From your buggy discover the sand dunes and immense beaches that stretch from Rio Grande do Norte to Ceara !!!

What do you say to exploring, at your own pace, a sumptuous, wild and off the beaten track coastline for your holidays in Brazil? It is possible, with this tour in 3 seaside stages between Natal and Fortaleza! (a minimum of 4 nights)

In a buggy with a driver (possible to drive yourself as an option, ask us) for more fun or in a 4X4 with driver for more comfort, you will follow the ocean along the most beautiful beaches of the region. Mile after mile of wild and preserved landscape dotted, from time to time by small huts and jangadas – the local fishing boats. Each stage is a chance to discover the typical traditional fishing villages of Canoa Quebrada, Galinhos or Sao Miguel de Gostoso where time seems to just stand still.

Discover a travelling tour in the North East of Brazil, which combines adventure and natural beauty « on the road » with comfortable stops and authentic places for real relaxation!

In our Fortaleza to Natal Tour

The village of Canoa Quebrada
The enchanting fishing village of Galinhos
The village of Sao Miguel do Gostoso
The magnificent deserted beaches of the North East

map of Fortaleza Natal

About our Fortaleza to Natal Tour

• A transfer from the airport to the hotel in Fortaleza
• 4 days excursion in a buggy with chauffeur from Fortaleza to Natal and drop off at the airport in Natal
• 1 hotel night in a double room with a sea view in Fortaleza
• 1 hotel night in a double room in Canoa Quebrada
• 1 night in a double room at the pousada Amagali in Galinhos
• 1 night in a double room at the pousada dos Ponteiros in Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Enjoy the totally preserved paradisical landscapes, From Fortaleza to Natal

Still hardly exploited, the coastline between the states of Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte is a sanctuary of giant dunes and chiselled cliffs with shimmering colours.

 It is virtually unknown to foreign tourists but enjoys a certain popularity with Brazilians. With few inhabitants, there are only a few roads in the area and you will travel mainly along the beaches or on sandy or dirt tracks that form a labyrinth known only to natives.

In this kind of place, buggy and 4×4 vehicles are the most practical and exciting ways to explore the coast from Natal to Fortaleza in complete safety and peace of mind. These vehicles allow you to go where others can’t, to easily access and visit every corner of this coastline renowned for its beautiful wild landscapes A guide is essential and whether in a 4X4 with your driver or Buggy “self drive” with the track opener, you will always be accompanied so you won’t have to worry about directions in this maze of tracks.

Each day is a new adventure in your all terrain vehicle and you will drive through some superb desert sand dunes, along the immense deserted beaches worthy of the prettiest picture postcards, and follow impressive red cliffs along the turquoise blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Leaving behind the noisy towns, you will appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with this preserved environment and take the time to swim in the calm tropical waters. The only way to cross the estuaries or bays is by small ferry which will add a contemplative and picturesque pause in your tour from time to time. It is also a chance to meet and exchange with the natives that live along this coastline.

Depending on your wishes or for logistical reasons (flights, itineraries etc…) you can do this tour in either direction, From east to west starting from Natal and going to Fortaleza or the opposite leaving Fortaleza and going east to Natal. However, it will cost slightly more when leaving Natal as the hotels there are a little more expensive. It’s your choice !

buggy canoa

Enjoy our Authentic Buggy tour

Throughout the trip and along the stages of this tour – Canoa Quebrada, Galinhos and Sao Miguel do Gostoso – you will stay in comfortable pousadas located in typical fishing villages.

It’s a unique opportunity to discover the traditional ways of life here that haven’t changed in decades, as if frozen in time. The spectacle of the valiant fishermen daily braving the waves on their elegant and frail coloured skiffs is characteristic of this region and you will come across it regularly. The treasures of the ocean that they bring back every day will be served in delicious local recipes. It’s impossible to eat fresher fish or lobster than this!

Imagine the picture : in the shade of the palm trees, small huts along the beach with a golden reflection of the sun. At sea, the jangadas – these very light fishing boats with a triangular sail –seem to be playing and surfing on the waves. In the small village streets, the women are sewing sitting on the porch of their houses chatting in the shade of the coloured walls and children are playing and laughing…….A simple life, full of smiles. A refreshing and calm atmosphere miles away from your everyday life.

