo by bus and catamaran (not private)
  • 3 nights Vila Guaimu Lodge

Accommodation :

Hôtel Porto da Lua
Vila Guaimu

See other options for this vacation package (price on request) :

1 - Hotels in Morro de São Paulo :

Hôtel Fazenda Caeira
Fazenda Caeira
Pousada Vila dos Corais
Vila dos Corais

2 - Transfer option :

transfert en avion
Transfer by airplane