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The Iguaçu Falls – also spelled Iguazu, Iguacu or Iguassu Falls  – is situated right in the middle of the tropical forest, on the very border between Brazil and Argentina, and are a UNESCO classified natural wonder.

Iguaçu means “big waters” in the Guarani Indian language, and in fact the waterfalls are made up of no fewer than 275 individual cascades that extend over 2,700 meters. There are 19 main falls, five on the 800m Brazilian side and 14 on the 1,900m Argentine side. The height of the Iguassu Falls varies from 40 to 80 meters. The most famous, powerful and impressive of the falls is the “Garganta do Diabo” (Devil’s Throat) which is 700m wide and is situated on the Brazil-Argentina border.

The cataracts of the Iguaçu Falls are part of a natural reserve and are the highest and most impressive in the world, offering a breathtaking spectacle. The natural park is obviously very well preserved and staying at the Cataratas hotel on the edge of the Brazilian falls is a most enjoyable experience.

If you have chosen to take your time visiting Brazil the Iguazu Falls Tours is one you do not want to miss. Enjoy the opportunity to take a boat ride (Macuco Safari) to the base of the falls, for a simply incomparable visual and aural experience. In the Iguaçu area you can also visit the bird reserve where you can see about 150 species of bird in a sumptuous tropical environment. Finally, don’t forget to visit the famous Itaipu dam.
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