Discover Brazil´s fascinating history and rich culture as you travel along its splendid landscapes.

The Nature & Culture Tour brings together a selection of 6 emblematic and ideal destinations for you to discover the wonders of Brazil. A spectacular journey, this multi-themed tour takes you to the most beautiful and cultural places in the South and the Northeast regions of the country.

From the first Portuguese settlements on the coast, such as São Luís, and Salvador de Bahia to the baroque towns of Minas Gerais, you will be able to admire the most beautiful vestiges of the country’s colonial heritage.

Iguaçu and its gigantic waterfalls, the Lençóis Maranheses and their shimmering lagoons and the mythical Jericoacoara will certainly satisfy your cravings for exuberance, tranquility and true beauty. The famous and legendary Rio de Janeiro and its luxuriant green surroundings will ideally complete this panoramic picture of Brazil.

This tour offers both the discovery of an extraordinary variety of magnificent landscapes and a remarkable colonial heritage, so is ideal for your first contact with the country and is suitable for all ages!

On the Discover Nature and Culture tour

The Iguacu Falls
Rio de Janeiro, the “Wonderful city”
The colonial Minas Gerais
Salvador de Bahia, “The Afro-Brazilian Rome”
The beaches of Nordeste and the Lençóis desert

Map detailing the different stops on this tour.

Discover Nature and Culture – Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 : Iguaçu / in
Private guided visit of the Iguaçu Falls from the Brazilian side (Macuco Safari optional).

Day 2 : Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro
Private guided visit of the Iguaçu Falls from the Argentinian side. Flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Day 3 : Rio de Janeiro
Private guided visit of Sugar Loaf Mountain in the morning and optional excursions in the afternoon.

Day 4 : Rio de Janeiro
A private guided visit of the Corcovado in the morning and optional excursions in the afternoon.

Day 5 : Rio de Janeiro / Tiradentes
A chauffeur driven car to Tiradentes and a private guided visit of Petrópolis on the way.

Day 6 : Tiradentes / Ouro Preto
A private guided visit of Tiradentes, São João del Rey and Congonhas, arrival at Ouro Preto.

Day 7 : Ouro Preto
Visits of Mariana and Ouro Preto.

Day 8 : Ouro Preto / Belo Horizonte / Salvador
Travel by road to Belo Horizonte, airport transfer, flight to Salvador in the morning and guided visit of the historical town center in the afternoon.

Day 9 : Salvador
Guided panoramic visit of the town in the morning and free time in the afternoon.

Day 10 : Salvador / Fortaleza
Private excursion to Cachoeira ending at Salvador airport, flight to Fortaleza.

Day 11 : Fortaleza / Guajiru
Private transfer by buggy or 4×4 along the beaches to Guajiru.

Day 12 : Guajiru / Jericoacoara
Private transfer by buggy or 4×4 along the beaches to Jericoacoara.

Day 13 : Jericoacoara
Free day.

Day 14 : Jericoacoara / Parnaiba
Private transfer in a 4X4, with a stop at the Tatajuba lagoon for lunch, then on to Parnaíba.

Day 15 : Parnaíba (Delta of the Americas)
Private excursion by motorized canoe in the delta of the Americas, private transfer in a 4×4 to Caburé and motorized canoe to Barreirinhas.

Day 16 : Barreirinhas / São Luís
Private visit to the Lençóis do Maranhão desert in the morning and then road trip to São Luís in the afternoon.

Day 17 : São Luís / out
Private guided visit of the historical center of São Luís and transfer out.

“Discover Nature and Culture,” an excellent blend of handpicked destinations

On the “Discover Nature and Culture tour, you hit the ground running; your first contact with Brazil starts with the UNESCO recognised giant Iguaçu falls.

You will soon realize the enormous natural power of these gigantic foaming cascades in the heart of the jungle.

We recommend the Macuco Safari for added adrenaline, it takes you right up to the falls in powerful Zodiac RIB boats. You speed up the river and stop right in the middle of the turbulent waters, thrills guaranteed !

