All you need to know about Flying to Brazil

Brazil is a huge country with 4330km long and as wide. The easiest way to get here and to go from one region to another during your trip is by airplane.

We do not sell international tickets to and from Brazil, however we can provide you with those for domestic flights that will be required to reach the different stages of your holiday.

To help you find yourself in the jungle of possibilities we have compiled on this page some useful information about flights to and in Brazil.

Get to know about Internal or Domestic flights

To make it easier to organize your trip to Brazil, we can book your domestic flights between your different destinations. In addition to simplifying your life, this will above all ensure the best possible cohesion between your flight schedules and your holiday program. Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea of an agenda.

However, it is interesting to see what you can find in your own country. First of all, because the TAM operates on both international and domestic flights and can sometimes be very competitive if you buy all your flights with them. Secondly because Air France and TAP sometimes have agreements with the Brazilian companies. The latest news is that TAP was purchased by Azul, which offers domestic flights throughout Brazil, further strengthening these agreements.

Warning ! Direct flights, even between regional capitals, are not always possible and it will often be necessary to go through Sao Paulo or Brasilia to catch a plane with multiple destinations for the least common connections.

The different websites for the Brazilian airline companies

Internal flights in Brazil are now run by several different companies:

AVIANCA: The company Avianca is a new one on the Brazilian market. Originally Columbian, and one of the biggest in South America it has a large fleet of modern airplanes.

AZUL: Serves many destinations across Brazil, it was founded in 2008 by David Neeleman owner of the American airline JetBlue Airways and is very successful.

GOL: Founded in 2001, The GOL is the low-cost company in Brazil, even though in reality its prices are not always the cheapest. With 132 planes, 73 destinations in Brazil and 17 in America and the Carribean, it goes to all destinations and for some is the only daily flight.

TAM:  TAM is the Brazilian national airline and the biggest in Brazil and Latin America with 172 planes going to 61 destinations worldwide.

Here are a few websites where you can find interesting prices and times if you want to book your own flights :

Choose the right internal flights in Brazil

To work out the best internal flight from one place to another during your vacation, we suggest you read the advice below :

• Flight times: Avoid flights from 10:00 – 14:00 that block the whole day, choose earlier or later flights taking up half a day, either morning or evening to fit in with your chosen activities and to not waste time. Don’t forget to plan for time to reach the airport. For an internal flight, it is advisable to arrive 2 hours before departure.

• The number of stopovers: If possible, look for direct flights or stopovers that are not too far out. In fact, many connections are possible only through a stopover in Sao Paulo or Brasilia. Remember to check that your flights are in the same airport when going via Sao Paulo (Main airport: Guarulhos, secondary: Congonhas) Rio de Janeiro (Main Airport: Galeao (Tom Jobim), secondary: Santos Dumont) and Belo Horizonte (Main Airport : Tancredo Neves (Confins), secondary: Pampulha).

• The name of the companies that operate these flights: You must of course choose the same company from end to end to avoid having to pick up your luggage and proceed to check in again at each stop.

International Flights

We do not provide international flights. You can find all the flights on the internet, however, if buying directly on the internet is a bit of a headache for you, especially if you buy tickets with multiple entrances, we recommend a human solution, the contact of one of our partners installed in France: Manuel, at Sultan Voyages in Nice tel: 04 93 87 72 07, it will make your life a lot easier.

Here is some extra information for choosing the right international flight.

The share code, an interesting option to arrive and leave from 2 different cities.

Traveling to Brazil is often synonymous with multiple destinations, it can be interesting to arrive in one city and leave from another to avoid unnecessary stops and flight times.

For this The TAP is particularly interesting, from or to Lisbon, and easy to reach from many European airports, and it serves all the major capitals of Brazil.

You can for example fly from Lyon via Lisbon to Brazil and Rio to begin your visit from the South and then leave from Manaus or Fortaleza in the Northeast if you end with a beach stop or the Amazon.

Travelling with the TAM

The Brazilian company TAM, whose flights cover all of Brazil, provides flights from Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, London, Milan, New York and Paris. So you can buy a flight from one of these destinations to any city in Brazil (ex: London / Belem) and leave from any city (Iguaçu / London).

List of the main Brazilian cities served by European and North American international companies


Lisbonne – TAP
With Code Share Via São Paulo Or Rio : TAP

Belo Horizonte

Lisbonne – TAP
Miami – American Airlines
Panamá – Copa Airlines
With code Share Via São Paulo Ou Rio : Air France


Atlanta – Delta Airlines
Lisbonne – TAP
Miami – American Airlines
With Code Share Via São Paulo Ou Rio : Air France

Campo Grande

Santa Cruz De La Sierra – Gol


Lisbonne – TAP
Tacv (Cabo Verde Airlines)
With Code Share Via São Paulo Ou Rio : Air France, American Airlines, Iberia, Klm


Miami – Tam Et American Airlines
Panama – Copa Airlines
With Code Share Via São Paulo Ou Rio Ou Miami :
Air France, Delta Airlines, Iberia, Klm, Tap Portugal, United Airines


Lisbonne – TAP


Lisbonne – TAP
Miami – American Airlines

Rio De Janeiro

Atlanta – Delta Airlines
Frankfurt – Lufthansa
Houston – Continental Airlines
Lisbonne – TAP
Londres – British Airways
Madrid – Iberia
Miami – TAM & American Airlines
New York – TAM & American Airlines
Paris – Air France & TAM
Washington – United Airlines


Lisbonne – TAP
Madrid – Air Europa
Miami – American Airlines

São Paulo

Amsterdam – KLM
Atlanta – Delta Airlines
Chicago – United Airlines
Dallas – American Airlines
Frankfurt – Lufthansa, Tam
Houston – Continental Airlines
Lisbonne – TAP
Londres – TAM & British Airways
Los Angeles – Korean Air
Madrid – Tam, Iberia, Air China
Milan – Alitalia, Tam
Munich – Lufthansa
New-York – Tam, American Airlines, Delta Airlines
Orlando – Tam
Panama – Copa Airlines
Paris – TAM & Air France
Roma – Alitalia
Toronto – Air Canada
Washington – United Airlines
Zurich – Swiss International

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