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An exclusive window on Brazilian news and popular opinions, cultural niches and destination reviews. Everything to inform you on more specific topics before and during your trip!

At Brazil Selection, we aim to share our passion for Brazil with our clients and all visitors to our website. To help you prepare practically for your trip to Brazil we have a dedicated general information section. Our Brazilian Travel blog however, has been designed to give you a taste of current affairs in Brazil, along with popular opinions and cultural niches throughout this vast country. From time to time we will review and update you on our favourite travel destinations. This way you can gain a better understanding of how people think here before your visit, or you can use it to reflect on your memorable experiences after.

Discover another side of Brazil with our Brazilian travel blog

Brazil is such an enormous country that naturally its cultural wealth, from the depths of the Amazonian jungle to the skyscrapers of Sudeste is among the richest and most varied on the planet. Here, we invite you to the Brazil of the Brazilians, far from the classic clichés of Carnaval, minimalist bikinis and Samba. Brazil and its culture has a lot more to offer and share with the world.

On our Brazilian travel blog, we post regular articles and blog entries, presenting the most interesting news in Brazil, whether it be cultural, political, sporting or geographical, our aim here is to enrich and expand your exploration. Organized into thematic sections to facilitate your discovery, these articles are a good first step to truly understanding the real Brazil!

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Explore the cultural niches of Brazil, as well as events, artists and interesting works. Here you will find our exclusively written publications on the most interesting aspects of Brazilian culture. 
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Day to day life in Brazil, here you will find specially selected posts on politics, economics and current affairs in the biggest country in South America.
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Physical activities and sports in general are very popular in Brazil and are an integral part of daily life; explore specially selected stories here.


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