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Brazil cultural vacations, a veritable treasure trove for history and architecture lovers !

Those who wish to experience the history and culture of Brazil will not be disappointed. Although Brazil is a relatively new country, when the Portuguese Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived in Brazil, as far back as 22nd April 1500, he started the colonial era characterized by rich and flamboyant architecture. Enjoy one of our Brazil Culture Tours when you book your Brazil culture holiday package you discover a wealth of Brazilian sites!

The Minas Gerais region – the land of the first gold rushes – saw the building of towns including Ouro Preto, a jewel of baroque art, now a UNESCO heritage site; Mariana, often but unduly neglected by tourists; Congonhas, home to the Bom Jesus de Matosinhos sanctuary; Sao Joao del Rey, which boasts several orchestras and a lively cultural scene; Tiradentes, the smallest of the cidades historicas...

This architecture can also be found in the Santa Teresa quarter of Rio de Janeiro, and on the coast in Paraty, a village so well preserved that the cinema uses it for historical reconstructions.

Further north, Salvador will captivate you. “The Golden church”: Igreja and Convento of Sao Francisco – a master piece of colonial baroque art – the Pelourihno, heart of the high town… these will be etched in your memory. You will stay in the Pestana Convento Do Carmo, an ancient convent that has become a must in the Brazilian hotels.

There are so many places to visit when you travel to Brazil. Olinda, the “town with seven hills”, near Recife, is perhaps our favorite – it’s certainly well worth a detour.

Brazil also has some very beautiful modern architecture, notably that of Oscar Niemeyer, to whom we owe the most beautiful buildings in Brasilia and many remarkable buildings in both Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

All the major towns have some very interesting museums and galleries showcasing modern, sacred, popular or regional art.

No guide to Brazil cultural holidays would be complete without mentioning Brazil’s significant and original music: naturally, there will be many opportunities to see concerts and shows during your stay.

Our travel and tour selection feature Brazil cultural vacations, listed by region :


Salvador de Bahia vacation package (2 nights)

Salvador - Bahia2 to 3 days to get to know the main features of this magical town, Wander in the legendary historical quarter of Pelourinho, participate in a "roda" of capoeira or go and meet the "senhor do Bonfim"


Minas Gerais vacation package (3 nights)

Minas GeraisFor those who love art and colonial history, the main features of Minas Gerais in a small tour with 3 nights in some charming lodges.


Olinda - Recife vacation package (2 nights)

OlindaOlinda, The town with 8 hills is a marvel of colonial architecture, to stay here and walk the streets and alleys with the coloured house sis a real enchantment. A visit to Recife, the tropical Venise, will make your interesting stay complete.


Paraty vacation package (2 nights)

ParatyThis is a history museum in a tropical paradise. Surrounded by magnificent islands and beaches, this small wonder of colonial architecture admirably conserved is worth a visit or even a stay.

Rio de Janeiro vacation package (2 nights)

Rio de JaneiroThe wonderful city has a lot to offer to  culture lovers, museums, colonial and modern architecture, festival, theatres, shows, everything you could wish for.