Discover the Juma lodge and enter into communion with the largest tropical forest in the world!

You have always dreamt of watching up close the amazing life that fills the jungle, well imagine doing it from a wooden bridge perched up in the trees, and rocked by the birds songs and melodies of other jungle inhabitants! this is what we suggest for this stage of your Brazilian holiday. Discover the Juma Lodge, suspended in the trees in the heart of the Amazon forest, 100 km from Manaus, the Brazilian Amazon capital !

A stay in this lodge right in the Amazon jungle  is a particularly interesting option if you want to be really close to the wild nature. Its isolated location in the jungle, far from roads and only accessible by river, makes it a true hideaway in the untouched jungle. A unique and privileged place, on the river Juma, which is an ideal starting point for guided trips in canoes, boats or on foot, proposed daily by this true jungle hotel.

The Juma Lodge is no ordinary lodge: It goes further than most in its integration into the surroundings with a wooden structure perched on stilts to give you a unique experience of being part of the jungle. You will sleep in picturesque huts made of traditional materials perched up in the trees, linked by a network of suspended walkways and observation points.

Although the general image seems a little basic even indigenous with the traditional roofs, the public facilities as well as the bedrooms have been made by local craftsmen and are remarkably comfortable. Decorated with ethnic taste, offering and ideal mixture of modern needs and ecological awareness, this place offers you the chance to live your jungle dream without giving up your modern comforts.

Thanks to the many suspended walkways, you can wander through the foliage at more than 15 m above the ground, just like many local animals that spend most of their life at this level. A privileged and unique occasion, where you can observe close up what others will only see through binoculars! Add to that an ideal location on the Juma river bank from where you can watch the water animals and also see the fabulous sunsets on the water.

The Juma Lodge, is a privileged and unique way to discover and live the Amazon experience, in a magical atmosphere where discovering the jungle and your comfort are our priorities.

 In the stay at Juma Lodge
discover :
A unique lodge in the trees in the jungle
A fascinating walk to access
Original and authentic excursions
from the lodge

Map of juma lodge

About our The Juma Lodge package

  • A private transfer to the airport and the hotel in ManausA night in a double room at the hotel in Manaus
  • The transfers between Manaus and the Juma Lodge
  • A private transfer to the airport
  • A full board and stay in a bungalow with a forest view (drinks not incl.)
  • The excursions mentioned in the program
  • 1 private and guided visit of Manaus

Visit the Juma lodge the heart of the Amazon jungle

Juma Lodge sits on a shore in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, some 100 kms south of Manaus, in a completely preserved and protected area of 7000 hectares of tropical jungle.

To reach it, it is therefore a true excursion of discovery of the region that awaits you!

Starting out from the Amazonian capital, you will first have to reach the other side of the gigantic confluence between the Rivers Negro and Solimões that is about 6 kms wide. You will cross this one from side to the other and so admire the disconcerting phenomenon of the “meeting of the waters” between the two rivers.

When the two rivers meet, one black and translucent and the other beige and opaque, they flow side by side, without mixing, for tens of kilometers and ultimately form the bed of the biggest and widest river in the world.

Then it’s through the forest on a second boat that you will continue the journey to join the Juma Lodge. During this journey, you will get your first impressions of this unusual environment. You will also realize how isolated this ecological establishment is and which recycles all its waste and transports them to Manaus. This true hotel in the middle of the Brazilian jungle has indeed been designed to operate in total autonomy.

6a- Bangalô com vista para o Rio Juma (época da seca dos rios)

Live your Amazon adventure in total immersion and sleep in a hut perched 15 meters off the ground!

The Juma Lodge has 20 bungalows linked together and to the commun areas by suspended walkways over 10m high in the trees on the edge of the Juma lake.

It is a small establishment on a human scale far away from the mass tourism that can be found elsewhere. Here, all the staff, from the receptionists to the professional guides who organize the daily excursions, are dedicated to making your stay as smooth and as convivial as possible.

All the bungalows are made from local materials, combined with just the right amount of modern materials. This perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology, such as solar hot water, traditional techniques for braiding and roofing adds a touch of authenticity to the hotel’s cachet while preserving the comfort of visitors. They all have a private bathroom and a terrace with a hammock that overlooks the forest for the standard category (4 units) or on the lake for the upper category (16 units). We prefer the latter one for travelers using our services, however, as the standards are grouped a little apart, they also form an interesting solution for large families.

Due to the isolation of the lodge, the stay is of course with full board (except drinks). It is the perfect opportunity to discover tasty local cuisine and specialties from the river and forest with indigenous and exotic names such as tucumã, tambaqui or pirarucu.

