A unique opportunity to discover the magical nature of Brazil from the water!

For those who love to travel “off the beaten track”, this is an ideal formula to discover the mysteries of the Amazon and voyage down the most impressive river in the world!

For budding explorers, nature lovers, or those searching for the most original experiences, a trip to Brazil has to include a cruise in the Amazon. With our packages starting from 3 days and 2 nights, the treasures of the largest river in the world and the unique ecosystem that surrounds it will be at your fingertips aboard a comfortably equipped, traditional regional boat.

On our Amazon river cruise, you will encounter extraordinary landscapes that great explorers like Francisco de Orellana or more recently Mike Horn crossed in their time. You will be safely carried along by the calm waters winding through the jungle for nearly 7000kms; a rich environment with unequalled diversity. Moreover you can enjoy more freedom in that some limitations of travelling by land will disappear! You will discover an exceptional environment, one of the few places that is not yet fully mapped out by Man! A lush forest, and a true ecological paradise populated with millions of animal and plant species, our Amazon river cruise will amaze and leave a lasting impression on you with its natural beauty.

In addition to discovering the fabulous panoramas of the Amazon and its main river, this Amazon river cruise is the perfect opportunity to acquire new knowledge about this complex and largely unknown environment. Indeed, a specialized guide will accompany you throughout this adventure and will be happy to answer your questions. He will also suggest a program of outings ranging from boat trips to visiting a native village to further enrich your knowledge of the Amazonian environment. In the same way that the forest changes with the seasons, he will adapt his activities according to the possibilities of the season and the moment.

While on the water and during the various excursions that will be proposed, you will discover some of the forest’s inhabitants such as the troops of monkeys or the multicoloured macaws. You may even encounter a pod of “botos” – the famous pink dolphins, who will come close to your boat and maybe swim along with you for a while, a real highlight of the trip!

On the Amazon River Cruise
The meeting of the waters
The way of life of the Caboclos
Piranha fishing
A visit to see the giant water lilies

Map showing Manaus in relation to the Amazon river.

Amazon river Cruise – Itinerary at a glance 

•Private transfer from the airport to the Tropical Eco Resort.
•A night in a double room at the Tropical Eco Resort.

•The cruise over 3 days and 2 nights (starting Monday at 14:00 and ending Wednesday at 12:00) in a traditional boat, in a double cabin (8 cabins with private bathrooms), with full board (except drinks, not incl. water) with all the described excursions included. The boat staff are a pilot, 3 sailors, an English speaking guide and a cook.
•1 private transfer from the port to the airport
•1 private and guided tour of Manaus.

An Amazon river cruise aboard a traditional boat for a vacation combining comfort with a total change of scenery!

Note : This cruise only takes place from Monday to Wednesday each week.

 This includes both the standard category and the premium.

After your flight arrives at Eduardo Gomes International Airport, and a night at the hotel, your morning will be spent exploring the historic centre of Manaus with a guide. Then, you will embark directly from the port of Manaus for a departure at 2:00 p.m.

Your Amazon river cruise will take place on a typical Amazonian style boat comprising of individual cabins, all equipped with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Whether you want to go on this adventure as a couple, with your family or with a group of friends, we will choose the boats that best suit your requirements so that you can enjoy this exceptional moment in the best conditions.

While sitting on the panoramic rooftop terrace, you will be able to relax and observe the river banks and see crocodiles, monkeys, parrots or sloths. The flowing rhythm of the river, calm and relaxing, will be a perfect setting to take the time to soak up the special charm of the Amazon.

This Amazon river cruise is a perfect way to discover the authentic and wild side of the largest tropical forest in the world, populated by hundreds of animal species it is a true ecological sanctuary. Punctuated by bird song from the thick surrounding jungle, your trip on the river is sure to be full of special moments. It’s a time to relax and soak up the sweet serenity that emanates from the spectacle of tropical wildlife.

Basic cabin on the Amazon river cruise vessel.

A cruise enhanced by excursions into the jungle to discover the abundant wildlife

The Amazon is one of the regions of the world where the word “biodiversity” really takes on its true meaning.

Here on the banks of the river there are thousands of animals and plants creating a unique ecosystem in perfect harmony with the environment, another world.

During the Amazon river cruise, you will delve deeper into this unique biotope while on a canoe trip along the river. It will be a chance to go with your guide and meet the people who have learned to survive in this hostile environment by living off the treasures of the forest, cassava roots, for example are widely used for food and medicine. Another typical activity suggested on the cruise is piranha fishing. A famous inhabitant of these waters, you can enjoy your catch at dinner time!

You will also go on a visit to January Park. You’ll be able to admire the lake with its Victoria Reginas, these fascinating water lilies that can grow to more than a metre in diameter and hold the weight of a small child!

At nightfall, a new show begins with the breathtaking illumination of the starry sky, revealing millions of stars that the artificial lights of our modern world normally conceal. In these remote places, you can contemplate the night sky as seen by our ancestors before the advent of electricity. Add to this the sweet concerto of the nocturnal animals and all the ingredients will be in place for an exhilarating multi-sensory experience.

Finally, your trip may offer you a special gift, a chance to meet the pink Amazonian dolphins,  friendly mammals that you can get close to for a truly magical moment!

One of the giant water lilies on the Amazon river.

A Must Visit – Amazon’s largest city

On your Amazon river cruise, you will witness the famous phenomenon of the “Encounter of the Waters”, where the waters of the dark Rio Negro meet the muddy waters of the Rio Solimoes.

