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Ilha Grande - Rio de janeiroIlheus - Itacaré - BahiaPipa - NatalJericoacoara

Brazilian beaches: the ideal setting for honeymooners…. or any couples seeking romance! Travel Brazil Selection, your travel agent in Brazil, can organize a Brazil honeymoon package or beach holiday under the palm trees for you.

With more than 9,000 kms of coastline, seaside resort lovers will all find their own piece of paradise in Brazil. The local climate will guide your choice: don’t forget that Brazil is an immense country with a wide variation in climate.

If you’re planning to a honeymoon in Brazil between June and September, the best destination climate-wise is the Nordeste. From July onwards it hardly ever rains and the temperature is constantly around 30°C. At this time of year opting for beaches around Rio and Salvador is more risky, as the temperatures can be cool and the climate humid.

From October to March you can choose any beach in the North or South of the country.

Brazilian Dream beaches in the South, around Rio, are lined with luxuriant vegetation and are smaller, while those in the Bahia region offer a compromise between flora and spaciousness.

The Nordeste region, meanwhile, has many kilometers of deserted beaches, bordered by coconut palms and dunes, which many tourists drive along in buggies or 4x4 vehicles.

Our Brazil Beaches Dream Vacation Holidays are packaged by region:


Txai Resort vacation package (3 nights)

Ilheus - Itacaré - BahiaTxai Resort, not far from Ilheus, is a superb hotel set among beautiful sandy beaches, imposing rock cliffs and tropical forest.

Morro de São Paulo vacation package (3 nights)

Morro de São Paulo - BahiaThis village, 2 hours by boat south of Salvador, has become a resort that offers very attractive beaches.



Pipa vacation package (2 nights)

Pipa - Natal2 nights in the seaside village of Pipa, south of Natal, a beautiful beach, charming pousadas and animated nightlife.

Kenoa Resort vacation package (3 nights)

Angra dos ReisA dream resort in the middle of wide open spaces, between the ocean and the Atlantic forest; a design and eco-chic resort, ideal for a luxury stay on the beach.

Jericoacoara vacation package (5 nights)

Jericoacoara A holiday in Jericoacoara, listed among the top ten most beautiful beaches of the world by the Washington Post, with a bonus transfer via magnificent beaches and a dream stop at the end of the world, in the haven of peace and quiet that is Guajiru.


Ilha Grande vacation package (3 nights)

Ilha Grande - Rio de janeiro3 nights in Sagu Mini Resort in Ilha Grande. The pousada is charming and the island has some beautiful scenery, including beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, rivers and mountains.