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Iguaçu falls / Rio de Janeiro / Minas Gerais / Salvador / from Fortaleza to São Luis

Les chutes d'Iguaçu
Iguaçu falls
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Minas Gerais
Minas Gerais


Lençois Maranhenses

Enjoy one of the best Brazil Nature and Culture tours. An awesome tour along the Brazilian coast where you will discover the fantastic natural landscapes of the Iguaçu falls, the beaches of the northeast, the colonial cities of Minas Gerais and Salvador and wonderful combination of nature and culture that is Rio de Janeiro.



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Day 1 : Iguaçu in
Argentinian side of the falls sightseeing tour
Day 2 : Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian side of the falls sightseeing tour & Macao Safari option, flight to Rio
Day 3 : Rio de Janeiro
Sugar loaf mountain & optional tours
Day 4 : Rio de Janeiro
Visit Corcovado & optional tours
Day 5 : Rio de Janeiro / Tiradentes
Drive to Tiradentes with a stop at Petropolis for sightseeing
Day 6 : Tiradentes / Ouro Preto
Visit Tiradentes, São João del Rey and Congonhas, arrival in Ouro Preto
Day 7 : Ouro Preto
Ouro Preto and Mariana sightseeing tours
Day 8 : Ouro Preto / Belo Horizonte / Salvador
Drive to Belo Horizonte and flight to Salvador, Salvador historical sightseeing tour
Day 9 : Salvador
Panoramic sightseeing tour and leisure time
Day 10 : Salvador / Fortaleza  
Cachoeira sightseeing tour, airport transfer and  flight to Fortaleza
Day 11 : Fortaleza / Guajiru
Buggy or 4x4 drive along the beaches to Guajiru
Day 12 : Guajiru / Jericoacoara
Buggy or 4x4 drive along the beaches to Jericoacoara
Day 13 : Jericoacoara
Day of leisure
Day 14 : Jericoacoara / Barra Grande
Drive to Tatajuba and continue to  Barra Grande
Day 15 : Barra Grande / Barreirinhas (Lençois Maranhenses)
Motor boat ride in Parnaiba Delta, 4x4 drive to Cabure and motor boat ride to Barreirinhas
Day 16 : Barreirinhas / São Luis
Lençois sightseeing tour and drive to São Luis
Day 17 : São Luis  / out
São Luis sightseeing tour, airport  transfer

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Le combiné nature et culture

D1 - Iguaçu in

Transfer hotel
Afternoon; visit the Argentinian side of the falls.
28 km from the town, the Iguaçu falls on the Argentine side are 72 meters high and form a semi circle that gives a unique view of the complete falls. They are wedged in among the luxuriant vegetation which increases the impression of the primitive force of nature. A series of paths and bridges lead to other view points all very beautiful and different from those on the Brazilian side of the falls. The main attraction is the « gorge du diable » where you reach almost the bottom of the horse shoe shaped falls.
Overnight in the hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

Le combiné nature et culture

D2 - Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

Morning, visit the Brazilian side of the falls.
The Iguacu falls are considered among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world along with the Zambezi and Niagara falls. Located on the border between Paraguay, Argentina & Brazil, the falls form a natural amphitheatre that looks very different depending on where you are situated. The Brazilian side is less spectacular but easier to reach and there is a better view of the whole waterfall.
Afternoon free or option Macuco Safari:
Excursion to the falls in a twin motor zodiac, the boats go up the river to the canyon where the falls are found...
The excursion starts off in open electric cars that drive 3kms through the national park, to allow better views of the local fauna & flora. Then a 600m walk in the forest to get to the boats (it’s possible to do the full distance in the open electric cars for those who don’t want to walk) Total time of excursion: 1h45, from getting in the cars.
Transfer to airport & flight to Rio.
Arrival in Rio & transfer to hotel.
Overnight in the hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D3 - Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

One no longer needs to introduce "The Wonderful City" amazingly located between the tropical forest and the mountains. Its beaches, its samba and its famous carnival have made its reputation and the town lives up to the myth.
Morning: visit Sugar Loaf Mountain: A 4hr excursion with a guide (entrance fee included). You can see the mountain as soon as you enter the Guanabara bay. There are two parts to it, one that goes down to the Red Beach (Praia Vermelha) and to the Urca hill, which reaches 224 meters high; the other goes from Urca hill to the Sugar Loaf reaching 395 meters in height. The cable car trip lasts about 3 minutes for each part.

