Brazil Sports Vacations

Buggy Tours, Dive, Kite Surf, Golf in Brazil

Take a sporting holiday to Brazil, known for its culture of toned bodies!

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Play football, go scuba diving or drive a buggy in Brazil

A sporting holiday in Brazil is easy to find, for Brazilians have a culture of toned bodies. They are a sensual people, sensitive to the beauty of the body that they strive to maintain by the sports they practice.

This country is young, and its young people have sports in their soul. You will be amazed by the number of runners along the sea front in the coastal towns, both morning and night, and if you are a jogger yourself you will have no problem joining them.

Gymnastics is a widespread activity, and you will find fitness clubs in both hotels and towns.

But the most popular sport is of course football. Everywhere you will see some “King Pelés” and budding Ronaldos, members of amateur teams, striking or dribbling the ball across the beaches or waste ground and, if you’re an enthusiast, you can ask to join in a match. The Brazilians are welcoming and always pleased to play with or against newcomers. No need to speak Portuguese, miming and hand signals are enough...

Other sports can be played too: simply ask, and we will build them into your Brazil Sports Vacations.  Why not go scuba diving, kite surfing, golfing or drive a buggy in Brazil ?

More ideas for a sports vacation in Brazil:
•    Golf, quad and canoeing in the Bahia and Praia do Forte region
•    Scuba diving in Fernando de Noronha
•    Kite surfing in the Nordeste, between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara
•    Buggy riding/driving, up to Natal

Our vacation packages by region :


Praia do Forte vacation package (3nights)

Praia do Forte - Bahia1 hour north of Salvador, the little seaside village of Praia do Forte is an excellent option for a sports holiday:  you can play golf, drive a quad through the forest, ride a horse or go kayaking down a river…


Fernando de Noronha vacation package (3 nights)

Fernando de NoronhaThe best spot in Brazil for scuba diving lovers.  

Fortaleza - Natal  buggy tour (4 nights)

Package : Fortaleza - NatalSpend 4 days riding a buggy in Brazil along the outstanding “Nordeste” beaches, the scenery is beautiful and ever-changing.

Guajiru - Jericoacoara vacation package (5 nights)

JericoacoaraTake a buggy drive along the beach up to Jericoacoara, and go kite surfing or wind surfing in Guajiru or Jericoacoara, where the winds are strong and steady 6 months of the year.

Kite surf - down wind vacation package (6 nights)

Kite Surf - NordesteTake a magical kite surf ride along the huge and deserted Nordeste beaches: the side shore wind starts to blow between 15 and 20 knots in Cumbuco, ending up around 30 knots in Prea.