The Juma Lodge offers a full program of activities such as guided walks in the forest both by night and day to enjoy every moment spent in this exceptional place. Also you will better understand it and so be able to protect it better too.

Among the activities, you can learn to fish for piranas the way the locals do with a simple fish hook, a line and a little bate. A fun activity that you can also eat! As the meat of these very teethy fish is actually very tasty!

Also on the menu, canoe trips along the river and depending on the season along the Igarapes, these small water ways through the forest or through the Igapo or flooded forest. There are also trip day and night to see the magnificent local flora and fauna. Don’t miss the night trip along the river to see the jacare (caimans) that come out at dusk. Thrills are guaranteed in all safety of course!

There is also a conference on the life in the forest and lots more activities to enjoy! Attention, the guides adapt the trips and activities to the circumstances such as the time of year, what is possible at a given time and obviously your wishes, to hopefully offer you the best in this amazing place!

Juma Lodge

Complete your discovery of the Amazon with a guided tour to uncover all the secrets of Manaus

It would be a shame to just pass through Manaus and not take the time to visit this town so rich in history and mystery.

This is why we also suggest a visit to the historic town centre with a guide for about 3hrs.

This is an ideal way for people with little time to discover a town that was once known as the ‘Paris of America’ when the trade in Boracha (rubber) from the jungle was in full swing and the town prospered. During this full sight seeing tour, you will be amazed by the exceptional historical heritage of this region, going back to the times of the seringueiros, the rubber harvesters that became rich at the end of the XIXth century. Especially the incredible Amazonas theatre with its decorations and works of art imported from Europe which is the town’s main attraction, but also the large covered port market and also the rich palaces and bourgeois mansions that have been renovated in the town centre.

You can also visit the zoo or the research centre for the protection of the Amazon Forest.

théatre Amazonas Manaus

A detailed Program of your stay in the Juma Lodge

The stay at the lodge is full board (drinks not incl.) from lunch on the 2nd day to breakfast on the 4th day. The transfer from the airport to the hotel is private. All other transfers and excursions are for 8 to 10 persons (non private). All the guides mentioned in the program speak English.

Day 1 : Manaus

After landing at the Eduardo Gomes international airport, you will find a driver waiting to take you to your hotel.

On the way you can begin to discover the town of Manaus and its paradoxes. Lost in the middle of the jungle, it is still one of the big manufacturing centres in Brazil. Indeed since the establishment of a free zone to incite businesses to invest the local economy has started developing once again.

Arrival and night at the hotel.


Jour 2 : Manaus- Juma lodge

At 7h00, you will come to the hotel restaurant for your buffet breakfast.
From 07h30 on (the time varies depending on where your hotel is situated) the lodge shuttle (non private) will pick you up and take you to the port*.

Here you will bord a boat to cross the river Amazon passing the Encounter of the waters phenomenon (about 1hr) if you put your hand in the water on both sides of the boat you will feel the difference in temperature between the milky waters of the river Solimoes and the dark waters of the river Negro. You arrive the other side and take a vehicle to the banks of the river Juma. Here you climb aboard another boat and follow the river Juma that snakes up into the forest to the lodge.

11h00 – Arrival at the Juma Lodge, a welcoming regional fruit juice is offered after your trip and before you are shown round the lodge.

At midday, lunch is served and it’s time to taste the regional and international buffet in the hotel restaurant with a fantastic view of the majestic Amazon river.

Around 15h00, after a little time to digest and enjoy the facilities with hammocks swinging in the wind, you will set of for a ride in a rowing boat to row down the river under the jungle canopy.

An ideal moment to soak up the serene atmosphere of the place and where you can see and especially hear a few animals going about their daily lives.

From 19h00, dinner based on delicious local specialties and served as a buffet at the lodge. It’s the time to exchange first impressions of this green sanctuary that this forest conjures up, with family or friends or other visitors and the professionals that live here, always pleased to share their knowledge!

At 20h00, the guides will propose a night excursion in canoes to observe the small caimans that come out to hunt at dusk. The guide shines his lamp on an alligator which is instantly paralysed. Its eyes become red in the light and so reveals where it is. The guide captures the alligator and brings it onboard so you can see it close up and listen to his explanations. The guide then lets the animal go.

During this trip by the light of the moon and electric lamps, you will discover a new dimension to the Brazilian jungle, at dusk and in the shadows shinehundreds of little lights that are surprised by the guides’ sudden lights. You will see the amazing quantity of nightlife in tis forest that never sleeps. .