Your next encounter is with the “Wonderful City”, Rio de Janeiro, where you will discover its famous sites such as the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Corcovado topped by the incredible statue of Christ the Redeemer. Also the Tijuca forest and the Saint Sebastien cathedral, a stay in this magnificent city certainly combines culture, beauty and nature.

Your tour continues to the north towards the Minas Gerais region. To get to these historical destinations you will traverse the “Gold route” one of the first main roads in Brazil. It allowed the transport of large sacks of gold from the mountains of Minas Gerais to the small port of Paraty in Rio de Janeiro state.

Along this road engulfed in history, you will visit the imperial city of Petrópolis, with its neo-classic palaces and its unusual alpine chalets. Then it’s on to discover the ancient colonial towns of Tiradentes, Ouro Preto and Mariana, and their amazing baroque sanctuaries.

The thunderous Iguaçu falls from above.

In the Northeast of Brazil, your tour continues among the dunes and lagoons.

Your vacation continues along the Northeast coastline among the paradisical landscapes, at the relaxed pace of local life.

You can wander the charming streets lined with coloured houses in the old town center of Salvador de Bahia at the heart of which lies the famous Pelourinho. In these picturesque cobbled streets you will feel the energy of all the history of Brazil since the renaissance as it seems to unfold before your eyes.

Then it’s off to the Itapagipe peninsula where you might choose a paper bracelet at the Bonfim Church. If you appreciate colonial architecture and would like to discover the rural life and traditional cuisine, you can also stop at Cachoeira, a charming little town 100km from the capital well renowned for its colonial buildings that are still intact.

The last stage of this tour takes place in the states of Ceará and Maranhão. In a buggy or 4×4, you will explore the wild coastline setting off from Fortaleza and driving to the peaceful fishing village of Guajiru where you will stay right on the coast.

You will then continue along the coastline to Jericoacoara, a legendary destination, consistently voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here you can take the time to discover the superb turquoise rain water lagoons, giant immaculate sand dunes, deserted beaches as far as the eye can see and small fishing villages, along the coast. Lobsters, shrimp and other tropical fish accompanied with fresh fruit juices or “caipirinhas” await to satisfy your taste buds!

Venture further into the wild heading towards the delta of Parnaíba, a unique ecosystem of river islands on an estuary. Aboard a private motor boat, your guide and navigator will show you the “guaras,” scarlet ibis, and the brightly coloured mangrove crabs. During this trip you may even encounter a jacaré, the small caiman found here.

At Caburé, the sand bank that seems to be at the “end of the world” you will climb aboard once again to navigate along the waterways of the Rio Preguiças.

Finally, you will explore the spectacular Lençóis Maranheses, where the  sand dunes resembling white bed sheets are interspersed with rainwater lagoons. This desert follows the Atlantic ocean for fifty kilometres, it stands out because of its fresh water lagoons created from rainwater during the rainy season, not common for a desert!

The spectacle is of extraordinary beauty and although the first lagoons may have other visitors, as soon as you adventure a little further you find yourself alone in this amazing desert. Accompanied by your guide, you can experience the silence in this heavenly landscape, and really appreciate the present moment as you take a dip in a lagoon all to yourself, surrounded by massive dunes; a truly unforgettable experience!

São Luís and its admirably preserved old 17th century town, is the last stage on your nature and culture discovery tour. The capital of Maranhão has a historic centre with the largest concentration of Portuguese colonial architecture in the world. It is testimony to the richness and intense trade once practiced between Lisbon and the Americas. A local guide will introduce you to the secrets of this complex heritage now restored with more than 300 houses and several cultural centres dedicated to local history.

Jangadas on the beach at Canoa Quebrada.

Nature & Culture Discovery Tour – Detailed itinerary

All transfers and excursions are private

Day 1 : Iguaçu / in

Transfer from airport to Iguaçu and Hotel.

Afternoon, visit to the Brazilian side of the falls. The Iguaçu Falls are located on the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

The falls are considered the most beautiful in the world along with Niagara and Victoria Falls on the Zambizi river in Africa.

The Falls form a natural horse shoe shape so the view is very different from the Argentinian and Brazilian sides.

