Brazil Kite Surf Holiday Package - Kite Surfing Vacation in Brazil

A kite surfing vacation in Brazil ? From north to south the 7500 kms of Brazilian coast offer many options but undoubtedly the best option is in the north east of Brazil where the conditions are perfect for this amazing sport..

A warm sea all year round (around 26°C), vast beaches to safely maneuver your kite and a steady wind, most often a « side shore » wind which is ideal.

We heartily recommend the beaches between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, that have the advantage of offering different characteristics, more or less waves and wind strengths that increase as you go towards Jericoacoara, in full kite season from August to November, the wind varies from 18 to 20 knots at Cumbuco to reach 28 to 30 knots on the beach at Préa just before Jericoacoara.

For Kite enthusiasts the "downwind" is ideal as you don’t need to go back up wind, you only go downwind, blown by the wind and surfing on the waves, a dream !

We offer a Brazil Kite Surf holiday package, the ultimate Kite Surfing Vacation in Brazil. Enjoy this dream vacation of 6 days and 6 nights accompanied by a 4x4 along the beaches, there to help when needed and to pick you up when tired. Accommodation is in charming quality lodges where kite surfers are more than welcomed.

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Brazil Kite Surf holiday package: Downwind 6 nights

Price per person based on 2 pers  :  from $ 1,110.00
Price per person based on 4 pers  :  from $ 702.00
(Prices 2017 subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - please go to BUDGET page for current dollar price up date)

The Kite Surfing vacation package includes  :

  • 1 transfer from Fortaleza airport to Cumbuco
  • 4x4 landrover with a Brazilian driver for the downwind (from Cumbuco to Preá in 4 days)
  • 1 night at the Golfinho lodge with double room
  • 1 night at the Casa na Lagoa lodge with double room
  • 1 night at the Rede Beach Resort lodge with double room
  • 1 night at the Pais Tropical lodge with double room
  • 2 nights at the Rancho do peixe lodge with double room
  • 1 transfer from the Rancho do peixe lodge to the airport in Fortaleza

Accommodation :

Hôtel Golfinho
Golfinho hotel
Casa na Lagoa
Casa na Lagoa
Rede Beach Resort
Rede Beach
 Villa Mango
País Tropical
Rancho do peixe
Rancho do peixe