São Luis - Lençois Maranhenses Vacation Package - Lençois do Maranhão

Discover São Luis, a charming colonial city and the dunes and lagoons of the Lençóis Maranhenses desert.

A trip to São Luis is like a trip back in time--the name São luis was given in honor of french King Louis XIII, it was founded by the French in the seventeenth century before moving quickly into the hands of the Portuguese. It was also Dutch for 3 years before returning to the Portuguese and then became very prosperous in the eighteenth century with its exports of sugar cane, cocoa and tobacco. Enjoy the São Luis - Lençois Maranhenses Vacation Package when you book reservations through Travel Brazil Selection.

All its rich history is reflected in the historical center, one of the finest achievements of a colonial Latin American city.

A stay in Sao Luis will definitely seduce culture lovers of all types, in fact, it is also called the Brazilian Jamaica because of its many " Rastas " and reggae bands .

We mustn’t forget to mention popular culture with the famous Bumba meu Boi, one of the most traditional folk festivals of Brazil that combines theater, music and dance.

Visiting the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a highlight of a northeastern Brazil trip. This park with an area of 156,584 hectares (roughly 30 x 50 km ) is a wonder of nature and is becoming part of the must-see in Brazil

When you travel to the Lençóis you must first go to Barreirinhas , which can be reached by road from São Luis (4h) or by going up the river Preguiças from Cabure (45min ) .
From Barreirinhas , one enters the park in a 4x4 vehicle that takes you on a rough, winding or seasonally flooded track, the journey takes about 45 minutes .
Apart from the first two lagoons ( Azul and Peixe ) being quite busy , you will not meet anyone and this is the magic of the park , simply cross a few dunes and you’ll find yourself alone in the middle of the vastness ... When lagoons are full , which is not always the case ( the best time is probably the month of June at the end of the rainy season ) the show is exceptional ... walk barefoot and swim in lagoons of transparent freshwater whenever you feel like it ... no other desert in the world has such sweetness !

It is the layer of clay sub-soil that causes the retention of rainwater for a few months , the almost constant wind between July and November is responsible for bringing the sand from the sea and modifying constantly the formation of the dunes , a permanent show ...

Lençois du MaranhãoLençois du MaranhãoLençois du MaranhãoLençois du Maranhão

São Luis and Lençois Maranhenses vacation package :  1 night São Luis - 1 night Barreirinhas

Price per person based on 2 pers  :  from $ 554.00
Price per person based on 4 pers  :  from $ 466.00
(Prices 2017 subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations - please go to BUDGET page for current dollar price up date)

Itinerary :

Transfer in São Luis, overnight  pousada Portas da Amazonia.

Private tour of São Luis, transfer São Luis / Barreirinhas in a private car, overnight  pousada Encantes do Nordeste in Barreirinhas.

Lençois tour in 4x4 with driver and local guide and transfer back  to São Luis in a private car.
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Accomodation :

Portas da Amazonia
Portas da
Grande Hotel
Hôtel Pestana

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Hotels in Barreirinhas :

Encantes do Nordeste
do Nordeste
Pousada Burriti
Porto Preguiças