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Tourism in the north of Brazil is a little off the beaten tracks. This region is rich with things to discover and is still relatively unknown to the general public. Our Northern Brazil Holiday Packages offer you variety and personalized Brazil Vacations you will enjoy.
A trip to the north of Brazil is a trip to the state of Para. The 2nd biggest state in Brazil (1247689km²) it produces and exports natural, mineral and plant resources but tourism is also an important resource.
Para state also contains a major part of the Amazon forest including the mouth of the river Amazon. We are therefore right in the heart of the forest but not in the area of the standard tourist circuits.
Brazil Selection offers 3 very different Northern Brazil Holiday Packages allowing a real immersion into the exotic Amazon jungle. Personalized Brazil Vacations that include adventure.


•See the magnificent town of Belem situated at the mouth of the Amazon with its fascinating market « Ver o peso ». Also the Ciro de Nazaré an extraordinary religious celebration held in October in Belem.


•A stay on a Brazilian farm on the huge  Marajo Island, a true animal reserve, the accommodation is plain but the stay and excursions will leave you with some amazing unforgettable memories.


•A little further away, up the Amazon river, a ride in an Amazon boat called a caboclo on the tributaries of the Amazon around the town of  Santarem.


However, it is advisable to visit this area between June and December as during the other months there can be heavy rains.

Discover our Northern Brazil vacation packages :

- Belem

- Santarem

- Marajo Island