Discover the forest by the river on a cruise in the Brazilian Amazon

What better way to enjoy a unique Amazonian tour than by boat, on an exclusive cruise in the Amazon, along the Rio Negro or Amazon rivers!

Like the first settlers who explored this immense forest, we suggest exploring this untouched part of Brazil by going on an unforgettable cruise in the Amazon into the heart of the forest. Embark on a privately chartered boat for a unique adventure to discover this wonderful ecological sanctuary.

Our Private Cruises in the Amazon 

A majestic sunset over the Amazon river.

Cruise on the Amazon

3 days / 2 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $940

The majestic meeting of the River Solimoes and the Rio Negro.

Cruise on the River Negro

4 days / 3 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $1188

A boat moves along the river on an Amazon river cruise.

 Amazon & Rio Negro cruise

6 days / 5 nights + 1 hotel night in Manaus
From $1750

Enjoy a private cruise along the majestic Amazon river!

Take an unforgettable cruise to discover the beauty of the brasiliane Amazon

A comfortable cruise in the Amazon on a private traditional boat equipped with all modern comforts. You will have a unique perspective of the Amazon jungle from the river.

The panoramic decks on the top of these special boats offer an ideal setting to observe the many animal species that inhabit the region. You can relax and enjoy the scenery before you stretch out in a hammock with a delicious Açaí sorbet, one of the most popular Amazon “super-foods”.

Unforgettable and moving moments await you on a wonderful cruise in the Amazon. You will marvel at the sunrise, bathing the forest in a glowing light. Thanks to the total darkness here, the night-time walks to observe the animals will also let you contemplate the extraordinary spectacle of the millions of stars that dot the sky! To finish off a day interacting with so much natural beauty, there is nothing better than to slowly canoe along the calm waterways to discover a rich aquatic world !

The activities offered on a cruise in the Amazon are varied, there is something for everyone! Piranha fishing, swimming with the “botos” (pink Amazon dolphins) or tracking the forest animals. Your guide will suggest several activities depending on the time of year.

In choosing a cruise in the Amazon during your Brazilian Vacation, you will really immerse yourself in the wild, but in all safety and with all the comfort needed to fully enjoy your first encounter with the largest and most mythical tropical forest in the world.

A sloth relaxing in a tree in the Amazon.

A cruise in the Amazon from Manaus to Anavilhanas via the special “Meeting of the Waters”

Manaus is the biggest town in Amazonia, from here you can choose to go on a cruise up the Amazon river on its opaline waters to find the mythical pink dolphins. Or, you can go up the River Negro and discover Anavilhanas, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world.

On this stop of your cruise in the Amazon, you will see that the dark waters of the river cut the jungle into dozens of small islands covered in luxuriant vegetation. This vast group of river islands is home to many different living things including the indigenous people, the Ribeirinhos. A mixed raced population who live as one with all the Flora and Fauna around them. Coming back towards the regional capital of Manaus, you will experience a strange and fascinating phenomenon. At the confluence where the River Negro meets the Amazon river, you can follow the magnificent patterns drawn on the surface of the water by the two rivers running side by side but never mixing.

Another important place to visit during your cruise in the Amazon is January Park, famous for its giant water lilies, (Victoria Regia), which open at night and let off a sweet perfume. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the greatest forest ecosystem in the world.

Back on dry land, we also suggest discovering all the ancient splendor of Manaus and its main monuments and museums, such as the Amazonas theatre built during the prosperous rubber era.

A view of the Anavilhanas from above.

A private Amazon boat docked up at a Mangrove.

A cruise on the Amazon, the most mythical of Brazilian rivers

Climb aboard a traditional boat and sail up the calm waters of the Amazon, the longest river in the world !
On a cruise in the Amazon, discover the unique fauna specific to this type of river with its milky waters and its hundreds of animal and plant species.

This is an ideal journey for nature lovers and animal observers who want to discover the rich wildlife of the biggest river in the world. For 3 days and 2 nights, come and enjoy an exclusive cruise in the Amazon, on a boat chartered just for you and experience the sensation of freedom felt by those who live on the water!

The trees reflect off the dark waters of the Rio Negro.

A cruise on the River Negro, in the heart of the Amazon, among the islands and the pink dolphins

Discover the dark waters of the Rio Negro on a cruise that takes you deep into the Amazon rainforest.

The Rio Negro cruise in the Amazon gives you the chance to explore Anavilhanas, the unique freshwater archipelago made up of more than 400 islands spanning nearly 90 kilometers and discover the richness of its ecosystem and the beauty of its scenery.
You will see dolphins and many other forest animals whilst you meet the local Indigenous people and live an unforgettable experience, deep in the heart of the exotic jungle. You will certainly go home with a totally new vision of nature and its true beauty.

For 4 days and 3 nights, immerse yourself in the wildest and most unspoiled part of the Brazilian Amazon along the river and other igarapés to be closer than ever to nature.

The mythical encounter of the waters, where the Solimoes and Rio Negro meet, but never mix.

A cruise from the Amazon to the Rio Negro.

Our cruise from the Amazon to the river Negro, is the chance to participate in the many activities on offer during our most comprehensive cruise. Choosing this cruise in the Amazon, will allow you to discover all the different aspects of this unique and world famous region.

On this cruise in the Amazon, you can go piranha fishing, and see the “encounter of the waters” of the Rivers Solimões and Negro. Go further on a jungle discovery walk with your guide or choose to explore the underbelly of the canopy by canoe. At night, you can set off to find caimans and other fascinating creatures who mostly stay hidden during the day!
This cruise in the Amazon lasts 6 days and 5 nights will be a complete immersion in the heart of the rainforest. Truly an extraordinary experience that you will never forget.

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