Total relaxation on the coast from Ceara to Rio Grande do Norte

The coastline from Natal to Fortaleza is an unknown land of a thousand wonders, and awaits your stay on its tropical beaches.

On this coast you will discover seaside resorts that have conserved their authenticity in their natural and wild surroundings. Over lapping the border between Rio Grande do Norte and the Ceara, this part of the Northeast offers relaxing vacations with various activities in exceptional natural surroundings. Whether its sitting under traditional fishing huts or on the magnificent beaches under the coconut trees, warm waters, cliffs and dunes, you will live a wonderful experience full of magical moments of conviviality between men and their land.
Are you looking for fun and adventure? Come to the small fishing village of Canoa Quebrada by driving along the immense beaches in a buggy or a 4X4 following the cliffs of the Ceara coastline!
You imagine a relaxing vacation in idyllic surroundings but with entertainment in the evenings? Come and discover Pipa the place that will answer all your dreams!

Discover our tour packages

Discover our tour packages

Enjoy the sports and fresh air around Fortaleza-Canoa Quebrada, and Pontal do Maceio

160km south east of Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada is called the pearl of the east coast of Ceara and was discovered following the shooting of a French Nouvelle Vague film in the 1960s.

This former fishing village perched on red cliffs will charm you with the sweetness of life that it has conserved as well as its enchanting setting. With its red cliffs sculptured by erosion, the intense blue sky, the white sand and the green ocean, this place is a festival of colours.

This popular seaside resort is set around a long pedestrian street that the locals have nicknamed « Broadway ». There are a few shops and bars open during the day and restaurants and other party places open at night giving a festive atmosphere at weekends.

However the rest of this village remains calm and relaxed. In Canoa Quebrada, you can explore the coastline while walking in the waves, kite surfing or trying a stand up paddle, swimming in the natural pools formed by the tide, climb aboard a Jangada, the local traditional fishing boats and many other things !

After all this exercise, you can relax in one of the barracas (beachfront cafes) drinking caipirinha in the tropical sun.

If you are looking for a little solitude, or you want to stay on the way to Canoa Quebrada, we have found a little place in the village of Pontal de Maceio, that is perfect, the Vila Selvagem. This establishment is run by a compatriot and offers fine, quality bungalows facing the ocean for a really calm and quiet stay.

This village is reputed for its fresh air, the purest in the civilized world, according to its inhabitants, and its climate is very nice too (from 26 to 32 °C all year round). With an enormous beach of fine sand, it is also a unique spot for kite-surfing. For an interesting excursion, you can visit Canto da Barra, and the Jaguaribe river estuary flowing into the ocean! If you are looking to relax and sunbathe or swim, choose the Praia das Agulhas beach, which is really isolated and surrounded by nature.

Canoa Quebrada - Les falaises & la baie

white cliffs Morro Branco

Explore the most beautiful beaches between Canoa Quebrada to Pipa

To reach the seaside resort of Pipa and its beautiful beaches with coconut trees and bordered by cliffs, we suggest two options.

You can either fly to Natal and then be transferred to your hotel, or choose to go on an expedition by buggy or 4×4 along the immense sandy beaches, in 3 stages over one day departing from Fortaleza.
You will set off from the Cearense capital on an adventure day along the magnificent beaches of this region. A first stop will be in Canoa Quebrada to discover and enjoy the atmosphere here.

You will then continue towards Galinhos, a hamlet at the end of a sandy peninsula lapped by the green-blue waves of the Atlantic, far from the tourists. Small coloured barges, donkeys and carts are the only means of transport in this ancient little fishing village. You can wander along the beaches bordered with dunes and tropical forest and feel totally alone in this amazing landscape !

At 100kms to the east is Sao Miguel do Gostoso another peaceful haven on the banks of the Grande do Norte river. This village sits on two immense bays, with sandy beaches and palm trees. An ideal surrounding to relax peacefully, with the rhythm of the traditional jangadas bobbing on the turquoise sea, ideal conditions to totally recharge your batteries !

From here you will continue along the coast on the sandy tracks to your final destination of Pipa, located 85 kms from Natal. Hardly known 20 years ago, it is nestled in magnificent and luxuriant green surroundings on an imposing cliff facing the ocean. It was discovered by the surfers coming from further and further away, and is now known the world over.

As well as its sporting attraction, Pipa is also an ecological park with a zone for protecting marine turtles. The focus here is on ecological activities, to the delight of the young and older ones. Finally, the village has been influenced by the surfing culture and so has an animated night life that can go on until the early hours of the morning!

Want to know more? click on the following link  this adventure tour of 5 days /4 nights from Fortaleza to Natal.

Canoa Quebrada - vue du village

Visit the dream beach Canoa Quebrada on the Ceara coast

Hidden behind a vast wall of dunes, « Canoa » for the locals is one of the emblematic destinations on this coast.

This little village perched on the cliffs has an exceptional panoramic view of its surroundings and is ideal for relaxing. Due to its success in the 1960s it became the first tourist destination in Ceara and one of the first in the Northeast attracting many travelers and hippies from around the world. From this era the village has kept a taste for relaxation and the atmosphere here definitely helps you to unwind and enjoy.

This seaside resort with its dream beach lined with red cliffs and its kite surfing spots and nightlife also knows how to come alive for those who wish. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the warm climate in an authentic setting where the Brazilian way of life reigns.
We suggest staying 3 days and 2 nights, that you can adapt as you wish, in the small village of Canoa Quebrada for a fun and relaxing vacation!

Pipa - plage de l'amour

Enjoy the Brazilian northeast beach Pipa with dolphins and turtles

Natural pools, thick coconut groves and fine, white sandy beach make Pipa a must-see « Brazilian lagoon »

This trendy seaside resort nestling in a heavenly setting is also renowned for its ecological leisure activities: After watching dolphins and turtles, you can go for walks in the surroundings; Mata Atlantic is one of the oldest jungles.

Pipa is also one of the best surf spots in the region that will delight the most experienced. In addition to enjoying the perfect waves you will admire this exceptional setting of impressive cliffs and luxuriant jungle, it’s a real dream come true!

Discover our Pipa packages of 2 nights or more, to come and experience the exceptional nature of this place and enjoy its unique atmosphere.