A unique experience to discover the Amazon, without giving up your usual comforts.

The Amazon Ecopark jungle lodge complex is located in the Amazonian forest in the Manaus region. Here you will enjoy comfortable and original accommodation, with authentic charm, but also with a modern structure and facilities. Making this Amazonian getaway a unforgettable stage of your stay in Brazil. Thanks to this important infrastructure, it is the ideal lodge for large families with adjoining rooms, which can accommodate up to 4 single beds and for people who prefer short transfers or who don’t have a lot of time.

Opened in 1995, the Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge was initially both a scientific and tourist complex. A place where travelers could add to their knowledge of the Amazon while passing a relaxing moment in the wonderful surroundings of the Amazonian environment.

Access to the lodge is easy, regardless of your passenger profile. You take a vehicle to reach the banks of the river Negro from where you go up the river by boat to the River Tarumã. During this 1 hr. journey, you will have the time to amae at the beauty and size of this environment where everything is bigger, more exuberant and more colorful than anywhere else.

On site, you will discover behind the sandy beach that borders the river a vast area with small buildings housing common rooms and facilities. The bildings are designed to combine the exotic with the practical.

Just close by is the “Floresta dos Macacos” a forest of monkeys, an area intended to preserve and reintroduce monkeys that have been poached. Here you can meet these inhabitants of the Amazon, accompanied by guides and specialists from the centre.

A walk in the forest to discover the variety of landscapes and acquire some local botanical knowledge thanks to the good advice of the guides of the lodge, or a night out in a canoe, or the visit of the home of a Ribeirinho (native) or fishing piranhas, all these activities will be proposed to you in this package. You will also have the opportunity to swim in the vast natural pools in the park or to enjoy the beach and the facilities dedicated to relaxation.

The Amazon Ecopark is the right choice if you are looking for facilities for a standard budget, not too “exotic” and which offers the facilities of the traditional hotel industry. In an more accessible environment than our other addresses, this lodge is also the ideal choice for families with young children.

Discover what’s in the Amazon Eco Park

A lodge in the forest but near Manaus
An ideal set-up for famillies with children
The monkey forest
The Encounter of the waters


About our Amazon Eco Park package:

  • A private transfer from the airport to the Tropical hotel
  •  A night in a standard double room at the Tropical hotel
  • Transfers to and from Manaus
  •  A private transfer to the airport
  •  A 2 night stay with full board (drinks not incl.)
  • The excursions mentioned in the program
  • 1 private and guided visit of Manaus

Enjoy a fabulous stay at the Amazon Eco Park lodge

To reach the Amazon Eco Park, you have to take the boat from Manaus on the Rio Negro and go up the Taruma River.

This one hour trip will give you the opportunity to discover the Brazilian jungle from a new perspective. Your Amazon adventure begins here, in the heart of the forest, for a stopover in the most virgin part of nature!

However, for many travelers, mostly urban ones, being in the midst of one of the wildest and most extreme environments on the planet can be a source of some apprehension. This is where the Amazon Ecopark makes the difference. Unlike others who play the card of maximum integration into the wilderness, it offers a compromise by offering a place where the balance between integration and management is more evident. Thus, thanks to facilities that may be less “exotic” or luxurious than the other lodges, it proves to be an excellent option for people wishing to discover the Amazon without going too far from Manaus, But still being in the forest.

The rooms are organized in bungalows, making it easy to reunite a family or a group of friends in the same building. A touch of exoticism is provided thanks to the local decoration, but each one is equipped with all the modern comforts of hot water, air conditioning or mosquito nets on the doors and windows. You will also discover 4 natural swimming pools and a superb private beach on the Tarumã river (note, this beach is only available part of the year due to the fluctuation of the river water between seasons).

For your catering out in the wilds, the lodge provides everything and your stay is full board (excluding drinks). At each meal, a buffet is set up in one of the large native-designed huts used as common rooms. There are international dishes as well as delicious local foods such as delicious fish like Pirarucu, Tucunaré or Tambaqui. A unique opportunity to sample dishes and other exotic fruits from the Amazon.

At the Amazon Ecopark, everything is organised so you can spend a wonderfull time in this amazing environment that surrounds you, in all tranquility.

ambiance et confort Amazon Eco Park

The lodges are the best way to discover the Amazon

The lodges are an original and relevant way to discover the Amazon which is the wildest region of Brazil.

Thanks to their isolation in the middle of the jungle, like the Amazon Eco Park lodge, you have at your disposal a large number of activities and excursions.

