“The City of mango trees”

Discover the gates of the Amazon and Pará!

Located in the vast bay of Marajó, at the entrance to the Amazon, the city of Belém is unique and one of the main attractions on a trip to Northern Brazil. It seems to emerge from the lush forest that largely covers the state of Pará. The “city of mango trees”, (which derives its nickname from the profusion of mango trees planted in the nineteenth century to revitalize the city and provide some shade) is a city of over 1.5 million people and is a centerpiece of Brazilian historical heritage.

This tropical capital guarantees exotic cultural visits, including Belle Époque curiosities, splendid testimonies of the city’s lucrative exploitation of rubber. Belém is above all a trading town that has developed thanks to the maritime trade of forest products. This is a point of passage for merchants around the world because it is the only place where you can meet all the riches of the Amazon. With your guide, you will stroll through its vast port to reach the largest indoor market in Latin America, a cosmopolitan place and a real journey of the senses for lovers of exotic cuisine.

But that’s not all, the islands, beaches and other Igarapés, (small tributaries covered with vegetation), are also essential visits for this destination. A traditional local boat trip will be the perfect opportunity to discover all its landscapes, mixing exoticism and adventure.

 During your stay in Belém
you will visit : 

The fabulous “Ver 0 peso” market
The historical and colonial center
The zoological and botanical park of the Goeldi Museum
The “igarapés,” doors of the Amazonian rainforest

Map of Belém region.

The stay in Belém includes :


• 1 private transfer between the airport and hotel

2 nights in a double room at the hotel

1 day boat trip with an English-speaking guide on the Guama and Acara rivers (non-private boat). Lunch included in a restaurant on the bank or aboard the boat

  • 1/2 day private guided tour of Belém
  • Private hotel / airport transfer to Belém

See the detailed itinerary 

Belém, a Belle Epoque open-air architecture museum

The first Portuguese settlement on the Amazon, the city of Belém offers a rare architectural insight to the 17th century. Through the old buildings, you will experience a retrospective history before your very eyes.

Its old colonial neighborhoods around Forte do Presepio are home to beautiful polychrome houses and a cathedral with an abundance of Baroque decor. They contrast with the Belle Époque elegance of a large part of the city, including the neoclassical façade of the Teatro da Paz and the Art Deco furnishings of the Avenue Vargas stores.

Along the river, you can also admire the huge Victorian-inspired wrought iron market that hosts the “Ver-O-Peso” and discover all the flavors and exoticism of the culinary Amazon.

Enjoy a bowl of Açaí (an energy palm fruit purée) with slices of fried fish, accompanied by a “Guarana Antartica” (a guarana soda), the local popular meal, tasty, healthy and good value.

But food is not the only delight coming directly from the Amazon! You will also find all kinds of traditional kitchen utensils such as “Cuias” – containers decorated with indigenous motifs. These bowls are made from a type of local calabash and are a tradition straight from the Indians of the region. Visitors are destined to eat another famous dish, the soup of shrimp and cassava “Tacacà.” Among all this hustle and bustle hide some practitioners of the “pharmacy of the forest”, cures for every ailment are offered in the form of dozens of bottles, dried plants and mysterious powders. Do not miss out on these medicines, remedies and other “magical” potions with evocative names.

Frontal view of the balcony of Belém theatre.

A tour of Belem with omnipresent nature

Culinary and historical capital of the Amazon basin, Belém stands out for its luxuriant and exuberant vegetation, even in the city center. Thanks to thousands of mango trees and other giant plants growing throughout the city, the streets are shaded at all hours, an irresistible invitation for a pleasant walk!

There are many green areas, perfect for walking, like the zoological and botanical garden or the “Bosque Rodriguez Alves“.

In this parcel of equatorial forest located in the heart of the city, you can have your first contact with the exuberance of local nature without having to leave town.

In the bay, parrot island allows you to admire the flight of thousands of birds at sunrise, while only an hour away by boat the charming rivers Guama and Acara offer you a taste of the Amazon. The Palafitas are houses on stilts where the Ribeirinhos and Caboclos live. These descendants of the natives will welcome you, as you pass jungle and houses alternating all along the mouth of the river.

A boat docked on the edge of the river near Belem.

