Welcome in “Na Bahia de todos os Santos”, a part of Africa in Brazil

Bahia can be described as the soul of Brazil…

Our offer of Bahia vacation packages include the cities of Salvador de Bahia, Cachoeira and Lencois with their magnificent architectural and cultural heritage, they are all invitations to come and visit the state of Afro Brazilian culture. With their many craftsmen, street musicians, Bahian women in traditional costumes and other capoiristas, you will find a unique joyous party atmosphere. These places will have you dancing and smiling before you know it!

It’s one of the best tourist destinations in Brazil as there are lots of very varied options. You will find many different types of both cultural and nature oriented interests, for everyone. Bahia offers an immersion in the quintessence of Afro-Brazilian culture and its famous festivities for which only its inhabitants hold the secrets.

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Meet the cultural region of Salvador de Bahia

The cultural attractions abound here but nature is also very present. Our Bahia vacation packages give you the opportunity to combine a cultural vacation, of rich architectural cultural heritage with a nature vacation thanks to the fabulous landscapes.

This magnificent region offers a succession of heavenly beaches lined with coconut trees and protected by coral reefs, and sometimes a refuge for sea turtles. Inland, the chapadas or plateaus, form « islands » of extraordinary greenery and biodiversity, dotted with limpid cascades. They are a destination of choice for walkers or hikers and also those who appreciate quiet and beautiful scenery.

Bahia is also a favourite destination for those who love to eat well. You will discover the excellent Bahian cuisine with lots of fish dishes, shrimps, prawns and homemade palm oil. For example the famous Acarajé, delicious shrimps fritters, or the Moqueca de Arraia, a fish stew not to be missed!

BS Bahia region Salvador

Salvador de Bahia, a must-see tourist destination in Brazil

Salvador de Bahia is one of the most beautiful towns in Brazil. Perched on its headland, like a lookout dominating the bay or “bahia” in Portuguese, from which the town gets its name, it reveals all its majesty when the rays of the setting sun come and caress it.

As the country’s first colonial capital, it has a rich history and an important heritage, both material and non-material, dating back to the early days of the American conquest. A land of contrasts between men, it has created a mixed culture with roots from both sides of the Atlantic.

A fascinating land for historians and other anthropologists, like Pierre Verger, Salvador is a bewitching city full of beauty, magic and mystery, all at the same time. It is one of the last major cities in Brazil where the influence of a strong traditional life is still felt in everyday life. One thinks especially of the Bahians, the famous Acaraje sellers, with their traditional costumes and their long pearl necklaces.

Would you like to know more ? Well, come and discover some of the secrets of Pelourinho with our guides! It is the must see of our Bahia vacation packages with the historical quarter that has been completely restored and dominates the bay from the cliffs above. This visit is one of the highlights of a vacation in this region.

The Praca da Se, is where you will find three ancient colonial churches, at the centre of this historical quarter. You may see young athletic men, all dressed in white, jumping and twisting in the middle of a circle of players of Berimbau, a very characteristic musical art. These men are Capoira players, a game with a mixture of martial arts and dance. It was invented by the slaves who had to learn to defend themselves with their hands tied. The joy and good humour that is present today in these « rodas de Capoeira » is contagious. One soon joins in and plays the drum beats to the soft chanting of the surrounding participants. And why not join in with a few dance steps too!

Salvador de Bahia, is also 25km of beaches along the Orla, an avenue that follows the Atlantic ocean coastline. There are swimming beaches and surf beaches, some with fine white sand and others more rocky. A little further on there is the Itapua beach, with its restaurants surrounded by palm trees and its bay that makes swimming much more enjoyable.

So does Salvador enchant you too? Find all this information and more to organize your vacation on our page Salvador de Bahia.

As well as Salvador and its many attractions, the Bahia region also has some wonderful resorts. You can choose from these destinations selected for their specific interests and the quality of their services.

bahia batucada

view of the ocean and coconut trees

Visit the Praia do Forte, a little paradise close to the capital

Praia do Forte, is a seaside resort located 1hr30 from Salvador, along a magnificent 10km beach of white sand. The coast is protected by several coral reefs, so the sea is calm and limpid at low tide.

It is an ecotourism centre with, among others the Tamar project, a marine turtle observation centre where they protect the turtle eggs during the laying period.

This small coastal village has several pousadas or hotels, but only two have direct access to the beach. This is why we have chosen them for our Bahia vacation package in Praia do Forte : The Porto da Lua hotel and the Tivoli Eco Resort in the superior category. You will enjoy them as much for a family vacation or a romantic escape or a relaxing break, especially if its a short stay or if you have little time to get away from Salvador. A desire to discover the life of marine turtles and sunbathe on the beach? Discover our offer Praia do Forte !


Plan Your Holiday at Itacare, an exceptional destination

The Itacare beach is in the south of Salvador de Bahia. Another seaside resort a little further from the capital, on the south coast. It is interesting for its unique configuration, a beach with cliffs, a white sandy cove and a forest of palm trees.

An enchanting place straight out of a dream. We have selected a magnificent luxury resort, the Txai, with all the comfort and facilities of a top quality hotel. There are suites of up to 70m2 with a private garden waiting to make your stay an exceptional one with a tropical flavour.

It is a 1hr flight from Salvador to the town of Ilheus then a 1/2 hour drive. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices among our Bahia vacation packages for those looking for luxury and tranquility in a beach stay in the Salvador region.

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo, wild parties and splendid beaches on a dream island.

Morro de São Paulo is a small isolated village in the Bahian coastline, about 2 hours from Salvador de Bahia. It is part of the island of Tinharé, separated from the mainland by a simple arm of water.

This island is the destination to be preferred by those who want to combine beautiful landscapes, idleness and crazy nightlife. It is the most trendy option among our Bahia vacation packages.

It is a destination with a fairly young and lively population, but it’s also a good option for people seeking peaceful vacations  through its division by beaches, each with its audience and style. The further we go along the coast, the more the animation becomes scarce. It is therefore possible to take a pousada away from the festive area to spend his days in peace while enjoying the beach and join the fiesta at night!

Morro de São Paulo is the ideal destination for a seaside and festive stage if you want to complete a nature stay in the Chapada Diamantina for example.


Welcome to the diamond mountains at The Chapada Diamantina

Imagine valleys covered with tropical forests and savannahs, interspersed with vast plateaux of shorter vegetation, from which flow thousands of cascades of all sizes. Add a few caves with or without clear lagoons, and small walking paths and almost no human life except for a few hamlets.

Here you are! it’s the famous Chapada Diamantina! 1520 km2 of nature preserved by a National Park created in 1985.

It’s one of the oldest geological formations in the world, resulting from a deep fault in the earth’s crust from where magna rich in minerals spurted out. You can still pick pieces of chrystal up off the ground if you leave the beaten paths ! A 1 hour flight from Salvador, Lençois is at the entrance to the Chapada Diamantina national park, and awaits you for an extraordinary stay. This town is a national reference for walking enthusiasts, nature lovers and those looking for wide open spaces, or simply a quiet break.

The chapada Diamantina is still a relatively confidential destination, if you want to get off the beaten track with a more immersive stay, it is a perfect place to meet the local population and discover a very varied ecosystem! Go for the adventure option of our Bahia vacation packages.