RESPONSIBILITIES - Brazil Travel Responsibility Terms Conditions

All travel involves an element of unavoidable risk due to the various elements required for its pursuance.

Brazil selection has created tours and trips selecting the best possible hotels, transport companies and providers, however Brazil selection doesn’t directly own or manage any of these providers and so declines all responsibility for delays, losses, accidents or physical damages caused by a person or company providing these reserved services.

If however a service has not been provided due to an omission or booking error by one of our providers, we undertake to reimburse our client to the amount of the service not provided. If however the service is not provided due to an external event (delayed flight, bad weather, traffic interruption, etc), the client will not be reimbursed. Brazil Selection undertakes nevertheless to do the maximum to try and find alternative solutions.

Buggy driving falls into a specific responsibility clause which is communicated to the client if he chooses this option.

If exceptional circumstances occur during a trip (usually due to climate changes) Brazil selection reserves the right to modify the services or itinerary without reimbursing the client.

Luggage is under the direct responsibility of the client and if the client decides to leave luggage under the responsibility of a third party during the trip he assumes any eventual risk taken.

Vaccinations and visas It is the full responsibility of the traveller to obtain the necessary visas or vaccinations for a holiday in Brazil.


For all the above mentioned reasons, we strongly encourage our clients to take out an insurance covering : cancellation fees, luggage, medical costs abroad and repatriation.