Macuco Safari Option : 
A trip to the Falls in twin engine zodiac RIB boats, they speed up the river to the canyon where the falls are found.

The trip starts with an open electric car ride for 3 kilometres in the national park surrounding the falls.

After a walk of 600 metres in the jungle, you arrive at the boat jetty to take the boat to the base of the falls; thrills and adrenaline guaranteed! The total duration of the excursion is 1hr.45mn, from start to finish.

If you don´t have time for the Macuco Safari excursion on the first day you can do it the following day from the Argentinian side.

Night at hotel.

Iguaçu falls shot from a helicopter.

Iguaçu falls creates a huge wall of water.

Day 2 – Iguaçu / Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.
Morning, guided visit to the Argentinian side of the falls.

Located 28 km from the town, The Iguaçu Falls on the Argentinian side are 72 metres high and form a semi circle that allows an unobstructed view.

The Falls are nestled in the middle of lush vegetation which magnifies the impression you get of the primitive force of nature.

A series of paths and foot bridges offer terrific view points.

The main attraction is access to the  ‘Devil’s throat’ where you arrive right at the foot of the falls. The spectacle is amazing and it’s best to go early in the morning to make the most of this phenomenal experience. Later access is more difficult with the higher number of visitors.

Airport transfer and flight to Rio de Janeiro.
Hotel transfer on arrival.

Night at the hotel

Panoramic view of the famous Iguaçu falls.

SUP on the beach at Copcabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Day 3 : Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, a 4hr visit of Sugar Loaf Mountain (entrance fee included). Already visible from the Guanabara bay entrance, it has two peaks separated by the Red Beach (Praia Vermelha). The Urca peak, is 224 metres high and the Sugar Loaf peak is 395 metres high.

A cable car takes you to the top of the first peak and then another to the second peak to discover an incredible panoramic view across the whole Guanabara bay.

Afternoon, optional excursions available. Rio has a vast selection of activities, contact us for more information.

Night at the hotel.

Pão de Acucar - suugarloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Escadaria Selaron, the famous colourful work of art in in Rio de Janeiro.

Day 4 : Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning, 4hr guided visit of the Corcovado : The Corcovado is one of the highest peaks in the Tijuca forest. It is famous for the monument at the top, Christ the Redeemer which dominates the south of Rio de Janeiro.

This immense stone statue, gifted to Brazil by the French is one of the reasons why Rio is also named the “Wonderful City” or “Cidade Maravilhosa”. A small funicular railway takes you up through the luxuriant forest to the statue.

Afternoon, optional excursions available. We suggest you visit some unique places with a guide, they will show you whichever “side” of Rio you want to explore.

Night at the hotel.

Christo redentor looks out over the Guanabara bay in Rio de Janeiro.

Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Day 5 : Rio de Janeiro / Tiradentes

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning departure in a private vehicle with chauffeur to Petrópolis (66 kms from Rio de Janeiro). This small town in the Cariocas Mountains was the refuge of the royal family and the Carioca elite escaping from the summer heat in Rio de Janeiro.

You will visit The Christal palace, the house of Alberto Santos Dumont,  (inventor of the Brazilian airplane) and the Imperial palace.

In the  afternoon, continue on the road to Tiradentes (265kms) where you will stay in your charming lodge chosen from our selection.

Shot looking down a street in Tiradentes.

Day 6 : Tiradentes / São Joao del Rey / Congonhas / Ouro Preto

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, visit  Tiradentes. This is an adorable little colonial village, especially beautiful is the town square with its fountain and the Matriz de Santo Antonio church. Then you carry on to São João del Rei, where you can admire the church of Saint-Francis of Assisi and go on a panoramic tour of the town.

In the afternoon, set off towards Ouro Preto which is your evening destination. On the way you will go through Congonhas to visit the Bom Jesus Matozinhos basilica and discover the famous soapstone statues of the twelve Prophets by the famous sculptor Aleijadinho.

Arrival in Ouro Preto at the end of the afternoon, check-in and night in your pousada chosen from our selection.

Ouro Preto panorama.

