The best of what the samba country has to offer

Who doesn’t dream of contemplating the gigantic Iguacu cascades or watching the sun set over the Wonderful City of Rio de Janeiro?

For many travellers, a vacation to Brazil means discovering the most famous places in the largest Latin American country.
For those travellers, we have created a tour that groups the most emblematic destinations in Brazil.

On this tour, Brazil Selection takes you to 4 destinations in the heart of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here you will discover different symbolic aspects of the cultural richness and the natural beauty of Brazil.

You will come away with a whole new image of this incredible place, which you can use as a base for future, more detailed expeditions of this country to which you will become so easily attached.

Discover our Tours packages to visit the highlights of Brazil

Discover our Tours packages to visit the highlights of Brazil

Memorable tour with Four stages, four visions and four immersions

These classic Brazilian tours unfold in four stages which take you all over this vast country. Each stage shows a specific characteristic of Brazil

Two stages concentrate more on the human and cultural dimension, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia, while the other two take you to Iguacu and Manaus where you come face to face with Brazil’s extraordinary nature.

In Iguacu, you will discover one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world in the heart of a magnificent forest. More than 270 cascades form the Iguacu waterfalls where the water flows all year round to the amazement and pleasure of its visitors. In this part of Parana, the border between Brazil and Argentina is naturally created by the river for about 115 kms. The falls can therefore be visited from both countries to get two very different views of this spectacular natural wonder.

Rio de Janeiro is a town which visitors fall in love with. A true icon of Brazilian culture, it is brimming with cultural and historic treasures and there are lots of historical quarters and museums to visit. The locals are called the Cariocas, and welcome you with their legendary friendliness so you can experience the Brazilian sweetness of life.

Another plus in Rio de Janeiro is the easy access to its exceptional environment, the Tijuca forest and the miles of beaches such as Copacabana, Leblon and the mythical Ipanema beach. Rio is magic as it is nestled in these unique surroundings of rounded mountains and green valleys. Known as the Wonderful City, Rio is a Must see destination if you come to Brazil.

Another obligation in a Must see tour of Brazil is Salvador de Bahia. This coastal town was the first capital of Brazil and therefore has a remarkable historical and architectural heritage. It’s here that most of the Black African slaves arrived in Brazil and where their descendants made their home after slavery was abolished at the end of the 19th century.

These displaced men and women managed to keep certain traditions alive which, evolving with the ages, have created the unique afro-Brazilian culture. It’s this rich history which comes out in the colours, joy and exuberance that we want you to discover while staying in one of the most beautiful towns in Brazil.

Manaus is an implacable demonstration of the power of the human will to accomplish unusual things. This city was built in the very heart of the Amazonian jungle, one of the most difficult places to reach in the world. Its builders accomplished the extraordinary performance of building one of the most beautiful theatres in Latin America at the time when the city was rich from the exploitation of rubber latex. Visiting this city which is continually fighting off the luxuriant forest surrounding it will take you back to the days of the pioneers and its many parks will reveal the magnificent local flora and fauna.

For a total immersion experience, we suggest you spend a few nights in a lodge hidden in the depths of this gigantic tropical forest. You will spend your stay in charming bungalows made with local materials and mounted on stilts in the middle of the jungle which offer ideal conditions to observe the surroundings while enjoying the comfortable facilities. You will discover this forest which is half on land and half on water with native guides who will pass on a little of their knowledge and their passion for this extraordinary place. This is an essential step in discovering the ecosystem that occupies almost half of Brazil.

Rio vue a‚réienne

The Must see Tour of Brazil can be done in two different ways

Each traveller has different time constraints and we are well aware of this, so we have adapted our proposal to be more flexible.

We therefore suggest you can do this Tour in two different ways depending on the time you have available, your desires and your budget. Discover the two different packages we have to offer.


Chutes d’Iguaçu

The Great Classics Tour – Formula Express

If you don’t have much time or you wish to add other stops to your trip from other regions we propose, we have created this package tour for you which takes only 9 days and 8 nights.

This Tour includes a night at the Iguacu Falls, two nights in Rio de Janeiro then two in Salvador de Bahia, one in Manaus and two in the heart of the Amazon jungle in a magnificent lodge a few hours from Manaus. You will find all the information about the Tour’s program on our page dedicated to The Great Classics Tour –Formula Express.

Habitation Manaus Bré‚sil

At your own pace, discover the essence of one of the most beautiful countries in the world

If you like to take the time to soak up the atmosphere of each destination you visit during your holidays.

Taking the time to stroll according to your desires or if you want a less hectic rhythm during a holiday where you can combine relaxation and discovery, then this Tour package will fit you like a glove. We offer longer stays at each stage of this tour so that you can do more activities or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings for as long as you wish.

Interested by this relaxed formula ? Find out more about it on our page The Great Classics Tour – Formula Relax.