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In Brazil, the constant practice of sports is an integral part of the national culture and unquestionably constitutes a solid part of the national identity.

Be it along the thousands of kilometers of Brazilian coastline, in the numerous public sports facilities, or on a street corner, sport is omnipresent throughout the country. An ideal amount of sunshine, vast natural spaces and a substantial importance placed on health and fitness are all factors that contribute to the collective passion for sports. As a result, sports news is rich and varied, and a real pleasure for invested fans.

Of course, it is above all football that reigns supreme and thrills the vast crowds, locals illustrate the situation with humor through the motto “God, country and football.” In Brazil, you can see the passion of fans in the stands of mythical stadiums such as Maracanã and on the sidewalks of deprived neighborhoods where talent often represents a hope for social climbing.

But this joyousness actually applies to all sports, from surfing to Formula One through beach volleyball, where the Brazilian athletes triumph, they can relentlessly rely on the support of the entire nation. Brazil is also an area where less well-known but equally interesting sports are practiced, such as the spectacular kitesurfing which has found an ideal playground and a home in the Nordeste region. We could not conclude this overview without talking about the most Brazilian of sports; Capoeira on the border between sport, art and spiritual quest is inherently the most prominent expression of Brazilian culture through sport.

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