Day 7 : Ouro Preto / Mariana / Ouro Preto

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, a visit to Mariana a town a few kms away with a stop at a gold mine on the way.
Founded in 1696, Mariana is a splendid little mining town. Less visited than its cousin Ouro Preto, it is really an authentic treasure.

In the afternoon, onto Ouro Preto to explore the town on foot. At the Tiradentes square you will visit the mineralogical museum dedicated to the regional mineral resources. This will also be an opportunity to discover the rich interiors of the Notre Dame do Carmo church and the Municipal theater. Your visit ends with two other churches, the Notre Dame do Pilar and São Francisco de Assis.

Night at the pousada chosen from our selection. 

The Notre Dame do Carmo church in Minas Gerais.

Day 8 : Ouro Preto / Belo Horizonte / Salvador

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning transfer to the airport at Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais. Flight to Salvador (2hrs), arrival and transfer to the hotel you have chosen from our selection.

Salvador de Bahia is the oldest colonial capital in Brazil, therefore it has one of the richest historical heritages in the country. It is also the cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture. Many visitors fall in love with this colonial city, especially with its historical center of narrow streets lined with colourful houses as well as its 365 colonial churches and the festive atmosphere that prevails throughout the year.

In the afternoon, a guided visit on foot of the historical center.
You will discover the secrets of Pelourinho the historical quarter of the town with its small cobbled streets over-looking the bay. You will find lots of colonial houses painted in pastel colors surrounding the baroque churches : the San Francisco church for example, its interior is completely covered in gold leaf. The Basilic Cathedral built in the 17th century is also a masterpiece of colonial baroque architecture that you will really appreciate.

Night at the hotel

São Marcelo fort in Salvador.

Colourful ribbons in Salvador.

Day 9 : Salvador

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, a guided panoramic tour of the town by car starting in the lower part of town. You will work your way to the Itapagipe peninsula to admire the amazing view. You will then visit the Bonfim church, the epicentre of Catholicism in this region.

Completed in 1754, the church stands on a hill from where you can observe the city and its hilly landscape. It is undoubtedly the best known church in Salvador because of its Sala dos Milagres (room of miracles) where offerings are piled up in  hopes of a miracle. But what is especially attractive are the tens of thousands of colored “fita” or wish ribbons, floating in the wind, attached to the gates surrounding the religious site. The faithful attach these small bracelets with a wish hoping it will come true.

The tour continues with a visit of the Mont Serra fort and its star-shaped structure, a masterpiece of local military architecture.

A free afternoon.

Night at the hotel.

Beach in Salvador de Bahia.

Festival in Salvador de Bahia.

Day 10 : Salvador – Excursion to Cachoeira / Fortaleza

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, A 2hr. drive to Cachoeira and a guided tour of this small town. This capital is a true jewel of South American colonial architecture.

On the way you will stop at Santo Amaro and discover its small, colourful and typically local market.

You will visit the Notre Dame church, and the Third Order of the Carmelites church, the Hansen Bahia Foundation and the Danneman Cultural Centre, among other things. For lunch you can discover the delicious Bahianaise cuisine stopping at a fazenda (ranch) or local farm.

Return to Salvador at the end of the afternoon and airport transfer for your flight to Fortaleza (1hr30).

Arrival in Fortaleza and transfer to your chosen hotel.
Fortaleza is the contrast of modern architecture and homemade fishing boats on the beach, an ecclectic mix of bustling city life and relaxed beach life. It has a very busy nightlife so if you want to go out and party, just head to the Dragão do Mar area for a lively evening!

Night at hotel.

Stall at the market of Santo Amaro.

Woman working in Salvador.

Day 11 : Fortaleza / Guajiru

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, departure for the start of your adventure in a 4×4 with a driver or drive your own buggy along the beaches of the Ceará coastline to reach the peaceful paradise of Guajiru. (Arrival time depends on the tide)

You will leave Fortaleza in the direction of Cumbuco to reach the beach. After a few kms you will pass Pecém Port,  the closest Brazilian port to Europe. Driving along, you will see the almost deserted beaches that run as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by a few fishing villages.

