Experience awe-inspiring Nature and Culture 

Constraints related to the immense size of Brazil and the barrier of the Portuguese language can make it difficult to organize a Brazilian vacation on your own, especially if you want to visit several destinations and really appreciate the richness of the land. These difficulties are multiplied when you travel with a large group or family.  

Our Brazil Discovery tours are specially designed to allow you to discover the spectacle that is this magnificent country, in that they allow you enough time at each stage to really satisfy your thirst to get to know Brazil, even if traveling in a large group. They are organized efficiently to allow for a seamless experience so you can really enjoy what you came here for.

These Brazil tours are designed for those who want to come to Brazil and go home feeling like they really had the chance to get to know the country. Our experts have handpicked and organized the most satisfying destinations, to build our Discover Nature and Discover Nature and Culture tours.

Satisfy your wanderlust on a Discovery tour of Brazil!

Flexible discovery tours, ideal for every type of traveler!

Planned over a few weeks, our Brazil Discovery Tours allow you to take your time exploring a selection of the natural and cultural wonders of this continent sized country.

These vacations take you across the nation to discover a variety of spectacular landscapes, visit many amazing historical sites and live some truly unique experiences. Relax as your holiday naturally introduces you to the many colors, monuments and people of the different regions of Brazil.
In order to adapt to different traveller’s desires, these tours are divided into two main themes. One concentrates on the most beautiful wild landscapes and breath-taking natural wonders unique to Brazil, while the other covers an emblematic selection of sites that represent Brazil’s historical heritage. Of course, you can always personalize your vacation by adding extra visits to your tour; relax in the seaside resorts of Nordeste or Bahia or go aboard and enjoy a visit of the Amazon estuary, Belém and Marajó island. Take a once in a lifetime hike in the Chapada Diamantina, or watch the sunset over famous Rio de Janeiro. Our wide range of options are available so you can personalize your visit, so don´t hesitate to consult our list of destinations to enhance your tour and sculpt your dream vacation!

A native American paddling his pirogue along an Amazon estuary.

A deserted beach on the coast of Brazil.

“Nature and Culture” a superb discovery tour of Brazil

Discover some of the most marvellous works of Nature but also of Man and Woman in the Southeast and Northeast regions of Brazil on our Discover Nature and Culture Tour.

The double theme of this tour allows you to discover some unique and impressive landscapes (Iguaçu, the coast of Ceará, Lençois do Maranhão, Delta of the Americas, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro) and also some famous historical sites (Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis, Ouro Preto and São Luís).
You will encounter the Iguaçu water falls, climb the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro and admire the beautiful baroque churches in Minas Gerais. Your adventure leads you to discover the first ever Brazilian capital and its renaissance quarter in Salvador, drive along the most beautiful beaches of Nordeste in 4X4 or buggy and find yourself barefoot in a desert dotted with fresh water lagoons!

A full itinerary with varied and tantalizing experiences over 17 days and 16 nights, ideal as a family vacation where culture and fun activities can be so easily mixed together, revealing one of the most beautiful panoramas of what this immense country has to offer.

Looking down over the Iguaçu falls in Brazil.

Brazil’s Nature show, admire our beautiful planet Earth!

Discover the most magnificent landscapes and rare ecosystems on the Discover Nature Tour.

This wonderful tour takes you from the Iguaçu falls and its enormous cascades all the way to Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, each step along the way is more exotic than the last. Explore the flood plains of Pantanal in search of jaguars and reach a lodge lost in the heart of the Amazon jungle before you trek the famous desert of Lençóis Maranhenses and its crystal clear lagoons. Over 13 days and 12 nights, travel to the four corners of Brazil and discover some of the most amazing panoramas in the world. A package tour designed to discover each place by contemplating its beauty, but also by meeting the people who live there.