How to gear up for your Brazilian adventure

Everything you need to know about your
holiday destination!

Travelling to Brazil is really like setting off to encounter a “New World ».

To be a good vacation it has to be a well organized one with no surprises, so we offer you our expertise and knowledge to help build a customized adventure that will meet all your expectations. However, even if we organize all the basics, you should still have a good idea of where you want to go to enjoy your Brazilian vacation to the full.

We have created this general information section to make it easier for you to learn about your destination. Here you will find everything you need to know to enjoy a vacation in Brazil. You will also find our sales terms and, for those who want more, a section dedicated to the culture, geography and history of this amazing country.

Find out the essential information needed to make your Brazilian stay a success!

You wish to discover, or rediscover Brazil and to do this you trust us to organize your vacation. However, to enjoy it to the full and not get caught out, it’s important that you know the basics about how you are going to travel and the places you are going to visit.

We therefore provide you with the essential and practical information needed to organize your trip. The best flights to Brazil depending where you are going in the country, or the cost of living in the different regions, or the best time of the year to visit a certain region, everything is here to help you prepare your dream vacation.

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Get to know More information for your better Brazilian vacation

All this practical information is fundamental, but we also wanted to go further in this section and give you an overview of the cultural and natural treasures of Brazil.

Part of this section is therefore devoted to cultural and scientific information about the Brazilian people and the environments in which they evolve. It is a first approach in discovering the richness of the natural environments and different cultures that one finds from the north to the south of this former Portuguese colony.

To make navigation easier in this general information section, we have separated the different themes mentioned above. You can find these through a brief description that will allow you to know by which one you should start.


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Define your budget and ask for a quote for your trip to Brazil

In this section you will discover several things :

  • Suggestions for travel programs in Brazil based on your budget.
  • A summary table with all the prices of our packages and tours to calculate a minimum cost for your dream vacation.
  • A link to the request form for a quote  after determining the itinerary you wish to take during your trip.
    This way you can be more precise in your choice and avoid losing time with Tours you’re not interested in.

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Practical information, learn more about life in Brazil

How much does a meal cost ? What’s the time difference between our different destinations ? How does cash work in Brazil ? How does the health system work ?

What safety measures should you take for a relaxed holiday? When travelling abroad, a host of small questions arise as you start preparing your vacation, and Brazil is no exception. We have therefore gathered the essential things to know so you can enjoy a relaxed and fun Brazilian holiday.

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you will find everything on our practical information page !

Vols intérieurs Brésil

Flights, all you need to know about the international and domestic flights for Brazil

Which flights for which destinations, how do national flights work and what budget should you plan for them?

If you haven’t already booked your international or internal flights this page is for you as it gives all the details of flights to Brazil but also the internal flights across the whole country.

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When to go? Information to help you decide when the best time is to go on your Brazilian vacation!

You were thinking of cruising down the Amazon in March ?

But do you know that from December to May is the rainy season here and that March is the peak Three days of torrential rain is certainly not what you would have wished for! To avoid this kind of disappointment and plan a holiday perfectly adapted to the period in which you wish to discover Brazil, we have created a page called when to go. It lists all the best periods, and those to avoid, for each of the regions we offer package tours, Tours and customized vacations.

A ceiling, decorated in Baroque style, part of Brazilian culture.

Brazilian culture: learn more about the world’s most diverse country

Brazil is a country almost the size of a continent. Its immense size gives birth to a breathtaking variety of culture.

From the impenetrable Amazon rainforest to the giant dunes of Nordeste and the marshes of Pantanal, this section will guide you along the contours of Brazilian geography. Not to be defined only by its beautiful landscapes, this section delves into a tormented history of a country with an indigenous population who had to cope with multiple waves of migrants, brought here either voluntarily or by force. Further, we present multiple cultural manifestations resulting from the encounters between these humans with diverse origins. Whether for cooking, music or even religion, Brazilians have made identities of their own and here we propose that you discover them to better prepare for your Brazilian adventure.

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General sales conditions

From the way we organize the agenda of your vacation through to it’s possible cancellation, you will find all the information needed on our page dedicated to the general sales conditions. Don’t hesitate if you have a question concerning our sales or payment conditions, the answer is surely in this section.