If Galinhos and Sao Miguel are the smallest villages with just a few houses and no visitors where you will see this traditional life everywhere, Canoa Quebrada is slightly different. Revealed to the world by a New Wave of film makers due to its decor of tortured cliffs and imposing sand dunes, this village has earned a certain reputation and has become a small seaside resort even though it has kept its charm and relaxed way of life. Here you will find most necessities as well as gift shops and local handicrafts.
At sunset it’s time to party ! and the chance to taste one of the delicious fish dishes in the restaurants on « Broadway » the pedestrian street that crosses the whole village, and the centre of nightlife in Canoa Quebrada, accompagnied by a coco verde or a cachaça. Get ready to dance until late in the night to the crazy rythms of forro and samba !

Jangadas Nordeste

For even more pleasure, extend your stay in one of these seaside destinations

On request, you can add one or more days to your tour between Fortaleza and Natal.

This option is ideal for “lazy” moments in the sumptuous destinations of Canoa Quebrada, Sao Miguel de Gostoso and Galinhos.

Phare de Galinhos

The detailed program of our Fortaleza to Natal Tour by buggy

Day 1 : Fortaleza in

Arrival of your flight at the international airport in Fortaleza.

After about a 20 min. drive, you will arrive at the sea front and your hotel, to check-in.

Fortaleza is the capital of Ceara. With 2 million inhabitants it has grown very rapidly since the 1980s. At night you can go out and have fun in the bars or lively parties to the rhythm of the local music such as forrò or samba. Fortaleza is the beach and party destination!

Night at the Sonata or Gran Marquise hotel.

buggy falaise

Day 2 : Fortaleza/Canoa Quebrada

Brazilian style buffet breakfast at your hotel.

Morning, A driver will collect you with your chosen vehicle (buggy or 4X4) in front of your hotel to go to Canoa Quebrada,  departure time depends on the tides. (You can also drive your own buggy with another buggy and guide behind, (ask us for more details)

The adventure starts on the road to the coast outside town. You will set off for Prainha, the first beach along the south east coast of Fortaleza (about 40 mins.) Arriving in Prainha you will join the coastline and drive along the immense beaches. It’s a magical setting, with the waves lapping at the shore, the fine sandy beaches and red cliffs sculpted by the winds.

Along the way you can stop whenever you wish to enjoy a swim in the ocean or take photos of the amazing views, total freedom ! From time to time a small ferry will take you across the rivers and other waterways that arrive at the sea. You will pass through the fishing villages of Iguape, Caponga and Barra Nova. Lunch stop suggested at Morro Branco (about 1hr30 to 2hrs).

Afternoon, you will set off again towards Canoa Quebrada, driving along the coastline for another 1hr.30 to reach the famous village of Canoa Quebrada.

Arrival and check-in at the hotel Aruana, Long Beach or Vila Selvagem.

Night at the hotel.

jangada plage


Day 3 : Canoa Quebrada/Galinhos

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, your driver awaits to take you on another adventure along the beaches in your chosen vehicle. The day’s stop is the small village of Galinhos.

You will pass by Majorlandia village then the little hamlet of Ponta do Mel. Then on to the Ponta Grossa beach and its incredible cliffs.

On the beach at Ponta Grossa, the rocks are of three colours : dark yellow at the top, white in the middle and brown at the bottom. There are sculptures emerging from these rocks like fingers or hands. We suggest lunch in the village of Redonda or the small town of Icapui.

Afternoon, you will cross the Tibau beach to get to the charming little village of Galinhos. Depending on the tide, you may need to cross by boat.

A perfect place where you feel you are at the «end of the world» and spend the night in a truly peaceful setting. For those staying a few days, the natural pools and crystal clear waters are easy to reach on the Ponta do Farol beach

Check-in and night at the Amagali pousada.

ponta grossa

plage Nordeste

Day 4 : Galinhos/Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Brazilian style buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Departure by vehicle towards Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

During this trip you will drive through the wild dunes and Caatinga, the local vegetation. At the beginning you will drive along the Galos beach before continuing to Sao Bento do Norte, then you will see the windmills around the village of Cauan before arriving at your destination in the small town of Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

Arrival in the Gostoso bay and check-in and night at the pousada dos Ponteiros.

buggy et bac

Day 5 : Sao Miguel do Gostoso /Natal

Breakfast, Brazilian style at the hotel.

