Jericoacoara Vacations - Holiday in Jericoacoara - Kite Surf Brazil

A holiday  in Jericoacoara with a bonus transfer via the magnificent beaches and a dream stop at the end of the world in the haven of peace and quiet that is Guajiru. Charming lodges. We offer outstanding Jericoacoara Vacations. Book your Jericoacoara holiday with us and enjoy some of the best places to Kite Surf in Brazil.

There are some amazing outings in buggies available, leaving from Jericoacoara, especially the excursion that goes on the Guriu ferry, then to the majestic dunes of Tatajuba and the Torta lagoon where you can eat freshly grilled langoustes. There are also the Heart and Paradise lagoons on the road to Gijoca which are worth a visit.

For walkers there is the invigorating hike to the «Pedra furada » (pierced rock) that runs along the cliffs and takes about two hours there and back. It is also a great place to watch the sunset. Thanks to its position in an enclave, Jericoacoara has the particularity of being the only place where you can watch the sunset on the sea. Moreover it’s a true ritual: every evening there is a crowd on the big dune dominating the village.

This is a well known spot for Kite surfing and windsurfing, you can also go horse riding on the beach and ride quad bikes along several magnificent trails in the area.

It is also recommended to do the trip from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara in a buggy along the beach which takes two days. The route is magnificent and the stop at the Rede Beach resort or at the Zorah Beach at the village of Guajiru is a really special moment.

Jericoacoara DunasJericoacoara DunasJericoacoaraJericoacoara

Jericoacoara vacation Package Includes: 1 night Fortaleza - 1 night Guajiru - 3 nights Jericoacoara

Price per person based on 2 pers  :  from $ 1,013.00
Price per person based on 4 pers  :  from $ 655.00
(Prices 2017 subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - please go to BUDGET page for current dollar price up date)

Package  includes :

  • Transfer between airport and hotel in Fortaleza
  • 1 night Sonata hotel
  • Transfer in  4x4 to Jericoacoara by the beach in 2 days
  • 1 night  Rede Beach lodge in Guajiru
  • 3 nights My Blue hotel in Jericoacoara
  • Transfer return to Fortaleza or to Fortaleza airport by road
  • Buggy ride to Tatajuba

Accommodation :

Hôtel Sonata
Hotel Sonata
beach 100 75 80
Rede Beach
My Blue Hotel
Hotel My Blue

See the other options  for this package (price on request) :

1 - Hotels in Fortaleza :

Hôtel Gran Marquise
Hotel Gran Marquise
Hôtel Luzeiros
Hotel Luzeiros
Hôtel Golfinho
Hotel Golfinho

2 - Pousadas in Guajiru :

zorah-piscine 100 75 80
Zorah beach


3 - Hotels in Jericoacoara :

la-villa 100 75 80
Pousada La Villa
Hôtel Vila Kalango
Pousada Vila

4 - Transfers to Jericoacoara :

buggy 100 75 80Buggy with driver22 100 75 80Buggy self drive

5 - Excursion option :

Chez LoranLagoa Azul