Explore the Southeast, Northeast and Amazonia regions 

Among our various Brazilian package tours, you can discover the “regional” ones covering the country’s most popular geographical areas.

Each of these regional tours has been carefully organized to offer an informative overview of each region, and has a selection of remarkable and “must see” places that have built Brazil’s tourism reputation. With these regional packages, we offer you a pre-planned vacation to discover the best of the Northeast, Southeast & Centre-West and Amazonia, and come home full of amazing memories. This selection of pre-prepared tours can also be modified to optimize your trip to Brazil!

Regional package tours in Brazil

Tour which helps you explore the cultural depth of Brazil ,one region at a time

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and it is vast, so opting for a regional tour allows you to explore any one of Brazil’s territories, with its traditions, history and unique landscapes, all at a pleasant pace.

Each stage of these tours has been carefully chosen by our agency, so you can experience the vacation of a lifetime. Everyday you will admire the amazing vistas, marvel at the beautiful architecture that continues to defy the centuries and share enriching experiences with the people of these magnificent regions!

The regional tours are an ideal option for all those who want to come away with a deeper knowledge of a specific region of Brazil. It is therefore an excellent choice if you have already been to the country and want to know more about a particular region. However, it is also the logical choice if you have never been to a region before.

We especially suggest the whole northern part of the Northeast up to Amazonia where we propose a magnificent tour, off the beaten track, combining comfortable lodgings, beautiful scenery and adventure. It is the Fortaleza / Sao Luis vacation package, stopping at Jericoacoara, with one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, the Parnaiba delta and the famous Lencois desert, all unique and breathtaking places. It is an extraordinary tour, driving along the deserted beaches in 4x4s, discovering the wonders of a still wild coastline. With a luxuriant delta and an immense desert of dunes interspersed with translucent lagoons.

Minas Gerais

Modern Comfort vacation tour package with lots of activities

Our tours to discover the best of Brazil, region by region, aren’t just simple tours with a few extra activities added (safaris, excursions, cruises, guided tours…) in order to offer you a more in-depth discovery of the exceptional places in this country.

They are the fruit of more than 10 years experience in organising quality vacations in Brazil, where the priorities are comfort, discovery, relaxation and exclusive services. This is why, for example, we have preferred to select charming and comfortable lodgings when choosing our « pousadas » which are small, very elegant lodges – and top of the range, modern hotels to make sure you have an enjoyable stay during our package tours.

You can also easily add extra stages to these regional tours to extend your vacation for a few days of pure “relaxation” or to visit a less important place. So you can modify « à la carte » these tours to suit your wishes and needs for a really ideal holiday.

Vila Selvagem

Rio de Janeiro

All the wonders of southern Brazil in a unique package tour

Our « Southeast and Centre-West tour » brings together the best of the south and central Brazil, specially planned for you to discover these regions in ideal conditions.

It covers the most spectacular places in these regions such as the Iguacu Falls or the “wonderful city” of Rio de Janeiro and its landmarks, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Corcovado. You will also discover the Pantanal, the largest wetland on the planet, the charming imperial city of Petropolis and the ancient colonial towns of Tiradentes and Ouro Preto.

In 10 days and 9 nights, set out and discover Man’s most majestic creations and the amazing nature of southern Brazil for an extraordinary and unforgettable vacation.


The Northeast tours of Brazil, a mixture of nature and adventure

Situated halfway between the tropic of Capricorne and the Equateur, the Brazilian coasts are ideal for organising a package tour of the Northeast, a mixture of culture and relaxation with a bit of adventure and fun.

From Natal to Sao Luis passing through Fortaleza, They harbour natural wonders such as the Lencois desert and hundreds of kilometres of wild coastline and practically uninhabited white dunes and cliffs. This is where the seaside paradises of Jericoacoara, Pipa and Canoa Quebrada are to be found, the top destinations of our Northeastern Tours. You will also find small fishing villages hidden in the dunes, authentic treasures in breathtaking landscapes such as Guajiru, Atins or Galinhos. Not forgetting the superb tribute to Portuguese colonization in the Reviver quarter of Sao Luis classified by UNESCO.
We have created our two package tours so that you can discover all the wonders of the Northeast region still untouched by mass tourism, with a combination of relaxation and fun. The best way to explore one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world is on the road, with a few days driving your buggy or in a 4X4 with a driver. So come and discover our Northeast package tour from Sao Luis to Fortaleza or vice -versa over 7 days and 6 nights. Or the tour from Fortaleza to Natal in 5 days and 4 nights for your beach holiday in the Northeast of Brazil !


A discovery tour of Amazonia, Marajo, Belem and Manaus

Rendez-vous in the biggest tropical forest on the planet with a special regional tour, « Discover Amazonia ».

This tour will take you way up the backbone of the immense Amazon jungle to discover the extraordinary diversity and beauty of one of the most exclusive regions of Brazil. There are three stages to the tour.

Firstly, in Belem, the town at the entry to the Amazon, here you will taste, with your eyes and your taste buds, the endless variety of regional produce by visiting the largest market in South America, the « Ver o Peso ».  Then Marajo is the largest river island in the world, with the vestiges of the indigenous people and an extraordinary local biodiversity; you can also enjoy riding on the back of a water buffalo. Finally in Manaus, at the heart of the Amazon, you will discover the unbelievable Amazonas theatre and sail up the river on a private cruise to the largest freshwater archipelago in the world, the Anavilhanas. Giant water lilies or igarapes, piranha fishing and excursions in the jungle are on the program for this very exotic tour !
For 7 nights and 6 days, this circuit offers an exclusive panorama of the mythical Amazonia, from the capitals of Manaus and Belem and their rich historical architecture and cooking to the wild landscapes of Marajo passing along the banks of the Rio Negro. A unique trip to the heart of our planet’s green lungs from which you will return a changed person forever.