Afternoon, possible optional excursions (see price by clicking on the link), You can also discover Rio off the beaten track with a guide and a car (possible entrance fees at your expense).
Overnight in the hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D4 - Rio de Janeiro

Morning, visit the Corcovado: a 4hr tour with a guide. The Corcovado hill, with its summit topped by the image of Christ the redeemer, is one of the main symbols of the town. This enormous stone monument, vertical and imposing, immerging out of the forest and dominating all around, is without doubt one of the elements that makes Rio de Janeiro « The Wonderful City ». The climb to the top can be done by funicular train.

Afternoon, possible optional excursions (see price by clicking on the link), You can also discover Rio off the beaten track with a guide and a car (possible entrance fees at your expense).
Overnight in the hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D5 - Rio de Janeiro / Tiradentes

Departure for Petropolis (66 km from Rio de Janeiro), the summer city of the monarchs and the elite of Carioca.
The city is marked by the elegant nobles’ residences around the Imperial palace.
You must see the Cristal palace,

the house of Alberto Santos Dumont, considered in Brazil as « the inventor of the airplane » The Imperial Palace, modest summer family residence and the seat of power during this period.

Afternoon, continue towards Tiradentes (265Kms) and overnight in the lodge of your choice.
Le combiné nature et culture

D6 - Tiradentes  / São Joao del Rey / Congonhas / Ouro Preto

Morning, visit of Tiradentes with its fountain and Matriz de Santo Antonio church. On to Sao Joao del Rei, visit of the Saint François d'Assise church and panoramic tour of the town.
Afternoon, road to Ouro Preto passing through Congonhas where you will visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus Matozinhos and the chapel of the Prophets.
Arrival end of the afternoon in Ouro Preto and check-in to the lodge of your choice for overnight.

Le combiné nature et culture

D7 - Ouro Preto / Mariana / Ouro Preto

Departure for a visit of Mariana with a tour of a a gold mine on the way (da passagem)
Founded in 1696 Mariana is a magnificent and quiet little mining town. Less touristy than its neighbor Ouro Preto, it has kept all its charm.

Return to Ouro Preto and a walk round the town : The Tiradentes square that houses the Mineralogy museum (the ground in this region is very rich in precious stones : aquamarine, tourmaline, diamond, citrine...), the Notre Dame do Carom church, the municipal theatre, the Notre Dame do Pillar church, São Francisco de Assist, etc.

Overnight in the lodge of your choice.
Le combiné nature et culture

D8 - Ouro Preto / Belo Horizonte / Salvador

Drive to Belo Horizonte and flight for Salvador (2hrs), upon arrival transfer to the hotel of your choice
The Candomblé, an afro Brazilian religion, is still practiced in all social levels; the state of Bahia is its birth place; Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, is well worth a visit with its polychrome houses, baroque churches from the colonial era and its festive atmosphere when you visit before and during the carnival.

Afternoon, visit of the historical centre,
Walk in the heart of the old town (the Pelourinho): a magnificent collection of colonial houses, renovated in pastel colors (light & dark blue, bright pink, yellow and pale green), The paved streets, richly decorated churches : the San Francisco church – amazing baroque church where the inside seems covered with gold leaf – the basilica cathedral – ancient church of the Jesuit college built in the 17th century, a master piece of colonial baroque architecture.
Overnight in the hotel of your choice

