Vols-internationnalCode Share : You can buy a ticket from one of the airlines identified by code share or from the destination for example, you can buy an Air France ticket to Manaus that goes out from Fortaleza, these flights pass through São Paulo or Rio and are operated by Tam airlines in this part of Brazil. With this you then just have to buy an internal flight from Manaus to Fortaleza if you have only chosen these two visits.

Tam Flights : the Brazilian airline Tam which flies over the whole of Brazil has flights out of Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Londres, Milan, New-York and Paris so you can buy a flight from any of these places to any town in Brazil (London/ Belem) and leave from any town (Iguaçu/London) Tam also issues a Pass for the whole of Brazil (see internal flights)

See the list of Brazilian towns that international airlines fly to with the exception of TAM
(the flights not available in code share are direct flights). If you are looking for cheap flights to Brazil booking well in advance of travel dates is suggested.

Departure Cities and Airlines offering International Flights to Brazil


- in code share via São Paulo or Rio

Belo Horizonte
Lisboa - TAP
Miami - American Airlines
Panamá - Copa Airlines

- in code share via São Paulo or Rio
Air France

Atlanta - Delta Airlines
Lisboa – TAP
Miami – American Airlines
Panamá - Copa Airlines

- in code share via São Paulo or Rio
Air France

Campo Grande
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Gol

Lisboa – TAP

- in code share via São Paulo or Rio
Air France
American Airlines

Miami – Tam ET American Airlines
Panama - Copa Airlines

- in code share via São Paulo or Rio or Miami
Air France
Delta Airlines
Lan Argentina
Lan Chile
Lan Peru
Tap Portugal
United Airines

Lisboa - TAP

Lisboa - TAP
Miami – American Airlines

Rio de Janeiro
Atlanta - Delta Airlines
Buenos Aires - Tam, Gol/Varig, Aerolíneas Argentinas
Charlotte - US Airways
Dubai - Emirates
Frankfurt - Lufthansa
Houston - Continental Airlines
Lima - Taca
Lisboa - TAP
Londres - British Airways
Luanda - Taag
Madrid - Iberia
Miami - TAM e American Airlines
Montevidéu – Pluna
New York - TAM e American Airlines
Panama - Copa Airlines
Paris - Air France e Tam
Santiago - LAN Airlines (Chile)
Washington - United

Lisboa – TAP
Madrid – Air Europa
Miami – American Airlines

São Paulo
Amsterdam - KLM
Assunçion - TAM Airlines (Paraguaya)
Atlanta - Delta Airlines
Beijin - Air China
Bogotá - Avianca, Gol-Varig
Buenos Aires - Gol-Varig, TAM, Aerolíneas Argentinas, LAN Airlines (Argentina), Cancun - Aeroméxico
Caracas - Gol-Varig
Chicago - United Airlines
Dakar - THY Turkish
Dallas - American Airlines
Doha – Qatar Airlines
Dubai - Emirates Airlines
Frankfurt - Lufthansa, TAM
Houston - Continental Airlines
Istanbul - THY Turkish Airlines
Johannesburg - South African
Lima - Taca, TAM, LAN Airlines (Peru)
Lisboa - TAP
London - TAM, British Airways
Los Angeles - Korean Air
Madrid - TAM, Iberia, Air China
Mexico - Aeromexico, Mexicana
Milano - Alitalia, TAM
Montevidéo - Pluna, TAM
Munich : Lufthansa
New-York - TAM, American Airlines, Delta Airlines
Orlando - TAM
Panama - Copa Airlines
Paris - TAM, Air France
Roma - Alitalia
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Aerosúr
Santiago - TAM, Gol-Varig, Swiss International, LAN Airlines (Chile)
Seul - Korean Air via Los Angeles
Singapore– Singapore Airlines Tel Aviv - El Al
Tokyo – All Nipon Airways
Toronto - Air Canada
Washington - United Airlines
Zurich - Swiss International