Secluded destinations for the intrepid traveller …

Are you are looking for authentic, lesser known destinations and uncrowded natural spaces to add an original touch to your trip to Brazil?

Have a look at our “off the beaten path” themed travel ideas to discover unknown cultures, explore wild lands or spectacular lost coastlines! In this section you will find packages taking place in the three regions that still have large unknown areas, the Amazon, the Nordeste and the Pantanal. Perfect ingredients for an original and authentic off the beaten path tour in Brazil. Enjoy comfortable accommodation and exclusive quality services, these are trademark Brazil Selection travel programs.

With these mini-expeditions, your trip to Brazil will surely take on a new dimension, you will go home brimming with joy, having made many new memories.   One of these packages offers you the opportunity to track the jaguars in the wild swamps of North Pantanal. Another, to sail the Amazon on a private cruise boat and swim with the pink dolphins. A third to drive a buggy along the deserted beaches of the wild coast of Ceará and finally, the last to discover the lives of the cowboys living on Marajó. These are authentic, original and exclusive experiences, which leave conventional tourism behind and allow you to discover another Brazil. Come and immerse yourself in the authentic, local Brazil. Treat yourself to a special off the beaten path vacation in Brazil, bringing together pleasure and exploration in pure bliss.

 Discover the wild and unspoilt areas of Brazil!

Traveling up the Amazon river in a small boat.

Off-road trips to enjoy the exuberance of a wild and unspoiled tropical nature

See all the magic of deep Amazonia with a private cruise departing from Manaus, in a  traditional boat built for this purpose.

This means of transport is the norm in these regularly flooded areas where rivers and their tributaries act as communication channels.

Once aboard, you will enter the heart of the jungle and navigate along the igarapés (river canals) forming a liquid labyrinth teeming with life. An English-speaking guide, a cook and the captain will accompany you on board. This team of professionals are there to be attentive to your needs throughout the stay and to share with you their secrets and experience of the forest. With plenty of interesting activities along the way, on this cruise you will discover the landscapes of the region and its native inhabitants. One of our most popular off the beaten path destinations in Brazil.

Another adventurous stay in the world´s largest jungle, will take you to the island of Marajó, a swampy island that is larger than Holland. Located on the immense mouth of the Amazon, it faces the city of Belém. You can explore the vast expanses of this unusual land riding a buffalo like a real “vaqueiro” (Brazilian cowboy). The opportunity to see some of the many species of wild animals that live on the island is one not to be missed, making it an off the beaten path destination in Brazil that is popular with wildlife lovers. Also, discover fascinating local cultures, some that mix indigenous traditions and Western knowledge. Don´t forget to bring back some ceramic souvenirs! The local pottery has survived the test of time and has been passed on from the traditional “Marajoenses” Indians.

In the Pantanal, the largest marsh on the planet, we recommend that you visit the least known and the most biodiverse northern area from Cuiabá. Far from the ordinary tourist destinations, you will discover an exceptionally rich nature, still totally wild. An incredible garden of Eden populated by millions of animals and wild birds, ideal for safari lovers. A destination where visitors are mainly photographers and distances between “fazendas” (local land properties) are measured in hundreds of kilometers!

From capybaras and caimans through to otters, anteaters and lush flora, the nature of the Pantanal is exceptional and unique. For lovers of wild fauna, unspoilt nature or photography, it is without a doubt one of the unmissable off the beaten path destinations in Brazil!

Discover the Amazon

7 nights exploring the Amazon
From $2163

Amazon river sunset.

Amazon river sunset.

Dunes, lagoons and deserted beaches in the Northeast of Brazil

The Northeast coast, especially the state of Ceará, is a real natural jewel in the Brazilian crown.

Almost deserted sandy beaches unfold as far as the eye can see. They are lined with cliffs sculpted by the waves or necklaces of dunes dotted with small shrubs. Here you will also find fantastic lagoons, dream locations for kitesurfers. A well preserved paradise, you will have the opportunity to visit small, traditional fishing villages along the coast.

These villages are often located near river mouths that the natives cross aboard ferries. Quite isolated, the hamlets of the “Cearense” coast remain untouched by mass tourism while providing an ideal setting for relaxing stays in heavenly surroundings. There, almost nothing has changed with modernity and life seems to follow an unchanging course. The little villages are like a mirror of another time, difficult to access and often in protected environments.

