Explore the North Pantanal and live a true adventure!

If you are looking for an original and unique experience during your discovery of Brazil, Northern Pantanal is sure to satisfy your lust for adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Mato Grosso region, the Pantanal park is the biggest animal reserve in South America and the most diverse ecosystem on our planet. This immense plain fills with water every year during the rainy season to become one of the biggest marshes in the world. Add a Panatanal vacation package to your holiday and you will be enchanted by the unique landscape and an ecological paradise where wildlife is perfectly conserved.

Visit the most diverse ecosystem in the world in North Pantanal

Abundant nature in an isolated region of Brazil

Due to its detached location, the Northern Pantanal is almost untouched by Man. This wetland that stretches as far as the eye can see is a true ecological sanctuary where many endangered species have found a home.

It is a choice destination for ecological tourists who will be enchanted by this region for its splendid landscapes and incredibly rich wildlife.

Access to the Northern Pantanal is via Cuiabá village about 100Kms from Poconé, the only entry point to the famous Transpantaneira track that crosses the Pantanal park.

There are no big hotels here, accommodation is on local farms, in direct contact with the native people.

Land of adventure, the Pantanal offers lots of different excursions on foot, horseback or by boat, leaving directly from your lodge. Whether by water or land, you will encounter the hundreds of birds, tapirs, caimans and monkeys living totally freely around you. Let yourself be seduced by this mythical destination in the heart of Brazil.

A tapir swimming in the Pantanal.

A Brazilian wildlife paradise and bird watchers dream 

The vast plain of Mato Grosso is flooded for 6 months each year (December to May) and becomes the ideal habitat for a plethora of animal species. Animal safaris here are opportunities to meet many of the creatures with whom we share the planet.

The ecosystem in Northern Pantanal is special and totally unique. You will encounter many birds including the Amercian Jabiru, the region’s symbol, or the Blue Macaw, a giant blue parrot of which there a very few left in the wild. While navigating on the rivers in special boats, you will see caimans and the mythical jaguar, another famous inhabitant of this isolated region.
Here, the guides are called pantaneiros”, the Pantanal inhabitants who know all the secrets of the land. They will help you explore the surrounding wildlife in various ways and teach you about the plants and medicinal herbs that nature provides here.

A jaguar in its natural habitat in the Pantanal.

The colourful birds of Pantanal.

Northern Pantanal – Gem of Brazil’s fauna and flora

On the  Northern Pantanal Tour, you will discover Brazil is much denser than you ever could have imagined. Another side to a truly immense nation.

Wilder and more difficult to reach than Southern Pantanal, Northern Pantanal is the ideal place to admire the extraordinary flora and fauna of the country. Come and discover this magnificent region and its inhabitants with a 3 day/2 night package with full board in a pousada, (guest house), located on a fazenda, (local farm), you will live an unforgettable adventure!

Jabiru or stork of the Pantanal.

Follow the footprints of the mythical jaguar 

Set off on an animal safari following the tracks of the beautiful Jaguar! Northern Pantanal is one of the last places where you can find the jaguar in its natural habitat, in the wild.

Accompanied by a local and experienced guide, you will follow the labyrinth of rivers and marshes in canoes looking for this very agile animal in the marshy landscape.

From June to September, the probability of sighting at least one jaguar during the 3 days of this safari in the Pantanal is almost certain – some visitors have seen more than five different jaguars during their stay! Not to mention all the other wonderful animals you will encounter on the way.

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