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Experience carnival in Brazil…

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…party Brazilian-style with a festival and carnival vacation package!

Yes, Brazil is simply buzzing with festivals and parties everywhere! The Brazilian, hedonistic by nature, happy and easygoing, never misses an opportunity to party. So why not join in by booking a festival and Brazil Rio Carnival Vacation Package?

Brazil Carnival Dates and Tours - Carnival in Brazil is the ultimate festival, when the innermost passions express themselves. Three carnivals stand out from the others: Rio, of course (5 days from Friday to Mardi Gras), Salvador (one of the oldest, liveliest and wildest) and Olinda (from Saturday to Ash Wednesday). As they take place almost simultaneously, you’ll need to choose.

It is fascinating to participate in carnival in Brazil but, if you don’t want to be immersed for four or five days in this pulsating atmosphere, you can get a taste of it by visiting these cities during the months preceding the festival. Then you’ll be able to see the district and school rehearsals for the carnival. The pre-carnival of Fortaleza is worth a mention: held every Saturday of the month leading up to the carnival, it is very lively and animated.

Watch out though! During carnival season, prices have a nasty tendency to rise.

Weekends offer more opportunities for entertainment than during the week, although in Salvador, Tuesday is the liveliest day. You can easily obtain information in the hotels or pousadas, enabling you to discover where to find a “Gafieira” (dance hall), a “Forro” (folklore dancing or local dances), samba music or a concert.

A zero tolerance alcohol policy is imposed on motorists so take a taxi when you go out.
Note, too, that nightlife activities rarely get going before midnight or one in the morning.

Our Brazil festival and carnival package selection by region:


Salvador de Bahia vacation package (2nights)

Salvador - BahiaYou can visit the town just before carnival, the prices are still reasonable and the activity is at its peak with carnival rehearsals everywhere, especially at the weekend...

Morro de São Paulo vacation package (3 nights)

Morro de São Paulo - BahiaThis village is about a 2hr boat ride south of Salvador, and has become a trendy and popular seaside resort, especially during the months leading up to the carnival.


Fortaleza /Canoa Quebrada vacation package (3 nights)

Canoa QuebradaFortaleza offers very lively nightlife, and is combined with a visit to the village of Canoa Quebrada, which is 2hrs away and very popular with Brazilian youth – the ideal destination for those looking to party and laze on the beach.

Olinda / Recife vacation package (2 nights)

OlindaOlinda, the town with 7 hills, a pure marvel of colonial architecture, which also has one of the best carnivals in Brazil where you can dance the frévo.


Buzios vacation package (3 nights)

BuziosBuzios was a deserted beach 30 years ago and is now the most popular seaside spot around Rio. This is where all the wealthy young people from Rio get together to party at weekends.

Rio de Janeiro vacation package (2 nights)

Rio de JaneiroNo need to introduce “The Wonderful City” – whether it’s during the carnival or not, options for entertainment and nightlife abound.