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Travelling off the beaten track in Brazil is very easy!

JaguarBelem - MarajoPantanalJericoacoara

On our Brazil Adventure tours we have made travelling off the beaten track in Brazil very easy: as the country is so vast and the population sparse outside the big towns, there are many places still left to explore. Very few areas have been invaded by tourists, apart from the main attraction, the Iguaçu falls, where you will never be alone. Like everyone else, you will follow the official circuit along both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the falls.

Even Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia have hidden places left to discover. We can provide you with guides who will show you what the brochures and catalogues keep quiet.

The Amazon, a very popular tourist destination, nevertheless offers many options for original and less requested excursions, such as private boat cruises around Santarem or a stay on Marajo island.

Only recently opened to tourism, the Nordeste region offers miles of deserted beaches. You’ll benefit from the unique combination of a wild and preserved region that is surprisingly well equipped with hotels and services.

Inland, the Pantanal offers early morning horseback rides to the accompaniment of the dawn chorus, or, by night, to see the caimans. But it must be noted that this paradise on earth has not yet fully developed its hotels and services. It is for those who wish to avoid the crowds, and who like the real thing.

Our “off the beaten track” Brazil Adventure Tours and vacation packages by region:


Spécial Jaguar observation tour vacation package (4 nights)

JaguarHead right to the end of the Transpantaneira and spend 3 days looking for jaguar, with a 95% chance of seeing some between June and September.

North Pantanal vacation package (2 nights)

PantanalA journey starting in Cuiaba and following the Transpantaneira track: stopovers at the Curicaca Lodge and at the Santa Tereza farm totally immerse you in the wild and authentic Pantanal.


Private boat cruise from Santarem

BelemFull board on a 3 day and 2 night private boat cruise, with staff, a chef, a captain and a guide.

Marajo island vacation package (2 nights)

Belem - MarajoStay on a fazenda (large farm) and discover amazing countryside, a host of animals and the life of a cowboy on Marajo Island.


Jericoacoara vacation package (5 nights)

JericoacoaraA holiday in Jericoacoara with an unforgettable visit to the magnificent beaches of the Nordeste, and a dream stop at the end of the world.

Fortaleza - Jericoacoara - São Luis tour - 7 nights

Lençois du MaranhãoThe must-see of the Nordeste, with an amazing route along the beaches to Jericoacoara, a crossing of the surprising Parnaiba delta eco-system, a drive through the unique desert of dunes and lagoons that is the Lençois do Maranhão, and exploring the charming colonial town of São Luis.