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Many and varied Brazil Safaris Vacations, Brazil Wildlife Tours and Brazilian wildlife observation trips are possible in various parts of Brazil, thanks to the subtropical location and the vastness of the country.

They can be your sole reason for visiting Brazil, or alternatively, steps in the itinerary that you have chosen and that we have helped to create.

In the south of Brazil, visiting the northern and southern Pantanal is a must. In the North, you will fall in love with the Marajo or the Mexiana islands at the mouth of the Amazon. Access to these places presents no problem. Of course, the mythical Amazon will be an irresistible attraction: more than 50,000 kinds of trees and plants grow here. Although the Brazilian wildlife here is less abundant than in the Pantanal, there are monkeys, sloths, botes (Amazon river dolphins) and alligators.

Your choice of our Brazil safaris will partly dictated by the season in which you wish to travel.

In the Pantanal the rainy season is from October to March with intermittent heavy rains, while moderate temperatures will make your Brazilian wildlife trip more agreeable. A large part of the region is under water which concentrates the animals in smaller areas, making it easier to see them and observe them.

The dry season in the Pantanal is from May to September, and favors seeing the animals up close. While exploring the Igarapès (small waterways) in a pirogue you may get a chance to see a jaguar coming to drink. You will doubtless be pleased to see an anaconda or a boa constrictor, while nonetheless taking care to avoid their suffocating hugs…

This time of year is certainly the most enjoyable for tourists, but you need to be prepared for occasional cold snaps (as low as minus 10°C.)

In the Amazon region the rainy season lasts from January to June, and fauna and flora are as abundant as in the Pantanal. However, be prepared, as the rains are sometimes very heavy and continuous.

The dry season is from July to December, and is the best option.

Our Brazil safaris by region:


South Pantanal vacation package (2 nights)

Pantanal - SudA 3 or 4 day trip, staying in a real 15,000 hectares fazenda (large farm), enabling you to gain a first impression of the Pantanal and its extraordinary fauna.

Spécial Jaguar observation vacation package (4 nights )

JaguarHead right to the end of the Transpantaneira and spend 3 days looking for jaguar, with a 95% chance of seeing some between June and September.

North Pantanal  vacation package (2 nights)

PantanalA journey starting in Cuiaba and following the Transpantaneira track: stopovers at the Curicaca Lodge and at the Santa Tereza farm totally immerse you in the wild and authentic Pantanal.


Belem / Marajo vacation package (2 nights)

Belem - MarajoStay on a fazenda (large farm) and discover amazing countryside, a host of animals and the life of a cowboy on Marajo Island.