Le combiné nature et culture

D9 - Salvador

Morning, panoramic sighteeing tour,
Departure by car to visit the lower town right out to the Itapagipe peninsula with its magnificent view. You will visit the Bonfim church, a shrine for the Bahiani people.
This church is the most famous one in Salvador. Built in 1754, it stands on a hill from where you can see the whole town with its rugged landscape. In its Sala dos Milagres (room of miracles) the ex-voto, that show the parts of the body healed by miracle, offered by the faithful in memory of a grace or cure given. They are also in the form of tickets describing promises made by the faithful. In the square in front of the church there are people selling coloured ribbons « fitas » that you tie around your wrist with 3 knots, each representing a wish which will be granted once the bracelet falls off through simple wear & tear. The visit continues with the Monte Serrat fort. The fort is on a headland on the Itapagipe peninsula and has a unique view of the Itaparica island and its bay. Built in 1583, it protected Salvador from attacks by the Dutch in the XVIIth century. Its harmonious shapes make it an architectural wonder built by the Brazilian military.
Afternoon of leisure,
Overnight in the hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

Le combiné nature et culture

D10 - Salvador / Fortaleza

Full day sightseeing tour to Cachoeira: this city is situated 110 kms from Salvador and is considered one of the most important architectural sites in South Amercia. On the way you will visit the church of the 3rd order of Carme, the foundation of the plastic artist, Hansen Bahia, The Confrerie of the "good death", the Church of Notre Dame de l’Aide, the Danneman cultural centre, and other curiosities.
Lunch in a typical house during the excursion
Transfer back to Salvador and to the airport
Flight for Fortaleza
Arrival in Fortaleza
Airport welcome and transfer to your hotel (30 min).

In Fortaleza, the sun shines all year round and along the 10 kilometers of beaches, most of which are urbanized and with hotels and restaurants. The bars and parties are very lively at night with the typical local music called the forro. Surrounded by the modern architecture of the buildings the fisherman’s boats on the Mucuripe create an interesting contrast. Fortaleza is a permanent invitation to party.

Overnight in the hotel of your choice.
Le combiné nature et culture

Le combiné nature et culture

D11 - Fortaleza / Guajiru

Start of the adventure in a 4x4.
Departure direction Cumbuco. You will see the barra de Cauipe, a magnificent lagoon between the sea, pine trees and palm trees where people kite-surf.
You will pass through the port of Pecem before arriving in Taíba, a village built along one street that has lots of rich houses and palm trees.
You will follow the beach for about 20 kms before arriving in Paracuru.
Free choice for lunch during the trip (suggestions in Paracuru).
Then you will follow a track for about 8 kms, cross a small bridge over the river Curu, before joining the road to Lagoinha.
Lagoinha, one of the prettiest postcards of the Ceara. You are now in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Nordeste.
After 15 kms, arrival in Guajirú.
Overnight at the Rede Beach lodge.
Le combiné nature et culture

Le combiné nature et culture

D12 - Guajiru / Jericoacoara

After escaping from the relaxing charm of Guajirú, your trip has other surprises in store for you: Fleixeiras, is a beautiful fishing village, almost deserted, with palm trees, lagoons, reefs and natural swimming pools full of fish (Guajirú/Fleixeiras - 5 kms).
Further on in Mundaú, (Fleixeiras/Mundaú - 13 kms) where the river flows into the ocean forming an 8 in the sand, you will climb some magnificent dunes to get an amazing view of the whole surroundings… unforgettable.

You will then cross the river Mundaú on a small ferry before reaching the beach in Baleia (Mundaú/Baleia - 8 kms) and along the beach to Icarai de Amontada (breakfast suggested).
You will leave the beach in Icarai and take the road to Jericoacoara.
You will go through Itarema and Acarau before arriving in the fishing village of Prea and the magnificent beach leading to Jericoacoara.

A true paradise on earth, Jericoacoara is often considered the most beautiful, wild beach on the Brazilian coast. Giant dunes dotted with fresh or salt water lagoons, caves and cactus ... the landscape is breathtaking, the village is nestled between the sea and the dunes.
Installation and overnight in the lodge of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D13 - Jericoacoara

Day of leisure.

Overnight in the lodge of your choice.
Le combiné nature et culture

D14 - Jericoacoara/ Barra Grande

Early morning of leisure.
Transfer by 4X4 to Camocim with a stop at the Tatajuba lagoon.
The huts are right on the water the hammocks too and the lobsters are fresh.
Lunch possible at the hut called “ Didi”.
Continue to Camocin (30 min). You will cross a set of large dunes before coming back to the sea that you will follow to Camocin.
Arriving at Camocin you will take a ferry to enter the town.
Continue by 4x4 to Barra Grande (about 2hrs).
Installation and overnight at Barra Grande Kite Camp.

