Take in the powerful forces of nature with a visit to Iguassu falls!

Straddling the Brazilian – Argentinian border, the Iguassu Falls are among the most imposing on the planet. These gigantic waterfalls are spread out over almost three kilometers. Formed by about 300 separate waterfalls of all sizes, ranging from small secondary torrents to the 20 major cataracts and reaching almost 100m in height, the Iguassu Falls discharge an impressive amount of water, at over 1.7 million litres per second. They can sometimes reach a colossal flow of 46 million litres per second as they did on the 9th of June 2014 !

Stretching over the entire width of the river Iguassu, from which they get their name, the falls are divided into two parts. On one side are the Brazilian falls, spanning a little less than a kilometre and on the other side, the Argentinian falls at almost 2 kms. We recommend exploring both sides during two excursions of around half a day each, with a local guide to explain all their secrets!

The Brazilian part of the falls offers a more panoramic view so you can take in the sheer size of this world wonder. The added bonus is a beautiful “postcard view” of the Devil’s Throat, the famous horseshoe-shaped fall.

The Argentinian side features most of the cascades and a large visitor infrastructure of no less than 99 bridges installed in strategic places. These allow visitors to view, in the best conditions, the deafening and majestic spectacle of the falls gushing from the top of the cliffs.

There are several view points on the Argentinian side that would otherwise be inaccessible, without venturing between the rocks and the powerful current. If you visit in the months when the flow is at its highest (June / July & October) you will probably feel the spray and find yourself in the mist either on the footbridges or at the bottom of Salto Bossetti. Don’t forget to bring a lightweight raincoat with you because the temperatures can also be quite cool.

On our Iguassu Tour
The Iguassu Falls from the Brazilian side
The extraordinary “Devil’s Throat”
The suspended walkways
The Argentinian side of the Falls

Map showing the border between Brazil and Argentina at Iguassu.

Iguassu visit – Itinerary at a glance

  • 1 private transfer from Iguassu’s Foz International Airport to the hotel in Iguaçu
  • 1 night in a double room at the hotel you have chosen from our selection (see accomodation below)
  • 1/2 day visit with private guide of the Brazilian Falls
  • 1/2 day visit with private guide of the Argentinian Falls
  • 1 private transfer from your hotel in Iguassu to Foz International Airport in Iguacu.

Come face to face with the falls along the walkways on the Argentinian side!

On the Argentinian side, you can get right up to the waterfalls by using the many wooden bridges and metal walkways.

 Using the walkways gives you an opportunity to really sense the power of the waterfalls by allowing you to get really close.

There are two main circuits :
The lower circuit passes along the foot of the falls and is about 1700 metres long. It is here that you may get wet from the spray! It is the ideal place to really feel the force of the water rushing into the air tens of metres above. At the end of this tour, you can cross by boat to the island of San Martin.

The upper circuit offers a totally different view from the top, with views over the cataracts along 650m of footbridges.

To get a closer look at the powerful water flowing from the “Devil’s Throat,” the highest and most impressive waterfall here, you can take a small train. After about 15 minutes into the middle of the lush forest, it will drop you off in front of a footbridge. 1km later, this will bring you to the entrance of the famous 700m wide waterfall that you can see just a few metres in front of you. The suspended water droplets create a magical atmosphere, with the tropical forest islands surrounded by rainbows.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the powerful forces of nature and the sound of roaring water. The fauna and flora of this corner of paradise are also rare and beautiful.

Some of the wild and beautiful vegetation that thrives around the falls.

The Brazilian side of the falls, a perfect view

Iguassu is certainly one of the most impressive natural sites on the planet with its torrents of water spread out over three kilometres of waterfalls, interspersed with lush forests.

It certainly is a site that is worth visiting twice from both sides. This way you will really appreciate the phenomenal proportions of the falls. Indeed, this side of the falls offers an incomparable overview of this breathtaking natural amphitheatre.

You will be amazed by the enormity of this place, which offers an incredible view of the wild and natural surroundings and reminds you how powerful the force of nature can be. The contrasting vision of a peaceful tropical rainforest surrounded by the tumultuous waters is full of charm and mystery. Every visitor leaves fascinated by this extraordinary site.

At the end of the tour, you can admire the famous “Devil’s Throat.”

An example of the huge clouds of mist that can form around the waterfalls.

A UNESCO world heritage site

The waterfalls stretch over Brazil and Argentina, so there are two distinct national parks at the Iguassu falls.

On the Argentinian side, Iguazu Park has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. On the Brazilian side, the Iguassu National Park has been classified since 1986 even though it was created in the 1930s thanks to the courageous intervention of the excentric Brazilian, Alberto Santos-Dumont. He was also one of the very first airplane inventors with his 14 bis airplane.

The engineer and pilot put his personal honor at risk in creating this natural park. Faced with the incredible popularity of this engineer, the governor of Paraná at the time was forced to create this Park. As the area was practically unspoilt, this made it easy to protect the surroundings of the Iguassu falls from future intensive exploitation and the degradation that followed in the 1950s.

Today you can enjoy the practically undisturbed jungle that surrounds the Iguassu Falls, go on a guided forest excursion or cross it on the first part of the Macuco Safari Tour. We offer you an optional activity where you can cross the forest in electric vehicles before going on to the falls aboard large zodiacs equipped with powerful engines. An ideal activity for those looking for thrills and excitement on their trip to Brazil!

Darkness falls around the Argentinian side of the Iguassu falls.

Stay in Iguassu – Detailed Itinerary

Transfers from hotel to airport (both ways), as well as to and from the Iguassu falls
mentioned in this program are private and with a driver.
The two water fall visits included in the package are also private with a guide.
Meals are not included except breakfast.

Day 1 : Iguassu / In – Brazilian side

Morning, Arrival at Foz do Iguaçu international airport.

You will meet the chauffeur waiting for you with a vehicle to take you to your hotel.

Afternoon, a vehicle will collect you and take you to the Iguassu Water falls on the Brazilian side where you will visit the falls with a guide (about 3hrs.)

On arrival, you will find that the Brazilian side of the falls more natural and less developed than the Argentine side. With lots of different viewpoints giving a good overview of the falls, the Brazilian side allows you to take in the immense size of this natural wonder and the thousands of small waterfalls crisscrossing the rock and jungle.

During the visit, you will spot many animals adding to the magical nature of this place, there are monkeys, tropical birds and the intrepid Coati, a local rodent from the same family as the raccoon.

If you wish, you can finish the excursion with the Macuco Safari (optional, contact us). This attraction consists of going up the river in a large twin-engined zodiac to reach the foot of the falls, under the deluge of spray and the noise of the water. Thrills guaranteed!

Return and night at the hotel.

The footbridge that goes along the bottom of the waterfalls.

Multi level waterfall at Iguassu.

Day 2  : Iguassu / Out – Argentinian Falls

Morning, Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Then you take a vehicle to the Iguassu falls, but this time on the other side of the border, on the Argentinian side.

The walkways on the Argentinian side are spread out over 2kms and are more elaborate. To access the falls you take a small train and various footbridges. They were primarily designed to allow everyone to get as close as possible to the majestic waterfalls along 2 main circuits, the “Passarela Superior & Inferior“.

The Passarela Superior, about 1600m long, takes you to the summit of the waterfalls and you will see the hypnotizing spectacle of the transparent “fold” of the river. This is the last few centimetres where the water suddenly falls into empty space, as it goes over the cliff, instantly forming a cloud of white spray.

The Passarela Inferior and shorter circuit lets you feel all the power of the water and gives you a nice shower! Depending on the level of the river, which varies throughout the year, some footbridges can be bathed in the mist from the cataracts, or directly hit by powerful jets of water. You should definitely consider protecting your electronic devices!

During this visit you can also get close to the famous “Devil’s Throat”, the biggest of the 275 waterfalls that make up the site. Famous for its horseshoe shape and at 100m high, the show is amazing!

Return at the end of the morning to the hotel to collect your luggage and to check-out (possibility to leave luggage at the reception until the time of your departure).

Transfer to the airport.

End of our services.

Side view of the falls.

The extraordinary explosion of water at Iguassu.

Accommodation for your stay at Iguassu

Continental Inn Cataratas (standard)

Located in the centre of Iguaçu, in the more affluent part of town, close to shops and amenities, the Continental Inn is our top selection in Foz d’Iguacu.

We love this hotel, as it was refurbished in 2016 and offers 124 modern, comfortable and bright rooms. It features all the comforts for travelers who want to stay in the heart of the city. Our best value for money in the Iguacu Falls area!

Room in the Continental Inn.

Hotel São Martin Resort & Spa (standard)

The São Martin Resort & Spa is a beautifully decorated hotel, part of which has been recently renovated. It offers all the necessary amenities for travelers in a quiet and relaxing environment. Its immaculate rooms offer everything needed for a quiet stay and are well equipped with quality facilities.

Close to both the airport and the entrance to the Falls National Park, the São Martin Hotel is the ideal option for travelers who have chosen a short stay in Iguaçu and do not wish to visit the city. It shortens the journeys to reach the site of the Iguassu Falls and the bird park which is the second major attraction in Iguaçu and is right next door!

Double room in the Hotel São Martin resort.

Hotel Bourbon das Cataratas Convention and Spa Resort (superior)

The hotel Bourbon is located outside the town centre, halfway between the international airport and the falls. This means it is particularly interesting for short stays and just to visit the Water falls as you will shorten transport time.
The stylish bedrooms are decorated in chic fashion using warm and classic decorations  creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
The hotel has various facilities such as a beautiful park of 16 hectares to walk in featuring high ropes and zip cords and other outdoor activities. There is also a kids club, a teenagers club, sports facilities and a mini zoo… a perfect place for families.
Ideal for travelers wanting more comfort.

An elegant room with a beautiful view at hotel das cataratas.

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $387 /pers 4 persons $327 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $448 /pers 4 persons $388 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not a quote.

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