“Círio”, the biggest celebration in the “The Mango city”

Organized on the second Sunday of October, the “Círio de nossa Senhora de Nazaré” is a highlight event in Belém. The largest annual Catholic event in the world, with more than 2.8 million participants in 2015, this procession dedicated to the Virgin Mary is also a celebration in honor of the city.

For several days, the sacred icon of the city and a large rope over 400 m long and weighing nearly 700 kg are carried during processions along the streets.

However, if you want to participate in this event, you must book a year in advance because the city is crammed with visitors from all around the world!

Igreja da se in Belem.

 Tour of Belém – Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1: Belém in

Arrival at Belem International Airport.

A driver awaits you for your private transfer to the charming pousada Portas da Amazonia.

On the way to the pousada, you first discover the city and its inhabitants by walking the streets that lead to the pousada.

Check in

Overnight at the pousada.

View of Belem from a river boat.

DAY 2: Belém

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, a van will be waiting for you in front of the hotel to take you to the port where you can start your boat trip on the rivers Guama and Acara and also take a forest walk and  finish with lunch in a restaurant by the river. An English speaking guide will be there to accompany you throughout the excursion.

By exploring these rivers, you can observe the daily lives of local residents (the Ribeirinhos, the inhabitants of the shore). They come from the surrounding islands, in their little pirogues and other boats loaded with fish, fruits and vegetables. 
Having passed two arms of rivers (the furo do Benedito and furo do Maracujá), you get to know the forest and its magnificent vegetation with fantastic diversity. Hevea, Carapa, Açai and Buriti palms, not forgetting the majestic Sumaumeira, these and other massive trees populate the shore and show the beauty of the equatorial forest, in which you move with your guide. This will be an opportunity to discover the inhabitants of the forest (Caboclos), their relationship with the river and their home (private guide, but boat with other passengers).

In the late afternoon, return to the port and van transfer to the hotel.

Overnight at the hotel.

A boat coming up the river in Belem.

Houses on stilts along the river in Belem.

DAY 3: Belém out

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, an English speaking guide will pick you up for a private tour of Belém (3 to 4 hours).

During this complete tour of historic Belém you will discover the famous Carmo church and the Sé Cathedral, the Teatro da Paz and the old town. The houses with Portuguese mosaics and facades of French and Italian influences are magnificent and contribute to a particular atmosphere peculiar to places with a rich historical heritage.

It is also an opportunity to stroll through the narrow streets that are reminiscent of an ancient city and experience the broad avenues of Belém, which look like a mango paradise, visit the Mercado Ver-O -Peso with all the products of the Amazon and walk the docks of “Estação das Docas”.

Back to the pousada around noon, check out.

A driver drives you to the airport for your flight.

End of our services.

Two baskets of Acai at the ver-o-peso market.

Woman sits at her stall at the ver o peso market in Belem.

Accommodation in Belém

Hotel Radisson Maiorana Belém (standard & superior)

Located in an upmarket area of ​​the city, the Radisson Belém Hotel is an upscale hotel with a modern structure, designed in a pleasant and comfortable setting with contemporary decor. A gym, magnificent rooftop pool, restaurant and bar complete one of the best hotel deals in the city. It offers small apartments of 2 rooms with living room and kitchenette ideal for families in the luxo category.

A comfortable hotel, perfect for the regulars of major hotel chains who will find all the services they are accustomed to, as well as for travelers who want high-end services.

Business class room in the Radisson hotel of Belem.

Atrium Quinta by Pedras Hotel (standard)

Housed in a former college built in the late eighteenth century and property of the local Diocese since 2006, Atrium Quinta das Pedras is a charming establishment that offers a perfect compromise between tradition and modernity. Recently renovated, it offers a particularly attractive mix of materials and styles of the old building and the modern design of the extension created for the lodge.

Offering the comforts that can be expected in an establishment of this standard, the rooms offer a sober and relaxing decor in elegant tones. Swimming pools, sauna, restaurant, bar and a small art gallery complete the set. Featuring a leafy inner courtyard and thick stone walls, this is a quiet and interesting hotel for its historical atmosphere. Its location in the historical and tourist area, a few steps from the Mangal das Graças and in front of the Marinha, is particularly appreciable.

Indoor view of accommodation option quintas das pedras in Belem.

Price for double rooms during the stay:

Standard category: 2 persons $587 /pers 4 persons $464 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $608 /pers 4 persons $486 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not a quote.

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