During the boat trip to the lodge, you can already gaze at the scenery along the banks of the river Taruma River and watch the many animals drinking on the green banks. At the lodge, you can fish for piranha that are plenty in the river here.

If you wish (optional) it is possible to meet local natives who live nearby to learn more about their culture in attending an ancestral ritual. Go on an exciting trip to listen to the night-time noises of the Amazon jungle during an unforgettable canoe trip in search of the mythical alligator and other inhabitants of the river and forest.

All around your accommodation, but not too close, you will have an endless world to explore safely thanks to the guides as the fauna and flora are so rich. So a simple walking tour to discover a unique biotope, accompanied by a guide who will share with you all the secrets of the forest, will take the form of an adventure and will remain among your most memorable memories!

Rio Negro Amazonie

Discover Manaus, the city in the heart of the jungle!

It would be a shame to come all the way to the heart of the Amazon jungle and not visit its capital bursting with the history of this region.

It contains surprises that you should devote half a day to visit.

Located at the confluence of the River Negro and the River Solimoes, it is from this city that the giant river adopts its name of Amazon. From the earliest days of the Amazonian colonization, Manaus became a meeting point and trading place from which all the products of the jungle were sent to Belém and then to the four corners of the world. The development of this city is therefore linked to the importance of the tropical forest produce transported to Europe and then from the end of the nineteenth century across the world with the explosion of the rubber trade. This material, indispensable to the automobile industry, was in constant demand and so created permanent growth and fortune of the city during its golden age.

The imposing Amazonas theatre is the best witness to such splendor. The city’s elite could afford the luxury of bringing the best entertainment shows from Europe to entertain them in the heart of the jungle and so didn’t have anything to envy of the then capital of Rio de Janeiro. It was thanks to the benefactors at this time that Manaus owes its present reputation, because after the the borasha (rubber) crisis the city fell into oblivion and despite many economic recovery plans of the twentieth century, it never recovered its prosperity of yesteryear.

During a tour of the historic city included in this package, you will discover the monuments and squares of this era, a perfect scenario to imagine the city once called the “Paris of the Tropics”, at the height of its fleeting glory.

monuments et places de cette époque, un scénario parfait pour imaginer celle qui fut appelé un temps la “Paris des tropiques”, au sommet de sa gloire éphémère.

Manaus vue du fleuve

Detailled program of the Amazon Eco Park Jungle to Manaus package

The transfers to and from the lodge are not private, all the others are, with a local driver, during your stay at the Lodge, meals are included (except drinks) from lunch on day 2 to breakfast on day 3. The excursions from the lodge are not private but are with professional guides.

Day 1: Manaus/ in

Arrival of your flight in Manaus, A chauffeur drives you to your hotel.

During thetransfer you can see the suburbs of the Amazonian capital and the omnipresence of the vegetation. Each parcel of abandoned land is covered with dense jungle and the relentless moisture leaves its mark on all structures that are not freshly painted. You realise the challenge to the Men who chose to settle in this region where the tropical climate with alternating heat and torrential rains tests the structures which require permanent maintenance. An interesting insight into the daily life of Brazilians living in the heart of the world’s largest rainforest.

On arrival at the hotel you can check-in settle into your room.

Overnight stay.

Manaus maisons colorées

Day 2 : Manaus – Amazon Ecopark

8H00: After a Brazilian buffet breakfast where you will discover the local fruit-based specialties such as Açai, Buriti or Cupuaçu, you will find a guide waiting for you at the reception of the hotel.

They will take you on a private visit of the historical center and the main monuments of the city for about 3H30.

You will discover in particular the Amazonas Theater, the famous rococo / neo-classical opera house which is a symbol of the city, the Rio Negro Palace and the port Market where all the products of Amazonia are sold and bought.

During this visit you will take in the wealth of the city during its glorious rubber era from the end of the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century. The historical center is a witness to this sumptuous period and if the Theater is undoubtedly the masterpiece, each small square and adjacent lane conceals little secrets in their ancient stones. You will also appreciate the economic role of Manaus for the whole of the Brazilian Amazon. The harbor is a true anthill that never sleeps and a witness to the wealth of resources extracted from the forest and the countless rivers that cross it.

Return to the hotel where, at 12:00, a vehicle from the lodge picks you up to take you back to the lodge.

After an hour or so (depending on the hotel from which you leave) on land and then by water, you will arrive at the lodge.

A buffet lunch at the lodge and then a little time to relax in your room. In the afternoon, you can do one of the activities organized by the lodge’s guides. (See day 3)

Dinner at the lodge.



