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Pousadas in Brazil can be a good alternative, where necessary, to luxury hotels. These lodges are found everywhere in Brazil, but standards can be distinctly variable, and so one must choose carefully.

BRAZIL SELECTION offers you a whole range of top quality, charming lodges in Brazil. Located in particularly attractive places, these relatively small capacity Brazilian pousadas (lodges) are always tastefully furnished and are run by people who offer the warm, quality hospitality that is sure to make your stay most enjoyable.

Our lodge vacation packages by region:

Northeast - around Maceio

Kenoa Resort vacation package (3 nights)

Angra dos ReisA dream resort in the middle of wide open spaces, between the ocean and the Atlantic forest; a designer and eco-chic resort, ideal for a luxury stay on the beach.


Northeast between Fortaleza and Natal

Vila Selvagem vacation package (3 nights)

Canoa QuebradaThe small fishing village of Pontal de Maceio, a few kilometers from Canoa Quebrada, houses the very beautiful Vila Selvagem lodge, a little corner of paradise far from traditional tourist routes.

Northeast between Fortaleza and São Luis

Jericoacoara - Rede Beach Resort and Vila Kalango vacation package (5 nights)

JericoacoaraA stay in the exotic and original Vila Kalango lodge in Jericoacoara, complete with an unforgettable drive along the magnificent beaches of the Nordeste; a dream stopover at the end of the world, in the peaceful haven of Guajiru at the Rede Beach resort.

Tour : Fortaleza - Jericoacoara - São Luis (7 nights)

Lençois du MaranhãoThe must-see of the Nordeste, the tour from Fortaleza to São Luis with overnights in these delightful accommodations.


Salvador / Vila Bahia or Convento do Carmo vacation package (2 nights)

Salvador - Bahia 2 options for staying in pousadas in Salvador, where you can stroll around and discover the legendary “Pelourinho” quarter.

Morro de São Paulo / Vila dos Corais vacation package (3 nights)

Morro de São Paulo - Bahia The Vila dos Corais offers a welcoming stay in the quiet seaside resort of Morro de São Paulo.

Itacare /Txai Resort vacation package (3 nights)

Ilheus - Itacaré - BahiaTxai Resort, not far from Ilheus, is a superb hotel set among beautiful sandy beaches and imposing rock cliffs.

Around Rio de Janeiro

Buzios vacation package (3 nights)

BuziosA deserted beach 30 years ago, Buzios has become the trendy seaside resort of Rio. Located 2hrs from Rio, the Insolito hotel will tempt you with its sophistication, its originality and its comfort.

Ilha Grande vacation package (3 nights)

Ilha Grande - Rio de janeiro3 nights in Sagu Mini Resort in Ilha Grande. The resort is delightful and the island has some beautiful scenery, including beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, rivers and mountains.