Domestic Flights in Brazil | Internal Flights

Brazilian internal flights are now operated by several different airlines:Vols-brazil


At present you can only buy your tickets on-line if you have a CPF, so only if you are a Brazilian resident.

Important Information about Domestic flights in Brazil: For the best flight times you can get a quick idea from our flight timetable, distances are huge in Brazil, the country is vast, its best to choose lots of short connecting flights when planning your itinerary, you will gain time, and have more chance of being on time and also not losing your luggage.

Otherwise most of the connections (except web jet) and the prices can be found on the Amadeus website.

Click at the top left in flights  (in grey)

Here you have the flight times and we recommend looking at them first, as you will find the necessary information to build your trip  : 

You can then come back to the same place (top left in flights in grey on the first page) to see best prices option and even buy your flight directly through the listed agents ( the choice changes depending on which language you choose to read the website in and so which country you choose).

You can also ask us but generally, if you check well before your departure date the prices are correct, keep in mind that obviously the closer you get to your departure date the more the prices increase.

This option of buying your flight tickets individually is interesting if you only have 2 or 3 to buy, above that number it is better to buy a Brazil Air Pass.  

The Brazil Air Pass

You can buy it from a local travel agency or from the airline when you buy your international air ticket to Brazil.

  • If you fly with Tam Airlines (see the destinations in the international flights) you can have a cheaper pass, however it is controlled by certain price rules depending on the price levels available, as the airplane has different reservation levels (e.g. the Y class is the cheapest with 20 seats, when they have all sold out, it goes up to the Z class which is more expensive, etc..)
  • You can by a pass with 4 to 9 coupons, above that the prices vary depending on the reservation classes, of which there are 4, you need to buy it well in advance to get the cheapest pass.


(best prices)
Brazil Air PassTAMTAMGOL
1 to 4 coupons532/639/734/845582/689/784/895632
5 coupons672/807/928/1067772/907/1028/1167772
6 coupons792/951/1093/1257942/1101/1243/1407892
7 coupons912/1095/1259/14481112/1295/1459/16481012
8 coupons1032/1239/1425/16381282/1489/1675/18881132
9 coupons1152/1384/1590/18291452/1684/1890/21291252