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A holiday in Recife orOlinda is worth it firstly for the carnival, one of the 3 best in Brazil. It is famous for its popular and friendly atmosphere and for its original costumes and Fevro music. The Fevro is danced waving little colored umbrellas and is particularly catchy. Enjoy one of our Récife, Olinda, Maceio Vacation Packages and the beautiful Alagoas beaches.

Recife is the capital of the Pernambouco state and the fifth town of Brazil. Recife is also called the tropical Venice due to its many waterways, bridges and canals built by the Dutch. Take a look at our Olinda Recife vacation packages below.

Recife  holds a avant-garde position in the Nordeste: the town has the 2nd largest medical centre in Brazil after São Paulo as well as a technology and computing pole.

If you want to enjoy the beach you can go to the Boa Viagem beach which has the merit of being the most well known but still very enjoyable.

Those that like lively atmospheres will go and discover the old town of Recife at night where the mood is festive with lots of lively bars and street cafés.

Olinda, is the town with eight hills and is a marvel of colonial architecture which will enchant you when wandering its steep streets lined with colored houses. The town was founded in 1535 and is classed as a Unesco world heritage site. If you want to stay (outside carnival period) in a quiet and interesting place, the Olinda pousadas (lodges) are an excellent option.

If you wish to spend some time on the beach in this region where the Pernambouco beaches are busy and touristic, we suggest the wilder beaches of Alagoas especially Barra Sao Miguel with the magnificent Kenoa Resort. Access is a flight to the town of Maceio.


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