Taíba, and Paracuru are exotic little villages where we suggest you stop for lunch. Finally after Lagoinha village and if the tide is high, you will take a small ferry across the water to Guajiru beach.

Check-in and night at the pousada chosen from our selection.

Beautiful panoramic view of beach and dunes in Brazil.

Jangada on the beach in Nordeste.

Day 12 : Guajiru / Jericoacoara

Brazilian breakfast buffet at the hotel.

In the morning, you set off along the beaches by 4×4 or buggy towards Jericoacoara, the most beautiful beach in the region and listed among the top 10 in the world.

This new day discovering the Nordeste coastline has more surprises in store! In Fleixeras you will find relaxing small pools of clear and warm water appearing at low tide among the rocks. (Guajiru/Fleixeiras – 5 kms).

In Mundau, you can climb one of the giant sand dunes and marvel at the view of the river flowing into the ocean after meandering through the sands. (Fleixeiras/Mundaú – 13 kms) Then you will cross the river on a small ferry.

Onto the beaches of Baleia, and Icarai de Amontada where you can stop for lunch. From there you will come back to the road to go to Preá and on to Jericoacoara along the beach.

Jericoacoara is a true paradise on earth, wild, and often considered the most beautiful beach on the Brazilian coast. Giant dunes interspersed with fresh or salt water lakes, caves, cacti … the landscape is breathtaking. The village is nestled between the sea and the dunes.

Check-in and night at your chosen pousada.

A beautiful sunset behind the palm trees in Brazil.

Jangadas on the beach in Brazil, set against a background of palmtrees.

Day 13 : Jericoacoara

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

A free day, optional activities available :
– Horseback riding along the magnificent Jericoacoara beach.
– Quadbike excursions
– A walk to the Perched Rock. You will follow the beach before climbing the cliffs along the fields, then down a path leading to the Perched Rock, one of the symbols of Jericoacoara, where people come to admire the sunset (2hrs return trip).

Second night at the same pousada.

The pierced rock in Jericoacoara.

Day 14 : Jericoacoara/ Parnaíba (or Barra Grande)

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Early morning free.
Around 11:00,  set off in a 4X4 to Camocim. After 5 minutes along the beach you cross the river Guriu on a ferry. Then you go through a dead mangrove along the river bank. An eerie landscape of twisted tree trunks that have been eroded by the salt and wind.

After this, it´s 45 minutes of beaches, immense dunes and tracks in the moors where wild donkeys graze. Then a stop at the Tatajuba lagoon, a water basin formed by rain collecting in the dunes. We suggest you have lunch here at the beach restaurant “Didi.” You can enjoy fresh lobster or other local fish while sitting by the water.

After lunch, back on the road to Camocim where you’ll take another ferry to cross the Coreau river. 2hrs later you will arrive in Parnaíba (or Barra Grande)

Check-in and night at the charming pousada Casa de Santo Antonio (or Barra Grande Kite Camp)

Tatajuba in Jericoacoara.

Men gathered around a jangada on the beach in Brazil.

Day 15 : Parnaíba (or Barra Grande) / Delta of Parnaiba / Barreirinhas

Brazilian  breakfast  at the hotel.

In the morning, departure in a 4×4 to the port of Tatus for a boat trip in the Parnaíba delta for around 4hrs. The delta has dozens of islands covered by dense white mangrove forests full of various wildlife such as monkeys, caimans, sloths and scarlet ibis.

The return trip will pass the other side of the delta towards Tutoia, where you can stop for lunch (1hr30/2hrs).

After lunch, you can continue on your way, taking a dirt track to join the coastline and drive along the beach for around 30 kms. It’s a totally deserted beach until you get to the small fishing village of Caburé. Here a fast canoe will take you up the waterways of the Preguiças where you will wtiness an incredible change in the landscape from coastal vegetation to tropical jungle!

A little stop at Vassouras where you’ll find a small fishing village and some little monkeys and you can drink fresh coconut water with, before setting off again in the direction of Barreirinhas, your stop for the day.

