The Amazon regional tour, a sensational discovery of the largest tropical forest in the world

Come and enjoy a truly amazing experience, an exotic journey to a natural paradise, a “New World” waiting to the discovered.
Explore one of the most famous and mysterious regions of Brazil, the Amazon!

Being able to discover the vast spaces of the most complex ecosystem on Earth has long been a dream for many. At Brazil Selection, we are glad to be able to make this dream a reality. Join us to discover the world’s largest jungle and its cities built on the banks of the majestic Amazon River.

This is an unprecedented tour combining the three most interesting destinations along the world’s largest river. A paradise lost to some, the Amazonia region has been known by many names over time as mankind has tried to understand its mysteries. Our Amazon tour combines river cruises, trips through the rainforest and visits to the two regional capitals along the river. It takes you from the island of Marajó in the Amazon estuary to Manaus and the Anavilhanas archipelago. It also goes to Belém, the great port from where the rich regional produce leaves for the four corners of the world.

On the Amazon discovery Tour
you will visit

The Amazon rainforest on a private cruise
Manaus and its magnificent theatre
Belém’s incredible ‘ver o peso’ market
A fazenda on the Island of Marajó

Map of the Amazon river.

Amazon regional tour – Itinerary at a glance:

Day 1 : Belém/ In
Arrival in Belem, private transfer and night at your hotel.

Day 2 : Belém
Private guided tour of Belém.
Night at hotel.

Day 3 : Belém / Marajó
Transfer to the island of Marajó by boat. Then by smaller boat to the Fazenda de Sanjo ranch. Tour of the ranch with full board (drinks not incl.)

           Dinner and night at the Fazenda Sanjo.

Day 4 : Marajó
Activities throughout the day at the fazenda Sanjo. Lunch and dinner included. Night at the fazenda Sanjo.

Day 5 : Marajó / Belém / Manaus
Morning excursion, transfer back to Belém and flight to Manaus. Transfer and night at hotel.

Day 6 : Manaus / Private cruise
Private cruise departure (full board, drinks not incl.)

Night on board boat.

Day 7 : Private cruise
Day aboard boat, activities (depending on season and availability). Return to boat for lunch. Night aboard boat.

Day 8 : Private cruise / Manaus / out
Day aboard, return at 17.00 to Manaus. Private transfer to Manaus airport, end of our services.

The culinary delights and magnificent wildlife of the Amazon lowlands await you in Belém and Marajó !

Your tour starts in Belém, on the immense Amazon estuary, more than 100km inland.

In a truly unique atmosphere, where the tropical flora integrates with a superb “Art Nouveau” heritage, the Ver-O-Peso food market will offer a first glimpse of the exotic  region.

This is a chance to sample rare local flavours by strolling through the dozens of multicoloured stalls. You will taste delicious dishes with exotic names such as Cupuaçu sorbet or Pato no Tucupi, a duck dish that numbs your lips; the Jambu leaves found in the sauce have anesthetic properties. An unusual multi-sensory experience that you won’t forget, rich in flavours, smells, sounds and colours.

One of our partners is the Goeldi zoological park, here you can discover the amazing tropical ecosystem. You will see rare animals that are difficult to find in the wild such as the blue macaw, the anaconda or the “king of the forest”, the jaguar.

You will be accompanied by a guide who will share with you his knowledge and understanding of the local natural environment.

Next stop – Marajó, “the shield island” or “Marajoara” in the local language. This island is situated opposite the town of Belém, in the middle of the Amazon delta. Almost the size of Switzerland, it reigns over the river and the Atlantic Ocean and is divided into two very distinct halves.

You will sail there along the Amazon River! It’s a 3 hour boat ride to reach the island and this will give you time to realize the incredible enormity of the Amazon river as it flows into the ocean.

The people live on the eastern side of the island on its beaches and fields. There are fazendas (large farms or ranches) and vast flooded plains where they raise buffalo; the main inhabitant of the eastern part of the island.

