Does it snow in Brazil?

In a country known for being splashed in sunshine, many people wonder does it snow in Brazil? The answer is Yes! Although a relatively rare occurrence, snow does fall in the south, where the weather is colder and the topography is more mountainous.

In fact, in some parts of Brazil, snow is an annual occurrence. Far away from the sunny beaches of Nordeste and the humid expanses of the Amazon rainforest in the north, the south of Brazil is home to elevated plains where if you are there at the right time, there is a chance that you could see some snow in Brazil!

Where does it snow in Brazil? 


Snow in Brazil falls mostly on the high plains of the country´s Southern region. The states of Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina make up the Southern region of the country. Remember that Brazil is a continent sized nation, stretching 4,378 kilometers (2,720 miles) from north to south. Its sheer geographical size means that it encompasses various climates including equatorial (Amapá and Pará), semi – arid (Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba) and high – altitude tropical (São Paulo, Minas Gerais). The sub – tropical zones in the south fall just outside the tropical climate zone, this combined with a relatively high – altitude allow it to snow in Brazil. If you look at a map of Brazil, look south of the tropic of Capricorn and further inland, this is the area where you are most likely to find snowfall in Brazil.

Snow in Brazil - São Joaquim, on a snowy day.

Where does the most snow fall in Brazil?


São Joaquim is the city with the most snow days in Brazil, snow is even a source of income for the area with an average influx of 13, 000 tourists per year coming to enjoy the cold! The most snow ever recorded in Brazil fell on the 7th August in 1879 in Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul. On this occasion more than 2 meters of snow was recorded. The other occasion during which heavy snow fell in Brazil was on June 15th 1985 in Pico das Agulhas Negras. Located in the Itatiaia national park between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, it is the fifth – highest mountain in Brazil.

Snow in Brazil - Pico das orgulhas negras, the fith highest mountain in Brazil.

In conclusion . . .


Although snow in Brazil is more common in the areas of higher elevation, Porto Alegre, which is a city only 10 meters above sea level, has experienced snow. Examples of the coldest cities in Brazil are Bom Jesus, Bom Jardim da Serra, Palmas and Urupema. Urupema is the city in Brazil with the lowest average annual temperatures, it is common for the residents to experience temperatures of 14°F/-10°C in the winter! The cities listed above generally experience snowfall every year as well.

In conclusion, the answer is Yes! It does snow in Brazil. Although you will have to travel to the South at the right time of the year, it is indeed possible to build a snowman in the land of sun and samba! The next time you travel to the south of Brazil, be there at the right time and you could be swapping sandals and sunglasses for hats and gloves!

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