Check-in and night in your pre-selected pousada.

Exploring the Parnaíba delta by canoe.

One of the estuaries of the Parnaíba delta.

Day 16 : Barreirinhas/ São Luís

Brazilian  breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning departure in a chauffeur driven 4X4 with a guide to discover the Lençóis Maranhenses and explore this incredible desert. (4hrs). Its name “Lencois,” means bed sheets, as the lagoons and hilly dunes bring to mind an image of crumpled white bed sheets.

In the rainy season the white sand dunes are dotted with thousands of fresh water lagoons, which creates a surreal and magnificent landscape.

You can wander around barefoot, feel the sand between your toes and dip them in the crystal clear waters. An unforgettable experience!

Return at end of morning.

In the afternoon, you set off towards São Luís, in a chauffeur driven vehicle. 4hrs of travel by road crossing Burriti and Carnauba countryside, the two main kinds of palm trees in the region.

Arrival in São Luís, check-in and night at your pre-selected hotel.

Lençois Maranheses, the desert filled with beautiful blue lagoons.

An aerial view of Lençois Maranheses.

Day 17 : São Luis / Out

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, a guided tour on foot of the historic town center founded by the French in the 16th century (about 2hr30). This town center holds the largest concentration of Portuguese colonial architectural heritage in the world, a feature that earned it UNESCO World Heritage status in 1997.

It feels like a city within a city with more than 3,500 buildings that today, serve as reminders of the prosperous past of the region.

São Luís is a city with a tropical climate, this capital of Maranhão is bathed in sunshine all year round. It is also known as the capital of Brazilian reggae and comes alive each February with a swinging carnival.

We also recommend the regional and very colourful festival “Bumba Meu Boi”, where dressed up dancers perform in the streets in June, around the theme of the death and resurrection of an ox. A show not to be missed!

Transfer to the airport and your flight, end of our services.

Looking down the road in São Luis.

Accommodation on the Discover Nature and Culture Tour

Continental Inn (Standard)

The Continental Inn is one of the best value for the money hotels in the center of Foz de Iguaçu, close to the restaurants and the local nightlife.

The modern and comfortable rooms with the good service expected from a 3 star hotel make it a logical choice for those wanting to stay in town at a reasonable price.

Continental Inn double twin bedroom in Foz de Iguaçu.

Hotel Bourbon das Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort (Superior)

The Bourbon das Cataratas hotel is located in a magnificent tropical park of 16 hectares, halfway between the Iguaçu Falls and the town of Foz.

Quality services and a luxuriant park make this hotel ideal for couples looking for a calm and quiet stay or for those looking for top quality services.

Bedroom in Hotel Bourbon with a beautiful view from the window.

Hotel Belmont das Cataratas (luxury)

This luxury hotel, recently acquired by the Belmond Hotel chain, is the perfect place to stay in Iguaçu. The hotel faces the wonderful Iguaçu falls, in the heart of the national park, in a beautiful green setting. It has tastefully decorated rooms in a colonial style and combines charm and comfort. It’s an exclusive establishment and out of the ordinary due to its location.

The luxury Belmont da Cataratas.

Hotel Olinda Copacabana (Standard)

Facing the ocean and almost in the middle of the Atlantica avenue at Copacabana, the Olinda Hotel lets you discover the mythical Rio de Janeiro in very nice conditions. The hotel was built in 1949, and has just been completely renovated but has kept its charm of a classical hotel from the 1940s.

The rooms we propose all have an ocean view that is to die for  when staying in Rio de Janeiro. For us it is one of the best hotels because of its value for money.

Double room in Hotel Olinda in Copacabana.

Altos de Santa Teresa (standard)

At Altos de Santa Teresa, you find an atmosphere of a charming pousada (Guest house) with a sophisticated design and a location offering an exceptional panoramic view of Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Rio bay.

The rooms are large and tastefully furnished, the terrace with its pool and Jacuzzi is spacious and perfect for taking in the view of the “Cidade Maravilhosa” spread out below. Ideal for couples looking for a romantic and quiet stay.

Large and stylish in Altos de Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro.