As the island is partly marshy, buffalo, which have inhabited the island as far back as people can remember, are an ideal alternative to horses for transport. Even the mounted police ride buffalo!

On the western side, a thick mangrove extends over the entire coastline, as well as a practically impenetrable inland forest . This is the kingdom of macaws, toucans and sloths.

Walking through the streets of Salvaterre, you will discover the lively local culture. From here you will go to your “pousada” (lodge). It is worth spending a little time visiting the surrounding villages which still hold traditional pottery workshops, a legacy of the local indigenous people and their extraordinary skills. It is a privileged moment to learn more about an indigenous civilization that lasted nearly a thousand years (400 to 1400 AD) and which, at its peak, had a population of more than 100,000. It’s also a good opportunity to bring back some original and ecological souvenirs and participate in the local economy at the same time!

For an authentic stay, you will be in a fazenda (ranch) hotel in the heart of Marajó Island. With simple but comfortable facilities and decor influenced by local crafts and materials you will find it easy to relax here during this island getaway.

You can discover how a local ranch works with no compromise on the comfort of your holiday.

Man selling fish at the waters edge at Belém port.

The second part of your tour: From Manaus to Anavilhanas.

After discovering the incredible entrance to the Amazon forest with Belém and Marajó, you will take a flight of 2 hrs to the amazing city of Manaus built in the very heart of this huge tropical forest.

You will start your Amazon forest adventure in this great urban clearing, with the splendid Amazonas neo-Renaissance Theatre, a vestige of the transitory prosperity linked to the rubber making era.

With grandeur and decadence, this city and its inhabitants have been able to adapt over the course of time to alternative prosperous periods and economic decline. We want you to discover this fascinating and rich history and so offer the services of an experienced guide to take you on a captivating visit of Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonia.

To top off this splendid visit, there’s nothing better than a cruise along its main waterways, a private cruise with a guide will take you from Manaus into the jungle, going up the Rio Negro, one of the two main tributaries of the majestic Amazon river.

Aboard a traditional style boat, exclusively for you and yours, you will arrive at an immense natural lake, the Acajatuba lake. This region is a true jewel of nature, home to the Anavilhanas archipelago and its 400 islands.

During this expedition in the labyrinth of igarapes, (tributaries connecting the rivers) your guide will suggest exclusive activities depending on the season, weather conditions and your desires. There are all sorts of things to do!

You can fish for piranha, go canoeing at night to see caimans, canoe through the Igapos (the submerged forest) or explore the jungle on foot and lots more! If you are lucky you may see a pod of botos, the famous pink Amazon dolphins.

You may even be able to swim among them, a wonderful experience never to be forgotten!

On this boat trip you will also meet the communities that live all year round on the banks of the rivers, the famous Ribeirinhos (literally inhabitants of the shore), the Caboclos, the mixed race locals who will show you some of their secrets of how to survive in this beautiful yet unforgiving environment. You can also meet the original Indian inhabitants of this isolated world, famous for their traditional craftsmanship.

Downstream from Manaus, on your return trip, you will discover the “Encounter of the Waters” which is both a strange and magnificent phenomenon. For several kilometres you will sail on a half-yellow, half-black river before the waters of the Negro river and the Solimoes river finally mingle and give birth to the Amazon.

The green Amazon rainforest.

Amazonia regional tour : detailed itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival / Belém

After your arrival at Belém airport a chauffeur will take you to your hotel.

Night at the hotel.

Two boats on the river on the way to Belém.

Day 2 : Belém

After a Brazilian buffet style breakfast at the hotel, you will set off on a guided tour of Belém.

Morning, visit of the extraordinary “Ver o Peso” market  (translated as “see the weight”) where you can find all the Amazon produce; medicinal plants, fruits, food.

You will also pass through the town centre and see the combination of the very European 19th century architecture and the enormous tropical trees. A beautiful and fascinating setting.

Afternoon, visit to the Goeldi museum, a very impressive collection of the Amazon’s fauna and flora.

