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From Fortaleza to Sao Luis




Fortaleza is a dynamic and modern town of almost 3 million inhabitants, but it has conserved its low key provincial rhythm. Enjoy our Northeastern Brazil Vacation Packages from Fortaleza to Sao Luis

A visit to Fortaleza, is firstly the starting point of some magnificent trips along the endless beaches of the Nordeste, especially the circuit that goes to São Luis passing through  Jericoacoara and the one that goes down to Natal by buggy.

No cultural sights other than the José de Alencar theatre, but there are some lovely walks along the seafront that is at least 3 km long. You can stop at the night market or swim at the Futur beach lined with lively beach bars. Last but not least you will discover the bustling nightlife, the bars and night clubs around the Dragão do Mar cultural centre, the Pirata on Mondays, the Futur beach on Thursdays, the Boteco, the Armazem etc.

In recent years, the town has held a very lively pre-carnival which now brings together the people from 50 blocks around every Saturday night near the Iracema beach.

Fortaleza stands out by having a predominantly white population. As the surrounding land wasn’t very easy to cultivate, the first settlers didn’t bring many slaves and the Ceara was also one of the first Brazilian states to abolish slavery.

One of the first things the Fortaleza inhabitants mention when you ask them why they like living here is the climate which is one of the best in Brazil.  Daytime temperatures vary between 27° C and 32° C all year round, it never rains from August until December and there is always a little breeze from the trade winds to keep you cool. The rest of the year, it hardly rains at all and never all day. From March to May, which is the “official” rainy season, but is sometimes delayed, you can experience the contrast of a heavy rain storm in the morning followed by a beautifully sunny afternoon. Why this phenomenon?
The state of Ceara, with Fortaleza as its capital derives its name from the word “Sahara” due to the many sand dunes and very little rain in the region.



Bordered by giant dunes, the Jericoacoara beach is one of the most beautiful on the Brazillian coast. Listed in the top ten most beautiful beaches of the world by the Washington Post.

There was still no electricity in Jericoacoara only a few years ago. The village where one always walks bare foot in the sand has managed to keep its privileged and ecological status and transform itself into a resort with lots of charming lodgings, restaurants and quality shops.

This has become an essential destination for dream beach lovers and kite surfers. The Kite surfers are mainly in the village of Prea, a few kms from Jericoacoara.

Apart from its geographical attraction, every year in June, Jericoacoara holds its own film festival. The parties are very sought after and It’s easy to have fun in general in the evenings, especially in the high season and at the weekends.

São Luis - Lençois do Maranhão

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A town where time stops to the sound of reggae. A town with multiple influences.

São Luis is listed as a world heritage site by Unesco and you will discover a really beautiful place: colonial architecture, Steep streets and walls covered with painted tiles or azulejos

It’s better to visit during the festival «Bumba meu boi» rich in colours and music and is held in the month of June.

The Lençois do Maranhão or sheets (lençois) of Maranhão: a name given to the vast dunes that stretch out over 1 550 km2. This is a true white sand desert sprinkled with lagoons of crystal clear fresh water formed by the rain, the only place of its kind in the world.

WALKS IN THE LENCOIS: It is a natural park so the only way to see it is on foot. There are two main accesses from Barreirinhas by track (45mins) in a 4x4. Access to the lagoas (lagoons) Azul, do peixe and da Lua and access to the lagoa Bonita, these 2 walks although they are different are both worth the visit and it is the water level of the lagoons that makes you decide which to take.

Be careful, the best time to visit is April to October, outside this period there is not much water in the lagoons and so the landscape is not the same.

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