Hotel Miramar (superior)

The Miramar Hotel has stylishly decorated rooms with Brazilian paintings and elegantly designed bathrooms.

Each of the 200 rooms has a Wi-Fi, connection, mini-bar, iPod station, and more.

This hotel focuses on service quality. The rooms with a sea view are comfortable and cozy and the side rooms offer the same comfort and an equally good view of Copacabana beach.

The view from the rooftop terrace is absolutely divine!

Double room in the superior Hotel Mirimar.

Pousada Brisa da Serra (Standard & Superior)

The Brisa da Serra pousada is a true haven. With fine colonial style rooms in an old building equipped with all the modern comforts you need.

A charming place with luxury services to follow the trend of the refined regional culture of Minas Gerais.

A beautifully decorated room in the pousada Brisa da Sera.

Pousada do Rosario (Standard & Superior)

In the center of Ouro Preto, the Rosario pousada offers the charms of a 19th century residence, completely renovated it mixes style with traditional materials, notably the beautiful traditional beds, plus modern amenities for maximum comfort.

A place full of history and romance, it exists in perfect harmony with the local atmosphere.

Spacious bedroom in Pousada do Rosario in Ouro Preto.

Fera Palace Hotel (Standard)

This Neo Art Deco style hotel has a lounge terrace which alone is worth the stay for its view of the bay. This hotel has recently opened and is ideally located on the edge of the historic centre. The rooms are comfortable and charming.

Brightly coloured room in Fera palace hotel in Salvador de Bahia.

Pousada La Villa Bahia (Superior)

One feels at home in this charming pousada run by a Frenchman. It has some antiques from the 17th & 18th centuries and its rooms are comfortable and each one is decorated in a slightly different Portuguese colonial style. There is also a patio and small pool, all of which gives a pleasant atmosphere to this place.

Beautiful and luxurious four poster bed in Vila Bahia pousada.

Hotel Sonata de Iracema (standard)

The Sonata Hotel de Iracema offers 117 simple yet modern rooms, offering all the comforts you need, each with a magnificent ocean view.

These features currently make the Sonata the best beachfront hotel in Fortaleza in terms of value for the money.

A hotel for all types of travelers wishing to travel in the standard category.

Bedroom in hotel Sonata Iracema.

Gran Marquise (Superior)

The Gran Marquise is the flagship of the local hotels, frequented by celebrities when they come to Fortaleza.

It offers the best services in the city and is located in the most upmarket part of the oceanfront capital of Ceará. Ideal for guests looking for extra services and comfort, or for a special occasion.

The luxury Gran Marquise in Fortaleza.

Rede Beach Resort (Standard)

Ideally located on the beach front, in the center of the small fishing village of Guajiru, the charming Rede Beach Resort offers around twenty rooms decorated in a local style and with natural materials. It has an eco-chic atmosphere and all the necessary comforts for a pleasant stay.

Featuring a large garden, a pool facing the ocean and a wonderful restaurant that beautifully complements the lodge, it is perfect for families especially with kids. This is our best value for money in Guajiru.

Double bedroom in Rede beach resort in Guajiru.

 Vila Vagalume (Standard)

This small and charming pousada located on the Guajiru beach offers comfortable and well organised rooms. They are in groups of 4 separate bedrooms, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor which have terraces. The pool facing the ocean is  a lovely place to enjoy the view.

suite sup Vila Vagalume

Zorah Beach (superior)

Zorah Beach is an upscale boutique hotel offering rooms and bungalows with exceptional amenities and an Asian-inspired decor surrounded by a real tropical garden with small canals.

An ideal establishment for travelers looking for superior services or for a honeymoon. Note, stay of 2 nights minimum.

The beautiful garden of Zorah beach.

Hotel My Blue (Standard)

Offering quality services in a beautiful flowered garden in which whirlpools and two swimming pools are a real temptation to relax in, the My Blue Hotel is in one of the best locations, and is equipped with all of the modern comforts. There is a restaurant for breakfast facing the ocean that completes the quality offer of this establishment.