With our package, you will go to visit the hamlets by traveling up this coast for several hundred kilometers aboard a beach buggy.

On this excursion, you will reach your destination, Jericoacoara, one of the most beautiful off the beaten track destinations in Brazil, in two days along the beaches. Between the two, you will spend one night in Guajiru, a small village that could not be more authentic, where you will experience the life of the natives.

Beaches of Nordeste Tour

7 nights along the coast from Fortaleza to São Luís
From $2444 

clouds on the beach of Jericoacoara

Bird eats fish in Pantanal.

The Pantanal, one of Brazil’s least known nature destinations

In center – west Brazil, the Pantanal is the most important wetland on our planet. This ecosystem hosts a fauna and flora of exceptional richness that some scientists claim to be even more varied than the Amazon!

The southern part, around the towns of Campo Grande and Bonitos is more well known and frequently receives tourists. The northern part, which connects with the savannah of southern Amazonia, is still essentially the domain of cattle farmers. These natives, with their huge “fazenda” (farms) spread over dozens of square kilometers of land, have preserved the local ecosystem. More difficult to access, it is also wilder, the only road that runs through it is the famous Transpantaneira.

Flooded for a period of each year, the northern Pantanal region is constantly changing and excursions are usually done on horseback, by boat or on foot. During the day and night walks organized by our partners for these stays in the North Pantanal , you will meet hundreds of species that populate the area. Among them, many mammals, reptiles and above all thousands of birds of all shapes and sizes with multicolored plumage and varied songs.

You will find rare specimens that are hard to see in other environments with denser vegetation, such as otters, maned wolves, capivaras, deer, sloths and anteaters. To really go off the beaten path and meet the king of the local carnivores, we propose the special jaguar visit. From morning until night, you will travel the local rivers with a specialized guide to see this impressive cat. Real patience is required in conditions that can sometimes prove a bit trying between the heat and insects. This reserves the jaguar package for the most passionate travellers and wildlife photographers. However, you will experience countless emotions when the majestic wild beast appears waiting for you at the bend of the river!

Northern Pantanal is the ideal destination to meet the wild fauna of Brazil and take in its splendid landscapes. Also, discover a whole new traditional culture through immersive stays in pousadas integrated with the vast local properties. Do not miss this little piece of tropical Eden, a top off the beaten track destination in Brazil!

Travel the Transpantaneira

3 days of safari exploring Pantanal wildlife
From $1022

Alligator in Pantanal.

Discovering the Amazon on a cruise boat.

Exclusive private cruises to explore the deep Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the biggest and most famous off the beaten path destination in Brazil.

With our partners in the Manaus region, we have developed exclusive cruise packages: private voyages in the Amazon to explore the Amazon river and Rio Negro aboard traditional regional boats equipped with all modern comforts.

From the capital of the Amazon, you will go out on the waters with a small team at your service; a guide, a cook, a helmsman and the captain of the ship. There are no other participants in this journey, just you, your group and the crew, spending a wonderful, peaceful time, where everything is at your own pace.

You will go back up these rivers by pushing yourself ever further from modern civilization, where few people have the opportunity to go. You will explore the mysterious and vast jungle and its human and animal inhabitants in the most ideal conditions. Stretched out in a hammock, you can take a well deserved rest watching the landscape slowly move past your boat.

Depending on the time of year, the activities proposed to you will vary. You can enjoy wide fresh water beaches in the dry season or canoe ride between the foliage of Igapós, (portions of flooded forest) at the end of the rainy season. Your guide will invite you to visit the forest and you will learn to recognize some plants and animals, during walks on foot but also by canoe on the water. You will live special moments with the meeting of Caboclos and Ribeirinhos, local natives who live along the rivers, who will share with you some of their expertise on how to live in this particular environment.

Not to mention, unforgettable encounters with the “botos,”the pink Amazonian dolphins with which you may be able to swim, or small “jacaré” (alligators) which you will come across during night outings.

These cruises are the perfect way to sink into the depths of wild Brazil and experience a total immersion in the jungle without compromising your comfort and safety. A unique opportunity to get to know the Amazon in depth, a one of a kind off the beaten path destination in Brazil!

The river island of Marajó.

In Marajó, discover the “cowboys of the tropics” on an island full of animals

With our Marajó package, you get to discover “another Amazon.”