Le combiné nature et culture

D15 - Barra Grande / Delta du Parnaiba / Barreirinhas

Departure by 4x4 to Tatus port in Parnaiba (50min).
You will board a fast boat for a ride in the Delta (4hrs) from Parnaiba. A vast network of islands, dunes, beaches forests and mangroves interspersed with Igarapes (small river branches) that you can navigate in canoes to see the abundant wildlife : caïmans, sloths, monkeys and red Ibis... return to Parnaiba end of the morning and departure by 4X4 to Tutoia.
Arrival in Tutóia for lunch (about 1h30/40 from Parnaiba to Tutoia).

After lunch, continue by 4x4 across the sertão to the sea that you will follow for about 30 kms, fantastic wild and deserted landscapes that will bring you to Caburé (1h30).
In Caburé you will board a motor canoe to go up the river Rio Preguiças, where you can see the change in vegetation as you leave the shore for the tropical inland. (1 hour).
Stop at Vassouras. The river banks are splendid with mangroves, aguapés, buritis, açaizeiros, coconut palms, tucunzeiros and never far away …. Herons and kingfishers.

Arrival in Barreirinhas.
Installation and overnight in the lodge of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D16 - Barreirinhas/ Sao Luis

Morning departure in 4X4 to visit the Lençois Maranhenses (4hr) and return end of morning. « A natural wonder » the « Lençois do Maranhão » or sheets of Maranhão, is a national park and owes its names to the immense dunes stretching over 1550 km2 and that look like giant white sheets. This unique feature comes from the desert that is dotted with lagoons of crystal clear water formed by the rain.
You can admire the amazing landscape while walking through it and bathing in the lagoons.
Afternoon, departure for Sao Luis.
Overnight in the lodge or hotel of your choice.

Le combiné nature et culture

D17 - Sao Luis / Out

Guided sightseeing tour of the town.
Beautiful beaches, a lively carnival and the largest collection of Portuguese architecture in Brazil : São Luís do Maranhão is all that and much more. Although it was built by the French the capital, Maranhense has little trace of it, except a few street names and monuments – such as the Ravardière Palace and the fine cuisine. The main characteristics are however Portuguese: The amazing manor covered with azulejos and the many lusitanian names among other influences.
In 1997, São Luís received the UNESCO title of Cultural Heritage: recognition of the preservation of its magnificent and homogeneous Latin American colonial architecture of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries. There are more than 3500 buildings of historical value, retracing the lives of the rich families of this town.

São Luís is bathed in the warm waters of the São Marcos bay and by the Atlantic and constantly warmed by the sun.
Transfer to the airport

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Price for a double room with breakfast
Standard category (3*)Superior category (4*)
Based on 2 pers5066 US$ / pers5292 US$ / pers
Basedon 4 pers3667 US$ / pers3965 US$ / pers
IGUACUHotel Continental InnHotel das Cataratas
RIO DE JANEIROHotel Porto Bay InternacionalSofitel
TIRADENTESPousada Brisa da SerraPousada Brisa da Serra
OURO PRETOPousada do MondegoPousada do Mondego
SALVADOR DE BAHIAPousada do PilarHotel Covento do Carmo
FORTALEZAHotel SonataHotel Gran Marquise
GUAJIRUPousada Rede BeachPousada Rede Beach
JERICOACOARAPousada Surfing JeriMy Blue Hotel
BARRA GRANDEBarra Grande Kite CampBarra Grande Kite Camp
BARREIRINHASPousada Encantes do NordestePorto Preguiças Resort
SAO LUISPousada Portas da AmazoniaHotel Pestana


Prices include :

Accommodation in a double room with Brazilian breakfast in the hotels chosen in the category (standard or superior), transfers,  English speaking guide (or other language on request) for  the Rio Belo Horizonte circuit and  the city sightseeing tours as per itinerary – Portuguese speaking driver between Fortaleza and São Luis) and monument entrance fees included.

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