An opportunity to understand how the formidable Amazon ecosystem works and to get a glimpse of some of the rare animals in their natural habitats.

Night at the hotel.

Belem Ver O peso - mans selling from his huge cart of pinneapples.

Closeup shot of the massive jackfruit.

Day 3 : Belém / Marajó

Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Morning, private transfer to Belém airport. You will then take a 3 hr. boat ride to Salvaterre, a small village on Marajó island. From there, you will continue by road to the fazenda Sanjo ranch where you will be staying.

This Fazenda is a typical working farm where part of it has been transformed into a hotel with full board (drinks not incl.)

Afternoon : you can go on a first visit of the farm and its surroundings to see the wild animals. You can choose to explore by 4×4, horseback or on the back of a buffalo!

Dinner and night at the fazenda Sanjo.

A house on stilts at the edge of the Amazon river.

Day 4 : Marajó

Brazilian breakfast at the fazenda.

A full day of various excursions around fazenda Sanjo (varying depending on the weather and the time of year) including exploration walks, horse rides or buffalo rides.

Lunch and dinner on site.

Night at the fazenda Sanjo.

A capivara swims through the river close to the island of Marajó.

Day 5 : Marajó / Belém / Manaus

Morning, after a last traditional Marajó breakfast, you will go on a final walk around the ranch.

Back for lunch and then departure for the Salvaterre port where you will take a boat back to Belém.

On arrival, you can go for a tour of the Docas. A very trendy part of town with lots of shops and restaurants along the river bank. It will then be time for your private transfer to the airport and your flight to Manaus (2hrs).

On arrival, transfer and night at your hotel in Manaus.

A young local native to the island of Marajó rows his canoe up the river.

Day 6 : Manaus / Private cruise

Morning, after your Brazilian buffet breakfast at the hotel, a guide and car will come and collect you and take you on a tour of the main tourist sights in Manaus : Palacio Rio Negro, Mercado Municipal, Teatro Amazonas.

After visiting Manaus and your return to the hotel, another vehicle will collect you and take you to the port (If you are staying at the Tropical Resort hotel, the boat will pick you up directly at the hotel’s private port). Here, your boat awaits you with captain, cook and guide aboard to accompany you on your trip to the archipelago des Anavilhanas.

Boarding and departure from the port. (Full board during the cruise not including drinks)
After leaving Manaus behind, you will sail to the mouth of the Rio Jaraqui, where you will discover an incredible ecosystem that exists vertically as much as horizontally.

You then carry on to Terra Preta, near the mouth of the river Cuieiras. This village is a good chance to visit the local indigenous community. You will discover the traditions and local crafts of these inhabitants of the forest who will reveal a little of the richness of their culture.

At the end of the day, you will return to the boat and dinner will be made from traditional local produce.

Night aboard the boat.

The meeting of the waters at Manaus.

A canoe heads deep into the Amazon rainforest.

Day 7 : Private cruise

As soon as you wake up and while you’re having your breakfast, the boat will continue to the Acajatuba lake. Travelling up the river Negro, you will go through the famous archipelago of Anavilhanas to join the lake on the other side of the river.

Morning program (possible changes in activities depending on the season and your desires) Canoe trips and a visit to the “Caboclos” – the mixed race Indians and Portuguese who live in the forest. They generally live on the river banks in floating houses or houses on stilts and row canoes up and down the network of rivers, the only real roads in Amazonia.

Return to the boat for lunch.

Afternoon, is spent fishing for piranha and other local fish.

After dinner, a nocturnal motorized canoe trip to see the caïmans.

Night on the boat on the tranquil Acajatuba lake. If the sky is clear, you will see the amazing sight of millions of stars around the Milky Way revealed in a sky totally unpolluted by artificial lights from our civilization.

Dense Amazonia flora.

The impenetrable Amazon rainforest.

Day 8 : Private cruise / Manaus / out

You will have breakfast on the boat as it sails down the river towards the famous “Encounter of the Waters”. There you will see the amazing phenomenon of the black and brown waters of the Rio Solimões and Rio Negro flowing side by side for several kilometres without mixing.

