Why choose Brazil Selection? Our company’s offer is the result of more than 10 years experience in providing professional incentive vacations (1) in the Northern region of Brazil.

Since 2002, we have faced the challenge of meeting the demands of large companies such as : AXA,  CITROEN, KONICA, KOMPASS, L’OREAL, LAVAZZA, NESTLE,  SWISSLIFE, TARKETT,  UNILEVER & GENERALI.. In this relatively unknown region of Brazil we have provided top quality vacations.  This is confirmed by the high level of satisfaction expressed by our clients.

Because of these 10 years of experience we know  this region off by heart and can manage all the aspects necessary for a successful trip to Brazil.

After experiencing a holiday planned by ourselves, many individual clients, who were pleased with our professional organization, have re-contacted us to extend their stay or plan another vacation with us in other parts of Brazil.

Applying this experience, we have now opened our vacation packages to individuals so that they can now benefit from our professional experience with major companies worldwide.

Our experience has also made evident certain observations:
- When thinking of visiting Brazil, most people have no notion of the real size of the country and the vast distances between the different places.
- Apart from Rio de Janeiro and the Iguaçu falls that are world famous, very few people know of the wonderful tourist sites to be discovered in the different regions of Brazil.
- Few people have a realistic idea of what kind of vacation they can have for their budget.
- Many people want to have an idea of the cost beforehand.

A CONCEPT: Taking into account these observations we have created Brazil Selection

We have kept our offers simple and straightforward, so the traveller can find his way in this vast country.

We have prioritized quality and simplicity in our choices, by selecting the best services that we offer in three different types of vacation:

- Tours: If its your first time in Brazil, we propose 7 different tours that are our selection of the best tours available in Brazil.
The Classic, with the 4 major sights to see, Iguaçu falls, Rio, Manaus and Salvador. Regional tours with the North East of Brazil, the North and the South, a Nature’s Wonders tour, a nature combined with culture tour and the Grand Tour that allows you to see almost everything in one trip.
- Regional trips: If you know Brazil or you’ve had time to read up on it and you wish to do it this way, you can organize your own itinerary by selecting the different offers we propose in each region. Our budget page allows you to calculate your budget.
- Theme vacations: If you want your visit to Brazil to follow one theme, you can do this by selecting from the different themes in our offers and use the budget page to calculate the cost.

In this way, you have the opportunity to organize a vacation that suits your desires and is built around the best services and places to stay in Brazil. You also have an instant idea of the cost.

BASIS: We only work with Hotels and partners that we know so we can guarantee the service quality. We regularly visit these areas of Brazil to ensure the quality of our offers.  Lower prices maybe possible but these imply services we don’t know and so can’t guarantee.

OUR BIG ADVANTAGE: We are based in Brazil ! You buy your vacation directly from us, with no intermediaries, and ensure you benefit from the real value of your quality vacation. You have direct contact with your vacation provider.
Our team is multilingual : English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, we are proactive, available and listen!
(1) (Trips organized by companies who invite their best executives or clients)