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You want to discover the secrets of the Amazon jungle without giving up your habitual comforts?

Stay in a Brazil Amazon lodge, these small hotels built in the heart of this green labyrinth it’s without doubt one of the best ways to be as close as possible to this fantastic biodiversity in the largest tropical forest in the world. These modest sized structures allow for a better understanding of this amazingly rich ecosystem with a guide throughout your stay in this wonderful place. Brazil Selection has selected a wide variety of activities and options, from the most luxurious to the most lost in the jungle but always of high quality, to meet the most varied of wishes!

Discover our different packages for lodges

Discover our different packages for lodges

An adventurous stay in the heart of the Amazon: The lodge

Whether on the shores of the lakes or the Amazon and its tributaries or more set back on the mainland, the concern of integration into the landscape is a constant for these hotels at the end of the world.

The  exclusivity and the isolated location of the typical Brazil Amazon lodge will delight those people concerned about independence, comfort and space. The excursion timetable is flexible, and is planned depending on the weather conditions and the season.

The architecture and location of these lodges are varied to adapt to all types of travelers. Some will appreciate the tree cabins that give you the feeling of living in harmony with the local fauna and flora. Others will prefer the so called « charming » bungalows equipped with all the modern comforts. For those who don’t want to be too far from Manaus or wish better facilities for young children there are also good options.

Finally, the lodges we have selected are all built with the preservation of their surroundings in mind, the architecture and decoration are directly inspired from the local natural habitat.

All the lodges we have selected offer an interesting option for those looking for good conditions in which to appreciate the beauty and diversity of this natural sanctuary known as the Amazon forest.

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Lots of activities to have both a fun and educational stay

You want your vacation to include activities where you actively participate, wonder at the natural surroundings and learn lots of new things?

Well you will love these few days where guides will accompany you on the excursions and combine interest and exploration throughout your stay. Also, if you come all the way into the middle of the Amazon, it would be a shame not to visit the regional capital of Manaus and its incredible heritage. There are some beautiful buildings in the historical centre, dating back to the rich rubber making times of the XIXth century such as the famous Amazonas theatre and the CIGS, the zoo where you can get close up to some of the rarer animals such as the shy tapir or the jaguar.

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Juma lodge cabin stilts

Juma Lodge : a hotel perched in the foliage

Are you an explorer at heart ? then this is your dream destination ! This plain but comfortable group of bungalows perched on stilts and linked by wooden bridges up in the trees lives with the levels of the river.

You will spend an unforgettable few days in this Brazil Amazon lodge, surrounded by jungle, in the heart of the forest, totally immersed in the largest tropical forest in the world ! built out of local materials and equipped with solar panels and ecological facilities, the Juma Lodge offers a perfect compromise between traditional charm and modern comforts.It is majestically located on the banks of the river and sleeps in the dry season but has its feet in the water the rest of the year, In the middle of the forest 3 hours from Manaus. It is so isolated that the transfer is an adventure in itself, first by boat then by vehicle and then another boat from which you can see the famous ‘encounter of the waters’ where the dark waters of the river Negro mix slowly with the clearer waters of the River Solimoes to form the Amazon !

Amazonie piscine Anavilhanas lodge piscine

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

In the heart of the Anavilhanas islands, 3 hours from Manaus, there is the Anavilhanas jungle lodge, probably  the best Brazil Amazon lodgeIt is a luxury lodge and offers the most comfortable facilities you can find for a stay in the Amazon.

Each bungalow has top quality installations satisfying the most exigent of customers, as well as a large bay window opening onto a veranda facing the extraordinary virgin forest. It is a choice destination for a luxury stay in the Amazon or for a honey moon.
For 4 days and 3 nights or more, adventure into the most wild and conserved parts of the Brazilian Amazon along the rivers and other igarapes to get closer to nature and its wonders.

plage Amazone eco park

The Amazon Eco Park lodge

Is an ideal place for travelers looking for a more classic location. It’s a good choice for young ones with lots of different activities for those with little time as the transfer is only an hour from Manaus.

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