*Transfer service in the afternoon, leaving the airport at 13h30 at the latest (pick-up times vary according to the place) and arrival at the Juma Lodge end of afternoon. Important: this option doesn’t include the first breakfast and canot ride. Deprture at 13h30 at the latest; if your flight is delayed, you must spend the night in Manaus and be transferred the next day.



Hamacs Juma lodge


Day 3 : Juma Lodge

You will rise before dawn to leave at about 5h00 for a sunrise walk in the forest.

After seeing the forest and river by day and by night you will discover a third dimension to the Amazon forest. The light at this time of day when the sunrises and covers everything in a golden aura.

Around 7h00, you are back at the lodge for breakfast.

8h30 – For those who wish, an excursion into the jungle.

During the excursion, the guide will show you some tips on how to survive in the jungle and show you some edible and medicinal plants, also how to shelter and protect yourself from wild animals.… a true lesson in indigenous life in the forest plus the encounter of an amazingly complex ecosystem !

Back at the lodge, lunch based on local and international cuisine served as a buffet.

At 14h30, after a little rest, the guides organize a short walk in the hotel surroundings.

For those who wish, at 15h00, it’s time to go piranha fishing.

You will fish like the Riberinhos, the Amazonians living on the banks of the local rivers, you will fish with a simple line, mounted on a steel wire equipped with a big hook to resist the teeth of these ferocious fish.

Once the fish bites you will have fun fighting him into submission and will surely enjoy tasting your catch!

Around 19h00, dinner is served in the restaurant. A last chance to enjoy eating the delights found in the heart of this jungle.

At 20h00, one of the native guides will give a conference in which he will go over his life’s path and it’s close relation with the Amazon forest and it’s inhabitants.



Amazonie communautés indiennes

Day 4 : Juma Lodge – Manaus/ out

From 07h00 a buffet breakfast is served at the Juma lodge. For the last time ou will enjoy the delicious forest fruits and local produce. Then it’s time to pack your bags, leave your room and go to the jetty where your return boat awaits you.

At 8h30, It’s time to head off back to Manaus.

Along the river and then by road, amid the dense vegetation you will have a last chance to admre the majestic beauty of the forest. All the highlights that you have experienced at the Juma Lodge will settle as memories in your mind, indelible traces of an exceptional stay.

You will arrive in Manaus before 12:00

After lunch a guide will show you around the town centre during a private tour of about 3hrs.

During this visit, you will discover the secrets of the main monuments in this town, the Theatre, but also other amazing buildings such as the cultural centre – Palacio Rio Negro, a beautiful mansion of the XXth century once owned by one of the “rubber barons”. You will also see some of the elegants squares created at the same prosperous time. Finally you will visite the big covered market and its famous fish market where you will find some giants of the Amazon such as the pirarucu, the largest fish in the Amazon, the tucunare, the surubim, the strange aruana the the famous tambaqui with human like teeth.

At the end of the visit, transfer to the airport or to one of the hotels in town.

End of our services.

Amazonie forêt inondée

façade théatre Amazonas

Our accommodations in Manaus for the Juma lodge Tour

Hotel Saint Paul (standard)

Located in a new building right in the centre of Manaus, Hotel Saint Paul is the ideal place for travelers looking for a simple and functional room with no frills but still modern and comfortable. Its privileged location only 500m from the city’s biggest monument is another asset.

Some rooms even have a view of the famous Theatre, giving a glamorous setting to your stay as soon as night falls. The suites have kitchenettes (sink, fridge and micro-wave) which can be very useful.

If you wish to enjoy the town centre with its restaurants and other services, this is the best option. The hotel Saint Paul is also our best price in Manaus.

chambre lit double hotel saint paul Manaus

Hotel Tropical Manaus Ecoresort (superior)

Located out of town, on the banks of the river Taruma, and about 10km from the airport, the Tropical Eco resort  is a large hotel with all the necessary services that even the most exigent tourists want. Surrounded by a park full of trees, its spacious rooms that are nicely decorated are a true nest to relax in a get a good nights sleep. From single rooms to a duplex appartment, you will surely find something to suit you. Lots of entertainment, a large pool with a wet bar and activity clubs for adults and children, mean without getting bored but also relax while discovering this amazing city. An interesting option for people with children and for those looking for top quality, but also for longer stays to relax and sunbathe under the Amazonian sun !

Chambre de luxe hotel tropical Manaus

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $999 /pers 4 persons $942 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1066 /pers 4 persons $1009 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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