This spectacle takes place near Manaus and you will see the waters of the two rivers meeting but never mixing and forming extraordinary multi-coloured whirlpools in the water.

When you arrive at the Port of Manaus late in the morning on the last day of the cruise, a guide will be waiting to take you on a tour of the historic centre of this unique city built in the heart of the jungle.

Building Manaus was a true challenge to Man in terms of the local surroundings and the isolation of the location. The largest city in the Amazon, famous for its magnificent opera house in the middle of the jungle and its floating docks, Manaus is a real showcase of Western influence and presence in the area. Walking through its streets you will discover some of its history and from its fruit stalls you can taste some of the rare and exotic fruits of this region.

"The encounter of the waters"

Detailed Itinerary – Amazon River Cruise

Day 1 (Sunday) : Manaus In

Arrival at the Manaus international airport, Private transfer and night at the Tropical Eco Resort hotel.

A very colourful building in Manaus.

Day (Monday) : Manaus – Amazon River Cruise

Morning, a Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

A private tour of Manaus with a driver and English speaking guide (3 to 4 hours). You will get a closer look at the monuments that have made Manaus famous. There is the Amazonas Theatre, the Mercado Municipal, and the ver – o – peso. You will discover a little history of a city which represented one of the greatest challenges of Brazilian colonization.

Free time for lunch.

At 2:00 pm, a crew member from the boat will pick you up at the Tropical Hotel lobby to show you to the boarding jetty where the boat will be waiting.

On embarking you will be invited to a welcome drink and a briefing on the cruise’s itinerary and the services on board the boat.

The cruise begins by crossing the Rio Negro around Manaus to reach a waterway that joins the main tributary of the Amazon, the Rio Solimoes. At this moment you will see the “encounter of the waters” phenomenon. You will then go upstream towards Janauaca Lake, (where you will spend the night).

After a snack, there will be a group meeting in the livingroom and a talk about the Amazon which will cover ecology in particular, all while the boat sails on along the river.

Dinner is served on board around 19:00 (a full board cruise, except drinks).

After dinner, a night excursion is organized in canoes to spot the wildlife with powerful torches: crocodiles, snakes, owls, frogs and sloths, the jungle will come alive before you.

One of the many stalls in Manaus selling fresh fruit.

The trees of one of the mangroves on the Amazon river reflect of the dark waters.

Some of the diverse Amazonian wildlife.

Day 3 (Tuesday) : Amazon River Cruise

In the early morning, you will wake up at dawn on the Lake Janauaca and set off on a canoe trip into the awakening forest. You will see an array of amazing and colourful birds and enjoy the company of some pink dolphins, if they happen to be in the area.

You will then return to the boat for breakfast, followed by a walk in the forest.

The day’s activities continue with a visit to the local inhabitants of the lake. The “Ribeirinhos”  live from fishing, cassava and rubber cultivation, fruits, wood and other products derived from the forest.

Fishing for piranhas in the late afternoon is not only for fishing enthusiasts, it is also an excellent time when the sun is cooler and you can watch the many multicoloured birds flying in the sunset, a dreamlike view.

After dinner, another night canoe trip is proposed to observe more wildlife but also to admire the millions of stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere.

An artistic snapshot of the Amazon river at dusk.

One of the houses on stilts along the banks of the Amazon river.

Day 4 (Wednesday) : Amazon River Cruise – Manaus

At Sunrise, a final excursion is organized to observe the birds and the flora with the chance of seeing some Victoria Regia, the giant water lilies, in the January ecological park.

The tour is by canoe through the mysterious flooded forest and is punctuated by strategic stops to observe the wildlife in the trees and in the water.

Return for breakfast on the boat that will start sailing to the “Meeting of Waters“. This natural phenomenon at the confluence between the two rivers forming the Amazon offers a unique spectacle where the milky water of the river Solimoes meets the dark water of the Rio Negro without mixing for many kilometres.

Then it’s time to return to the pier at the Tropical Hotel. On the way you will see a part of the city spread out in front of you along the shore, including houses on stilts, floating docks, the municipal market Adolfo Lisboa, the old customs house and the Opera dome, arriving back at 11:30.

End of the cruise.

Transfer to airport or if you choose to extend your stay you are taken to  reception to check in.

End of our services.

The giant water lilies of the Amazon.

"The mysterious encounter of the waters" that form the Amazon river.

Amazon River Cruise –  Accommodation

Hotel Tropical (Standard & Superior)

If you like to be accommodated in an all-inclusive resort-type setting, then the Tropical Hotel which is only 15 minutes from the airport and on the banks of the Taruma River will suit you well. It is the largest and most comprehensive hotel resort in Manaus, surrounded by a lush park with various sports fields, activity clubs and swimming pools. The 611 hotel rooms offer high level services and range from basic rooms to a luxury duplex apartment with terrace and private pool on the roof.

Above all, it’s particularly suitable for this cruise package on the Amazon, as it has a private port from where your boat can pick you up.

An interesting address for travellers who wish to stay outside the town centre, or those who want to stay for several days and especially for families wanting to avail of the facilities. It is also perfect for those only here for a short stay as they will save transport time.

A beautifully decorated room in Hotel Tropical Resort Manaus.

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $970 /pers 4 persons $904 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1290 /pers 4 persons $1224 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not a quote.