You then continue your adventure along the Rio Grande do Norte beaches to reach Natal, final destination of this tour.

After passing the little villages of Sao Jose then Cajueiro, you will pass close to the beginning of the BR101, the national road that follows the Brazilian coast for 4775 kms ! You will then reach the Cap Sao Roque lighthouse which is the closest point of Brazil to the African continent and follow the little coves lined with coconut trees.

You will admire the turquoise sea and sandy beaches dotted with little huts with fishermen launching their nets out to sea. Then you enter the Dunes Touristic Park, True roller coasters of sand. An amazing site !

This adventure along the beaches comes to an end when you arrive at the Genipabu lagoon. Here you will say goodbye to the beaches and drive straight to Natal.

In Natal, your chauffeur will drop you off at the hotel of your choice or the airport.

End of our services.


Arrivée à Natal

Discover the accommodation options for our Fortaleza to Natal Tour

Hotel Sonata de Iracema (Standard)

The Sonata hotel is on the Iracema beach, the nicest quarter in Fortaleza. It is definitely one of the best values for money in town.
All rooms are spacious, bright and have an ocean view. It is on the beaches so you can walk to the restaurants and the famous Dragao do Mar centre, where all the nightlife is.

chambre standard 2lits hotel Sonata Fortaleza

Gran Marquise (Superior)

The Gran Marquise hotel is the best address in Fortaleza in terms of prestige and service quality. The pleasant rooms are well decorated and have all been recently refurbished, giving the best comfort in town.

It is well located on the sea front with good restaurants nearby.

Chambre sup latérale Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza

Pousada Aruanã (Standard)

The Aruana pousada is about 10mins on foot from the main street in Canoa. It has 20 rooms and is excellent value for money.

Its pool has a wet bar and some bedrooms have an ocean view from their balcony.

chambre double Pousada Aruana Canoa Quebrada

Pousada Village Long Beach (Superior –  2 nights min.)

The Long Beach hotel is the best option in Canoa Quebrada, with a wing of 20 luxury suites. It is located 10 mins from Broadway, the main street in town.

The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable and there are 2 pools. A perfect place for a romantic stay in the bungalows with private terraces.

Vue piscine Hotel Long Beach Canoa Quebrada

Hotel Vila Selvagem (Superior-  2 nights min.)

This is definitely one of the most beautiful pousadas in Ceara. Its decor is refined and the bungalows are especially spacious and comfortable.

It is located on the beach in a paradise setting 45mins from Canoa Quebrada, in the small village of Pontal de Maceio, on the road to Fortaleza.

Lounge Vila Selvagem Fortim Canoa Quebrada

Galinhos – Pousada Amagali (Standard & Superior)

The Amagali pousada is found on the ocean front on the Galinhos peninsula.

This plain but comfortable pousada has been decorated with a combination of local and modern materials giving it a plain and simple charm.

There are 16 rooms and 2 chalets that are ideal for couples.

Bungalow vue mer Pousada Amagali Galinhos

Pousada Dos Ponteiros

The Dos Ponteiros pousada is a charming place set in lush greenery, between the coconut trees and the beach.

There are 18 chalets that are spacious and tastefully decorated facing the ocean, A relaxing stop for the end of your buggy adventure.

pousada dos Ponteiros Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Double room prices – The following price examples are calculated as follows :

  • A Standard category room based on a 4X4 with chauffeur (for 2 or 4pers)
  • A Superior category room based on a buggy with chauffeur for 2 persons i.e. 2 buggys + 2 chauffeurs for 4 persons
  • For self drivers we have planned a buggy for 2 persons and added a buggy with a guide that shows the way (ask us for a price)
Standard category: 2 persons $844 /pers 4 persons $950 /pers
Superior category 2 persons $828 /pers 4 persons $934 /pers

Low season price of the current year, given as an indication and not worth quote

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