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The Pantanal in Brazil is the largest wetland in the world, a vast plain crisscrossed by countless slowly flowing waterways with many tributaries. During the four month wet season, these flood over 80 % of the region, which consequently is home to the richest collection of aquatic plants in the world.

To discover the Pantanal, we suggest two regional options:
Travel to North Pantanal Brazil, the northern part of Mato Grosso state, with access via Cuiaba. The lodges or fazendas (farms) suggested are located along the Transpantaneira, a track that crosses the Pantanal. The region is wild and the excursions more exclusive, in particular those to see the mythical jaguar.

Travel to South Pantanal Brazil, the southern part of Mato Grosso state, with access via Campo Grande. The excursions leave from the São Francisco farm (access by road), in small groups with nature guides, which keeps the cost of these Pantanal holiday vacations reasonable. The quality, organization and lodgings for these excursions are all excellent.



- Special Jaguar observation

- North Pantanal Tour

- South Pantanal Tour