From Rio to the Amazon, a selection of up – scale accommodation for a blissful trip to Brazil

Brazil is a huge country with many wonderful facets. Among the most striking features of this vast territory are the great variety of ecosystems and the wealth of human cultures associated with them.

From the jungle of Amazonia to the countryside landscapes in the southern states, Brazil has its own particular style when it comes to luxury. In this thematic section, we have selected the establishments that blend the landscapes that surround them with a tribute to local culture. The result?  Extraordinary services in breathtaking settings.

For travelers interested in this type of upscale accommodation, we generally offer differentiated services as well. For example, we can organize helicopter or float plane transfers depending on the region and availability. Contact us for more information, or simply let us know the services that you want; as far as possible, we will make every effort to provide them.
From colonial settlements to lodges in the Amazon, discover luxury accommodation and make your luxury vacation in Brazil a true delight.

Prestigious establishments for a luxury vacation in Brazil

Our Luxury category – exclusive Brazil

True to our promise of quality, we only offer carefully selected establishments to be certain of the capacity of their services. Sometimes our customers want more.

These 4 hotel establishments stand out for their luxurious services and their pristine reputations. Each of them is located in a specific region, so you can choose one of these establishments for your stay, or opt to discover the whole of Brazil by spending some time in each of them.
By staying in these particular hotels, you are simply choosing the finest that Brazil has to offer.

Swimming pool at hotel Belmond das Cataratas at the Iguazu falls.

Charm and luxury in the heart of authentic Brazil

If you dream of a unique trip in comfort and bliss, you will certainly be seduced by this selection of accommodation for your luxury Brazil vacation.

Each of these hotels have been chosen for their high-end services, but also for their charming atmosphere and locations on exceptional sites.

Find yourself in the epitome of Brazilian architectural culture. Most often our luxury hotels are located on either rare or unique natural landscapes. These are not simple upscale establishments, but real works of art in themselves.

In Iguazu, you will stay in a treasure of colonial architecture that offers all the subdued elegance of this era’s heritage. Located opposite the famous UNESCO recognized Iguazu Falls, you will also enjoy unlimited access to them, including outside opening hours.

In Rio, the most famous hotel in the country will receive you in a classic decor, tinged with Art Deco, right in the heart of Copacabana, facing the ocean.

Travel north to the wild beaches of white sand spreading as far as the eye can see and the eternal sun of Nordeste will greet you with a design concept hotel signed off by a great local architect, installed a few meters from the edge of the water.

Finally, facing the largest freshwater archipelago in the world, in the heart of the deep Amazon, a completely out of the ordinary lodge awaits you. It is entirely forest-oriented and built from local materials, a perfect compromise between traditional techniques and the cutting edge of current technology.

Room in famous Rio de Janeiro hotel - Copacabana Palace.

Txai Ecoresort in Itacaré.

Txai Ecoresort, chic ecotourism on a tropical beach paradise

Nestled on the edge of a deserted beach on the wild Bahian coast south of Salvador, Txai Resort Itacaré offers a dream beach setting with upscale hotel amenities.

In a natural setting of preserved tropical vegetation, this luxury establishment offers exceptional services combining design and ecological concern in a vast wooded area of ​​92 hectares.

With 38 confidential accommodations distributed in small buildings scattered around the park, it is the ideal place for a luxurious stay, a honeymoon or to simply just relax on the magnificent Bahian coast enjoying your luxury vacation in Brazil.

Stay at Txai Resort

3 nights at Txai in Itacaré in a luxury bungalow
From $1067

Bangalow in the Luxury Txai Resort in Itacaré.

Restaurant at Belmond das Cataratas.

Hotel Belmont das Cataratas, the luxury hotel at the foot of the Iguazu Falls

Enjoy a romantic stop in the heart of the Iguazu National Park by staying in the only property with exclusive access to the waterfalls, Hotel Das Cataratas.

You will be seduced by this exceptional hotel, a small palace with a typical colonial style, set in a lush environment that has to be one of the most impressive hotel locations in the world.

The rooms all have classic, refined and timeless decoration, perfect for unwinding. The finely selected natural works that enliven the rooms add a touch of charm. The rooms offer visitors a sample of the rich ecosystem of the Iguazu National Park.

As the hotel’s location is isolated, you will find all the necessary services for your stay. Among other things, you can visit the two restaurants, the Ipê Grill, a specialist in gaucho barbecue (the local cowboys who are masters of the art of grilling meet) and Itaipu, a gourmet restaurant.

From the hotel, you can of course visit the falls on both Brazilian and Argentinian sides, alone (for the Brazilian side) or with a local guide. You can also walk up the river to the foot of the big zodiac falls and visit the Bird Park, the largest in Latin America.