Day 3 : Amazon Ecopark

You will enjoy a full breakfast that includes Brazilian classics (bread, ham, cheese, cake and coffee) as well as local products with fruits and other forest produce with a thousand new and delicious flavors.
During the whole day, the team organizing your stay will propose you different possible activities:

– A walking tour along the paths traced through the lodge’s property to discover the different local ecosystems and learn to recognize some useful plants for survival in the jungle. (Between 1 and 3 hours depending on the physical form of the participants)

From the traditional tropical forest and its immense trees to the swampy marshy areas and the little known Amazonian savannah also essential to the local life,you will explore all the complexity of a very varied ecosystem. A maelstrom of totally new shapes, colors, smells and sounds that will remind you how rich and diversified the wild life really is.

– A visit to the monkey rehabilitation center at the lodge, the “Monkey Forest”, which since 1991 has recovered animals saved from poaching and trafficking. Thanks to the partnership with the lodge, the place is accessible exclusively to the guests of the lodge, accompanied by professionals, for an interesting and safe visit. (About 1 hour)

Just a few steps away from the lodge, you will discover a “refuge” that houses dozens of different species of monkeys and allows you to learn about some of the dozens of local species with various characteristics and cries. Inside the center, you can encounter these primates in total freedom in their natural environment.

– The visit of the house of a Caboclo, a local resident of the forest.

These mixed-ethnic people come from natives who inhabit the banks of the rivers and who use the ancestral techniques of the forest mixed with the modern tools of Europeans. You will discover in particular how the manioc flour is made, the food base of the inhabitants of the Amazon basin.

– Fishing for piranha and other local fish. (About 1 hour)

A fun excursion during which, like a local inhabitant, you can learn how to fish for your food from the river.

– A night canoe trip along the Igarape (waterway) (with a guide, not private). A unique opportunity to quietly sail along the water and listen to the sounds of wildlife and contemplate the beauty of the forest plunged into dusk.

Lunch and dinner at the lodge buffet.

canoe dans les Igarapes


forêt des singes


Day 4 : Amazon Ecopark – Manaus

Breakfast served in the lodge restaurant.

You pack your bags before enjoying the rest of the morning in the park with its natural swimming pools hammocks and the beach.

Check out at 11H00.

Departure to return to Manaus at 11H30.

Arrival around 12h 30 at the airport or at the hotel of your choice.

End of our services.


Our accommodations for the Amazon Eco Park Tour

Hotel Saint Paul (standard)

The hotel Saint Paul is a plain establishment which seduced us with all the qualities that it brings together. Conveniently located in the heart of Manaus, less than 500m from the Amazonas Theater, in the historical quarter, it is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the city without constraint.

You will find modern, functional and comfortable rooms, perfect for a pleasant short stay. Some are equipped with a mini-kitchenette (suite category) and some offer a view of the famous theater, adding a touch of romance to your stay. To this you can add excellent value for money. A perfect place for those who want to discover and live in the center of Manaus.


Hotel Tropical Manaus Ecoresort (Superior)

The Tropical Eco resort, set on the edge of the jungle, just outside the city, is the hotel offering the highest level of amenities in the Amazonian capital. There are lots of activities. From a visit to the hotel’s zoo featuring 22 local emblematic species, archery, ball games, a vast pool with wet bar and more!

Despite this imposing infrastructure, the Tropical Eco resort remains a pleasant place to stay and is calm as well planned out. You remember the comfort and forget the size.

A hotel preferred by travelers looking for superior facilities, families wishing to spend a few days in Manaus, and all those not wishing to stay in the city and wanting to be closer to the jungle.

unspecified 6

Amazon Ecopark Jungle lodge

The Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is set in a large estate in an idyllic wild setting on the banks of the Taruma River. It has an important infrastructure with no less than 70 rooms classified in 3 categories (standard, superior and superior “plus”). They are organised in wooden bungalows made of modern materials with 3 apartments with balconies and a bungalow with accesses and facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. Each room is decorated in a style that combines the modern with the rustic, giving pride of place to local materials and designs, for a stay combining picturesque and modern comforts (hot shower, air-conditioning).

On the infrastructure side, there are Malocas (large indigenous huts with roofs typical of the region) where you will find everything you need: restaurant, bar, relaxation areas with deck chairs and hammocks or a game room , But also a private beach on the Rio Taruma and four natural swimming pools as well as a study center for wild animals. Not to mention the many walks in the forest with bilingual guides from the lodge. They will teach you to recognize medicinal plants and wild animals in a safe environment, ideal for a family stay with children.

Amazonie Bungalow Amazon eco park

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $646 /pers 4 persons $594 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $728 /pers 4 persons $676 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote