Northern Pantanal is the wildest region in Mato Grosso, to the west of Brazil, one of the last places where nature is practically untouched. 

An isolated area, only accessible via the Transpantaneira, this unique ecological paradise will appeal to you with its rich flora and fauna. It’s a choice destination for those looking for wild and natural surroundings. The Pantanal is a unique biotope.
Pantanal means swamp or marsh, which is logical seeing as each year the tropical rains soak the whole of this region. It’s an ecosystem with two seasons, a dry one and a rainy one, which includes many endangered species and is listed as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 2000.

If you visit between April and September, the dry season or winter, it’s the coolest with temperatures down to around 15 degrees and little rainfall. It’s the season where the Pantanal looks like a grassy plain dotted with tropical forests, rivers and lakes as far as the eye can see. From October to March, the temperature climbs and it rains more often, slowly flooding the plains and changing the landscape. This is when the animals regroup in the forests on higher ground which then transforms into lots of islands. The ideal period to visit this region is from March to May, when the water recedes and the animals are easier to find.

 In  North Pantanal 
discover : 

Lodges in the heart of nature
A rich and varied fauna
The atmosphere of the “Transpantaneira”

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Our Northern Pantanal package includes

  • 1 breakfast at Pocone or Cuiaba depending on your arrival time.
  • 2 nights with full board in a hotel/pousada (Piuval (10km), Rio Claro (40km), Araras eco lodge (32km) Santa Tereza (70km)
  • The transfers are in private air-conditioned vehicles with a guide
  •  A guide is available for the whole of your stay.
  •  The activities and excursions mentioned in the description.

Visit the human preserved region, Northern Pantanal

Because of its genuinely wild nature, Northern Pantanal is an ideal destination for nature lovers. If you are adventurous souls, you will love exploring this ecological sanctuary that is only accessible during the dry season.

Once off your flight in Cuiaba, you will travel to Pocone, the entrance to penetrate into Northern Pantanal You will therefore take the Transpantaneira, the only road crossing Pantanal, to reach this true natural paradise, ideal for bird watching. This large open plain has a unique panorama of the surrounding natural habitat. Here, there are no big hotels. Accommodation comes in the form of a pousada, a guest house integrated into a fazenda, which is a farm, a local habitation perfectly integrated into its surroundings.

Coati at North pantanal

An ecological sanctuary housing the largest number of animal species in the world!

Northern Pantanal has one of the richest ecosystems on the planet.

Less known than the Amazon, the Pantanal is however the biggest animal reserve in South America. Here you can find many endangered species such as the Marsh Stag or the Brazilian Giant Otter. Not forgetting the strange Jabiru, this large wading bird easily recognizable by its red collar and which is the animal symbol of the Pantanal.

To go off in search of these wild animals, you can go on horse back, 4×4 vehicles with a viewing platform or by rowing boat or motor boat along the many waterways, accompanied by a local guide or pantanero. From the waterways you will have a unique view of the river banks with many bird species to see as well as caimans and giant otters that are not too shy. There are also Tapirs, Deer, Capybara, multicolored parrots or blue Aras to be seen that will delight both adults and children. With a little luck, you may even get to see an « onça » (jaguar), coming to drink at the water’s edge or looking for food.

A true ecological paradise, this wild region will let you enter into total communion with nature, the master of these surroundings. A stay in the Pantanal is a delight for the eyes and a unique moment for your mind and soul too.

Pantanal nord loutres

A national park listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the pride of the Mato Grosso region.

The Pantanal National Park was created in 1981 and recognized as an Environmental Preservation Area in 1983.

It was only in 2000 that this unique ecosystem was at last listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Access to the park is controlled, you will need an authorization from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) to be able to visit or walk through the park. You must also be accompanied by an official guide.
Thanks to this initiative, this region’s fragile environment is being protected from intensive farming and cattle raising that permanently modify the surroundings. The park guarantees the exceptional biodiversity found here and so makes your visit to the Pantanal a really unique moment.

Pantanal tiger bird eacute

Detailed Program for our Northern Pantanal package

All return transfers are private services.  
A bilingual guide at your airport arrival and departure
Stay with full board, (not including drinks) from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 3.


After landing at the Cuiaba airport, your driver and bilingual guide await to take you to your hotel and check-in for your stay.
Depending on your arrival time, your driver will take you for lunch in the town of Cuiaba close by or take you directly to the town of Pocone (about 100km away). This is the entrance to the Pantanal National Park and where the famous Transpantaneira track begins and it’s the only means of transport that crosses the Pantanal National Park.
You will drive along this track to reach a cross track (between 500m & 4km depending on the pousada you choose) which will take you into the heart of this natural park.
On arrival (1-3hrs drive depending on your hotel), you will check-in then go on a first walk to discover all the wonderful birds here, with the sunset as a back drop for the end of the day.
It’s an ideal first taste of this totally new environment bursting with life.
You can observe the Fauna and Flora and see the amazing change of colours as the sun sets in this incredible place.
Dinner is at the fazenda (full board)
After dinner, you can go on a night safari in a 4X4 vehicle (optional).
Night at the pousada.

Ocelot Pantanal

Tangara Pantanal


At dawn, departure for a 40 minute walk to admire the nightlife going home to bed, mixed with the morning bird song. It’s a perfect moment to see wildlife and enjoy the special light and colours of the sunrise.

You will wander the paths watching out for the awaking nature, observing the nocturnal animals going to bed and the others starting a new day in this concert of sounds and songs that breaks the morning silence.

After breakfast at the pousada including local specialties, you will set off on a boat ride, in a motor boat or with oars (about 1hr30).

(Between August and December the excursion is on the Canto do Arancua, fazenda if you are staying at the Piuval pousada.)

Return to the pousada for lunch with a buffet full of delicious local products.

Free afternoon.
You can relax or go off exploring with your guide…. There’s lots to do!

Around 16h00, you will set off on another excursion, on horse back with a Pantaneiro, a local cowboy, you will discover the animal life along the river banks.


After dinner, there is a nocturnal safari in a 4X4 from the pousada (not private).
You will set off with your guide to see the nocturnal animals, especially reptiles that hunt mostly at night. Discover another world in the Pantanal under the light of the moon, comfortably seated in your vehicle.

Night at the pousada.

balade bateau Pantanal

animal sauvage Pantanal

Bonito at Pantanal


Last morning, depending on your return flight time from Cuiaba, you will get up early for a last excursion on foot.

Breakfast: regional specialties at the pousada.

Enjoy a last experience of this amazing wildlife by going to an observation tower for a final panoramic view of this incredible landscape. (There isn’t a tower at the pousada Rio Claro, so this excursion is replaced by a canoe trip along the river nearby)

Return to the pousada.

Check out.

After breakfast return by private transport to Cuiaba. Your guide will accompany you along the Transpantaneira then the MT-060 from Pocone to Cuiaba. Your guide will leave you at the airport in time for your flight.

End of our services.

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About accommodations in the North Pantanal

Pousada Piuval – Transpantaneira Km 10 (Standard & superior categories)

With the pousada Piuval we are pleased to present what we consider the most modern rooms along the Transpantaneira. In a magnificent natural setting on a farm of 7 000 hectares and located about 1hr30 from Cuiaba airport, 10km after the village of Pocone, at the edge of the Pantanal, It is easily reachable. Recently built respecting ecological norms, the new superior category rooms are big and modern, with all the latest comforts. There is also an air conditioning system that is quiet and energy efficient. The washrooms have solar heated hot water (some with hydro-massages, ask us for details) as well as a private terrace with a vast open view of the surrounding nature. The quality communal areas are pleasant, with a restaurant for full board, a large garden with a pool.

The Piuval Pousada is a perfect place for leisure and relaxation while discovering the Pantaneira animals!

A place to be discovered !

chambre superior à la pousada piuval

Pousada Rio Claro – Transpantaneira Km 42 (Standard Category)

La pousada Rio Claro is perfectly located on the banks of a small quiet river 3km from the Transpantaneira, in magnificent natural surroundings. It has all the necessary facilities including a pool. It is very focused on ecotourism and animal photography. The rooms are all modern, practical and comfortable, each with an air-con system and electric shower, no TV however to better appreciate the surrounding nature.

It is excellent value for money to discover the Northern Pantanal and its treasures. This pousada is particularly adapted for families and groups with its 30 rooms. There is also a special room for people with reduced mobility.

chambre pousada rio claro pantanal

 Araras Pantanal Ecoldge – Transpantaneira Km 34 (Superior category)

With 19 rooms decorated using local materials, the Araras Pantanal Eco-lodge is the destination of charm on the Transpantaneira. It is a spacious location with a large reading room over looking the pool. A suspended walkway runs around the 800m of this hotel to join the 3 observation towers that give a view out over the whole region, ideal for photographers.  An extra advantage here is the particularly excellent cuisine which turns this Eco-lodge into a little paradise. It’s the charming destination in the superior category for the Pantanal.


Fazenda Santa Tereza (SouthWild Pantanal) – Transpantaneira km 70  (Superior)

The pousada Santa Tereza is located in the heart of a genuine Northern Pantanal farm at 70kms from the Transpantaneira, at the end of a 4km track on the river Sarare (also called the Pixaim) It has 15 modern and charmingly decorated rooms. They are all well equipped with air-cons and electric showers as well as a desk and a hammock set outside each room. Some of the rooms are large enough to put 4 single beds in the same room if needed, interesting for large families or groups of friends with lower budgets.

The accommodation is the same as any other pousada that we have chosen in the region with full board, an opportunity to discover the regional dishes and fresh farm produce. A team of local guides are present to organize all the excursions and safaris (non private).

photo lodge SouthWildPantanal

Double room prices:

Standard category: 2 persons $886 /pers 4 persons $632 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $1278 /pers 4 persons $1011 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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