An address combining a family atmosphere and “sophisticated simplicity”, ideal for families with children with its beautiful slope bottomed pool and games room.

Beautifully coloured and well decorated room.

Hotel Hurricane Jeri (Standard & Superior)

Nestled in one of the quieter areas of the village, facing the ocean on the beautiful Malhada Beach with its tortured rocks, the Hurricane Jeri is a charming hotel with a tropical vibe.

It has about twenty bungalows with gardens combining local materials and indigenous know-how (plaçavas fiber roofs) with modern construction techniques, gathered around a central alley. There is a beautiful lagoon-style swimming pool and a small relaxation area facing the ocean … our favorite place in Jericoacoara, it has magnificent services in the luxury category bungalows.

For couples looking for a  calm stay, it is ideal for a honeymoon, birthday etc. Children under 13 years old are not allowed. 5 nights minimum, from August 1st to October 31st.

Bedroom in Hotel hurricane Jeri, with opening out onto beach terrace.

Vila Kalango (Superior)

Vila Kalango Hotel is a real institution in Jericoacoara because it totally reflects the local atmosphere.

The first hotel of its kind to combine top-of-the-range services and ecological awareness, it offers simple bungalows or bungalows on stilts as well as a few rooms that wonderfully integrate with the surrounding environment thanks to the use of local natural materials and a charming decor in a tropical paradise style.

Being concerned with ecology and the tranquility and serenity of its guests, most rooms do not have air conditioning and there is no TV. There is however a kitesurfing and windsurfing school at the pousada. Ideal for everyone.

bungalow Palafite Vila Kalango Jericoacoara

Casa de Santo Antonio (Standard & Superior)

On a quiet street in the center of the small town of Parnaíba, the Casa de Santo Antonio is a charming pousada installed in a 19th century bourgeois house that has been completely redesigned to offer quality accommodation while preserving the charm of yesteryear.

Each bedroom has beautiful volumes and some authentic period decorations, all the furniture is of excellent quality and good taste.

This property has 3 luxury suites with jacuzzi and private patio. A place of charm for everyone, a truly comfortable and peaceful retreat.

A beautiful and modern bedroom in Casa de Santo Antonio in Parnaíba.

BGK – Barra Grande Kite Camp (Standard)

The Pousada BGK is located on the beach of the small fishing village of Barra Grande. All-wood cabins stand in front of the ocean to welcome kite surf enthusiasts in a recognized spot where the world championship took place in 2014.

Beautiful bungalows in a natural style typical of the region, are set in the amazing surroundings of beaches and coconut trees. Perfect to spend a few days or for kitesurfing enthusiasts wishing to improve or just enjoy the place.

Outside view from the garden of Barra Grande kitecamp.

Encantes do Nordeste (Standard)

About 200m away from the meanders of the Preguiça River where it has a private pontoon and a beautiful restaurant, the Encantes do Nordeste pousada is an establishment consisting of small chalets in a lush garden.

Each of these 25m2 chalets offers standard comforts. It is currently the best value for money in the standard category in the area. Suitable for everyone.

Outside view of Encantes do Nordeste.

Porto Preguiças Resort(Superior)

Porto Preguiças is the most luxurious hotel in Barreirinhas. Set back from the city, by the river, 15 minutes by taxi from the center. It is housed in a large walled park, and composed of colorful and modern bungalows scattered around a beautiful swimming pool.

There are many activities available which makes Porto Preguiças an ideal destination for travelers wishing for extra comfort or to stay for several days, and for those traveling with families with children.

Beautiful lounge area in Porto Preguiças.

Hotel Luzeiros (Superior)

Built in the new district at the edge of the bay, 15 minutes drive from the peninsula of the city center, the Luzeiros São Luís hotel has a beautiful leisure facility.

The rooms are pleasant and well decorated and there is also a nice swimming pool. All the services of an upscale market hotel are present to satisfy customers in search of superior amenities.

Twin room in upscale Hotel Luzeiros.

Price for a double room:

Standard category: 2 persons $4868 /pers 4 persons $3535 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $5299 /pers 4 persons $3946 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not a quote.

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