Where the waters laden with silt from the Amazon meet the salty waters of the Atlantic, lies Belém, capital of Pará and exporters of products from the Amazonian forest. This city founded in 1616 and steeped in history is the first European colony of the Amazon.
Facing the city, stands what seems to be the other side of the majestic river but which, in fact, is one of the flooded banks of the largest river island in the world, Marajó. You will get there by boat, the crossing allows you to see the impressive density of the forest which borders the shore.
The island is divided in two: humans occupy the east whilst to the west, an impenetrable swamp forest serves as a refuge for important wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, capybaras and of course many birds, especially the scarlet ibis, symbol of the island. On this island, which is only slightly smaller than Switzerland, two endemic cultures that have developed over time are evident. One, native, belongs to the past; the other, contemporary, gave birth to the “cowboys of the tropics”.
The cowboy culture here is based on the breeding of the Marajoara horse brought by the Portuguese colonizers, (which has since evolved and adapted to the climate) and the numerous buffalo inhabitant on the island who are said to have arrived here by accident. To discover the life of local breeders, we suggest you stay in a pousada (guest house) located on one of the farms. In a local environment, you will discover the daily life of the cowboys and will be able to participate in the daily activities of rounding up cattle on buffalo or horseback. To join this fazenda, you will go up a river aboard a canoe, leaving behind the tourist areas and heading for an exceptional off the beaten track destination in Brazil.
Between the 9th and 14th centuries, the mysterious Marajoara indigenous culture erected huge mounds of land in which were hidden many pieces of pottery. Essentially funeral urns, they are among the most sophisticated old artefacts with particularly fine decorations. A tradition that continues today, it is possible to buy some contemporary pieces in the main city, “Souré,” and also to visit some archaeological sites to discover this interesting and largely unknown culture.

Stay on Marajó

1 night in Belém and 1 night among the wildlife of Marajó
From $606

A cowboy herds buffalo on the island of Marajó.

Nordeste buggy crossing a river on a ferry.

Travel to the small seaside paradise of Jericoacoara in a buggy along the beaches!

The buggy is a small, light and easy-to-drive vehicle perfectly suited for driving on the beach, ideal for adding some thrills to your itinerary!

Its main advantage is that it will allow you to reach difficult to access places, meaning you will enjoy areas where only a privileged few have the opportunity to go. We therefore suggest driving one along the coast of the Nordeste region, in Ceará, to discover a wild and preserved nature while adding a fun dimension to the excursion in our Jericoacoara package .

In order to maximize comfort and safety, you will leave accompanied by a guide to lead the way in the maze of dunes and who will show you how to cross the most technical parts of the trail. No need for stress or doubts, just follow the path and enjoy the scenery!

So that the journey remains a pleasure and not a race against the clock, we recommend that you to do it in two days, with a stopover in Guajiru. With its endless beach, its beautiful lagoon, its maze of dunes and its smiling and welcoming inhabitants, it is a real treasure of authenticity and tranquillity. There you will be able to see a snapshot of the daily life of the natives while taking advantage of the beauty of your surroundings. If you wish, it is possible to stay there a few days to enjoy a real moment of relaxation.

You will then continue to Jericoacoara, the star village of the region, with a second day on both beach and road (to bypass the protected turtle nesting area). On the way you can see some local natural attractions such as the great Mundaú sand dune overlooking the estuary of the river.

Jericoacoara is located in the heart of a natural park where clear freshwater lagoons nestle between giant sand dunes. Only a few sand tracks provide access to this exceptional site. An exclusive off the beaten track destination in Brazil, and on the bucket list of many travellers!

With the sandy streets and typical low-rise buildings, “Jeri” represents the perfect compromise between authentic charm and quality hotel facilities.

It is the perfect destination for a fun & relaxing holiday and ideal for kitesurfing, or for buggy and quad rides to the freshwater lagoons. Here you can relax in hammocks partly submerged in the glorious water!

Note that Jericoacoara is today the most popular destination in Nordeste and the village can get quite full in high season. To make the most of its peaceful atmosphere, visit sometime outside the periods of January, July and August, which are the peak visiting times. June, then mid-September to mid-December are the best times to arrange a stay in Jericoacoara. You surely will not regret visiting this special off the beaten track destination in Brazil.

Jericoacoara and the coast

A 6 night tour of the beautiful Nordeste coast
From $978

Jangadas on the beach at low tide in Nordeste.