Enjoy Your vacation at the heart of the Brazilian rainforest

Of all our formulas à la carte, The Amazon Tour Packages are  the most mysterious of our adventures.   

When visiting Amazonia, you will finally take in the full extent of the incredible diversity of shapes and colours of the Fauna and Flora on our planet. You can also admire the ingenuity of Man who managed to settle here and adapt to this region so difficult to reach.
Set off and discover the largest rain forest in the world, the size of Europe. An adventure you will never forget. This destination offers a unique immersion in the heart of one of the last wild places on earth.

Discover our Amazon vacation packages

Discover our Amazon vacation packages

Discover our Amazon cruises tour packages

Amazon Rio Negro Cruise on evening

Amazon cruise

3 days / 2 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $915

Amazon River Rio Negro Cruise

 Rio Negro private cruise

4 days / 3 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $1157

croisière Amazone

Amazon & Rio Negro cruise

6 days / 5 nights + 1 hotel night in Manaus
 From $1705

Discover our stays in a Lodge in the Amazon forest

Juma lodge

The Juma Lodge

3 days / 2 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $942

Amazon Anavilhanas lodge

The Anavilhanas Lodge

3 days / 2 nights + 1 night in Manaus
From $1049

Amazon eco park river view

Amazon Ecopark

2 nights
From $594

Discover our Tour ideas about Amazonia

Amazing View of Amazon Ecopark

The Nature show Tour

12 nights
From $3254

sunset view of Rio Negro

The Brazil « Must See » Tour

8 nights
From $1894

croisière Amazone

The Amazon discovery Tour

7 nights
From $2107

Exclusive stays in the heart of the Brazilian jungle.

This gigantic jungle, still largely unexplored, is an icon of untouched nature and fascinates by its almost supernatural exuberance and impressive dimensions that are hard to believe.

These Amazon Tour Packages will give you the opportunity to encounter unique animal species such as the pink dolphins, blue Macaws and loads of tropical birds, not forgetting dozens of species of monkeys and other mammals.

This fauna evolves quietly in some magnificent landscapes, which change radically during the rainy season. During these rains, all the rivers flood a large part of the surrounding land, fertilizing them at the same time and so guaranteeing the life cycle before shrinking back again during the dry season. Watching this perpetual and peaceful phenomenon unfold is a huge change from our modern and urban lives and is therefore a way of recharging your batteries during your vacation

amazonie dauphin rose

Amazonie Igarape

Discover the tropical forest in the labyrinth of the Igarapes

In such an environment, one of the best ways to discover the region is by boat. That’s why among our Amazon Tour Packages we offer several private cruises along the Amazon and its tributaries to make the most of this amazing place.

You will climb aboard a typical boat for this region and privatized for the occasion so as to discover the riches of the Amazon in all serenity.

This water adventure is a chance to see some of the hundreds of islands that appear and disappear as the Amazonian basin fluctuates, this is part of your visit to the Anavilhanas, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world.

You can also explore the trails under the vast tropical canopy; with a local guide to get closer and better understand the extraordinary and abundant fauna and flora. It is also possible to take a canoe trip into the dense foliage if you visit between April and August when the river is at its highest.

Amazonie lodge

Stay in the heart of the Brazilian jungle, in total immersion with nature

It is also by boat from Manaus, that you can reach the lodges installed in the heart of the Amazon forest for a rare and exceptional stay in bungalows perched in the trees.

These amazing Amazon Tour packages give you a unique opportunity to discover the jungle, but with all the necessary comforts, and to meet the people who live in this giant green sanctuary!

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