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NATAL can be an arrival point from Europe with TAP airlines or just a stage in your holiday to visit Pipa or Fernando de Noronha or for a buggy trip to Fortaleza. This modern capital of the Rio Grande do Norte (1mln inhabitants) offers a good choice of hotels, several beautiful beaches such as Ponta Negra  and a fairly lively night life. Book our Fortaleza Vacation Packages and get the best prices on Brazil Trips.

The picturesque village of PIPA is 87 kms south of Natal.  From a small fishing village in the 1970s popular with surfers, it has become a very pleasant  and trendy seaside place. From its white sandy beaches  you can see lots of dolphins and marine turtles in the clear waters.

The village has some excellent places to stay with its charming hotels and bars, restaurants and shops concentrated mainly in Dolphin Bay Avenue.

Canoa Quebrada


Located on the east coast of Ceara, 150 km south of Fortaleza, the small fishing village of Canoa Quebrada, that was discovered by the hippies in the 1970s, has become  a popular destination for the young Brazilians and for those who wish to spend a lively weekend on the beach in a beautiful and natural setting…
To do or to see :
Lounging on the beach, kite surfing or paragliding, horse riding, or quads or even a ride in a jangada (the nordestins’ fishing sailboats). Go for a buggy ride in the dunes or up to the magnificent Ponta Grossa point.

In the evening you can wander along Broadway, the main shopping street with its restaurants, bars and nightclubs, or on Sundays go down to the beach where there is a luau – a party with music around a camp fire.

A few restaurants you can try:  Costa brava (Spanish and Catalan cuisine) or O Argentino (meat dishes).

There is lots to do at the weekends and the walk along the beaches from Foraleza is simply magnificent.


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