A perfect destination for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon where tranquility, privacy, and an elegant decor will form the ideal cocktail. Choose Belmont das Cataratas on your luxury vacation in Brazil and you will never forget it.

The inside of Kenoa resort.

Kenoa Resort, the best of Brazilian design combined with the charm of an idyllic beach

Set on a wild beach on the edge of the small village of Barra de São Miguel, about 30 kilometers from Maceió, Kenoa is an unparalleled hotel experience.

A true work of architectural brilliance, the Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort  is a boutique hotel designed by a great name in Brazilian design, Osvaldo Tenorio. It features a blend of clean lines and remarkable textural work with the use of raw materials such as stone, wood, concrete and glass. The result is an ode to the beauty of nature and its “complex simplicity”.

The services and decoration of this small hotel of 24 units are exceptional; each piece has been worked to the smallest detail and has a personalized touch from local objects. The bathrooms with their interior gardens are in themselves masterpieces of architecture. Each of the 12 rooms has a private  “ofurô”  (Japanese bath) on the terrace overlooking the wilderness and the ocean.

The villas, located directly on the beach, have private infinity pools that appear to flow directly into the Atlantic. Finally, a beach house of 200 m² with dining room, indoor and outdoor lounge and a large garden will welcome you in conditions worthy of the greatest. The Araxa suites have 2 bedrooms with “shower” rooms, a particularly interesting configuration for families.

Kenoa Resort offers unique accommodation in a futuristic design that celebrates the relationship between man and nature; a perfect place to rest in a luxurious and contemporary environment and leave with lots of energy, set for the rest of your luxury vacation in Brazil!

Stay at Kenoa Resort

 3 nights in a luxury room facing the ocean
From $1556

Kenoa resort from the outside.

Amazon Anavilhanas lodge

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, enjoy a luxurious stay in the heart of the Amazon

Nestled in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on the edge of the Rio Negro, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon, the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is the most sophisticated and luxurious of all lodges in Brazil.

This small establishment will allow you to stay in the middle of the jungle, in an idyllic and preserved natural environment as close to nature as possible, while enjoying unequalled comfort. With eco – friendliness a top priority, its designers favored the use of local wood for its construction and all the waste produced by the hotel is recycled. The wastewater is treated to release nothing into the surrounding forest or river.
The lodge features 22 chalets and bungalows at a mid point between local tradition and resolutely modern lines. Designed to be as open as possible to the surrounding jungle, they are the bridgehead of a new way to understand architecture in the Amazon.
At the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge , each room has a large bay window that can be up to 10 linear meters in the panoramic category. This means the closest possible immersion in the jungle, but without the obvious drawbacks of sleeping amongst the other inhabitants of the Amazon!
Thanks to this installation, once inside, the illusion of a room open to nature is real.
You will enjoy a panoramic view of the lush jungle through the invisible wall, well sheltered under the cool breezes of the silent air conditioner, comfortably seated in your hammock.
To get the most out of this environment, its riches and its inhabitants, excursions organized by bilingual professional guides are available every day. You will go for a ride in the forest and on the water by boat, meet natives, swim with pink dolphins and even fish for piranhas.
With The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, come experience a unique, immersive experience in the most luxurious jungle hotel in the Amazon. A must on a luxury vacation in Brazil.

Stay at Anavilhanas lodge

3 nights in a panoramic room and one night in a hotel in Manaus

From $2631

bungalow Luxe Anavilhanas lodge

Room in Hotel Copacabana Palace.

Copacabana Palace, live the myth in the most prestigious palace in South America

In Rio de Janeiro, experience an unforgettable night at Copacabana Palace, one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. This building, built in the early 1920s by the French architect Joseph Gire, the builder of the famous Negresco in Nice, is a true masterpiece that plunges the visitor on a journey to another era.

Rehabilitated by the Belmont Orient-Express Group in 1989, it is majestically located on the mythical beach of Copacabana. Facing the ocean, it offers one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro from the balconies of the suites and from the large roof terrace.

The decor is elegant, classic and uses the finest materials in a charming style, a subtle blend of nostalgia and glamor creates a unique atmosphere. When one stays in the rooms and suites, it is easy to start dreaming of an Orson Welles contemplating the ocean from the neighboring balcony or meeting Marlene Dietrich in the corridors.

This is probably the most exclusive address in all of Brazil. If you want to experience the best in Brazilian hotel excellence, then the Copacabana Palace is perfect for your luxury vacation in Brazil.  Include it in your Rio de Janeiro package!

Stay at Copacabana Palace

Enjoy the only palace in Rio de Janeiro
Price on request for quote  

Room at Copacabana palace overlooking the ocean.