Then you arrive at the entrance to the January park, a large natural park where you can see giant water lilies (Victoris regia) and visit the local craftsmen.

Lunch back on the boat.

An Afternoon canoe excursion, in and around the national park, to explore the igarapes (small river tributaries) and igapos (flooded forest) This will give you a fascinating view of this beautiful and totally different world that exists on our planet.

A final boat trip arriving around 5 pm in Manaus.

Private transfer to the airport and end of our services.

Giant water lilies on the Amazon.

The Amazon Tour – Accomodation

Hotel Crown Belém (standard & superior)

The Crown Plaza Bel is owned by a large international hotel group, and is one of the best hotels in the city. It is ideally located in the economic centre, in an uptown area where you will find many restaurants and all the services you might need.

The modern hotel’s elegant building consists of 173 rooms divided into different classes for all types of tourists in search of comfort and quality services.

This is a good option if you enjoy all the services and atmosphere of a large contemporary hotel.

Double room in Hotel crown Belém.

Atrium Quinta das Pedras Hotel (standard & superior)

The Atrium Quinta das Pedras hotel offers a very interesting combination of historical charm and modern comforts. Built around a 17th century building that has been used for lots of different things over the years, it has now been completely renovated, thanks to the Atrium Group and the Ministry of Culture. It is now one of the best hotels in Belém. Its suites are comfortable and pleasant highlighting the old architecture alongside modern conveniences. The public places such as the courtyard, bar and restaurant give a convivial and elegant atmosphere to this hotel.

Ideally located in the charming historic part of town, it’s undoubtedly one of the best hotels for those who want local charm without compromising on modern amenities and comfort.

A relaxed atmosphere at hotel quinta das pedras.

Fazenda hotel Sanjo (Standard & superior)

At the Fazenda Hotel Sanjo, you will experience an original stay right in the heart of a vast land property that covers most of the inhabited part of Marajó island. Located in the middle of the buffalo and horse fields it is a small building with plain but charming rooms decorated in the country style. They have air conditioning and individual bathrooms. The building is decorated with local arts and crafts giving a really authentic atmosphere. The local dishes are tasty and unique using produce from the Fazenda (farm).

A friendly address well worth the visit to discover life on a local ranch and to visit the people living on the largest river island in the world.

The natural atmosphere at the fazenda on Marajó.

Hotel Saint Paul (Standard)

The Saint Paul hotel is in fact, the best solution for those wanting to stay in the centre of Manaus to visit the town and its surroundings easily. Located only 10 minutes on foot from the famous town theatre, (some rooms have a direct view of it) the Saint Paul has been recently refurbished. The rooms and furnished suites have a small kitchen and all necessary facilities for a pleasant stay in the Amazonian capital. There is also a pool to refresh in at the end of the day.

A pleasant and modern place with the best accommodation in the centre of Manaus. It is therefore our best value for money while staying in Manaus.

Chambre vue theatre Hotel Saint Paul

Tropical Manaus Eco-Resort (Standard)

The Tropical Eco-Resort is the most comprehensive hotel in Amazonia. With lots of facilities for sports and recreation in a large shady park, it will satisfy the most exigent of visitors. There are various room categories to please all travellers whether alone, as a couple, as a family or among friends. Decorated in a neo-classic style this comfortable hotel also has several restaurants and bars to spend a good time in various different settings.

Also, it is located on the river bank and has a private port, which is perfect for those going on the Amazon Regional Tour as you can embark straight onto the cruise boat from your hotel.

A double room in the tropical Manaus eco-resort hotel.

Double room prices:

Catégorie standard : Base 2 personnes 2967$ /pers Base 4 personnes 2163$ /pers
Catégorie supérieure : Base 2 personnes 3052$ /pers Base 4 personnes 2249$ /pers

Prix basse saison de l'année en cours, donnés à titre indicatif et ne valant pas devis